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  1. that sounds pretty smart, people on live and pc simultaneously playing online...
  2. the one game i couldnt care less about... and i get a perfect bloody stream!!!
  3. lol he dont half come out with some shit dont he?
  4. looks like bill and steve from microsoft gave some sort of speech..
  5. anyone notice that there was a silouhette of what looks remarkably like a PSP on the big screen when he mentioned connectivity???
  6. this is great... seen about 2 games so far cos of all this terrible buffering!!!
  7. He's wearing a hoodie..no special appearances in Bluewater for him then!
  8. Glad to see this is all going smoothly then!
  9. hmmm, Xbox on laptop, Vinne Mac on WWE... what to watch!!
  10. biglime, you tried turning off your firewall? alternatively, click on tools ---> options ---> network and tick the box that says 'use ports xxxx to xxxx' seemed to do the job for me, only on Lo though. Indy
  11. Mine so far is Prawn Cocktail Skips and Irn-Bru!
  12. Yah its just sitting here saying Buffering... The worst part is that i sat through exactly 56.32 minutes of that shite piano music without any problems!
  13. Im having the same issues, Hi doesnt want to work but Lo does... WMP10 gave me some sort of UDP error, anyone else get that? Indy
  14. Not much to do with Microsoft, but this piano music reminds me of Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal for some reason! Indy
  15. Yeh I guess so, hopefully the next few days will reveal some innovative goodness! Cheers, Indy
  16. At least something new, so far it just seems to be a case of better graphics really, and both controllers are an update of the older models. Admittedly its hard to say how they will play, but so far everythings looking like an upgrade of what we have now. Cheers, Indy
  17. Have to say, I am feeling very underwhelmed by both Sony and Microsofts next gen offerings, nothing much seems new besides naturally better graphics. Cheers, Indy
  18. Hi, Haven't had time to do a thorough search so apologies if its been posted already, but I have managed to get a 3 and a half minute trailer of ROTS, appears to be hi-def as its about 150meg!!! If anyone can host this, or know where i can upload it, I will be more than happy to. Appears to include lots of footage not present int he other trailers floating about. Cheers, Indy
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