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  1. Hello, Have these recipes: Wooden bucket Ironwood chair Cherry dress Wooden-knot wall Pear bed Cherry wall Tree standee Kettle bathtub Standard umbrella stand Decoy duck Gold armor Lily record player Tiki torch Rocking horse infused-water dispenser
  2. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Damn you, Derek.
  3. 4 minutes now... Edit - no wonder, sold out now lol
  4. I've been in the game one since well before lunch, Derek is about 1/10th of his way across the bar.
  5. Anyone else watch the new episode earlier this evening, they’ve got a small run of 6 episodes before the final series hits later in the year. Or am I on a lone crusade to see this through till the bitter end?
  6. By some miracle Celeste in on my island too, she’s on the raised bit in the top left part of the island. No ladder needed, island is open. Gates are open now, excuse the state of the island as we are in the process of a major renovation. Help yourself to Nook’s items and recipes on the beach.
  7. Ahhhhhh yeh, its the last two sea critters from today isn't it? The giant (enemy) crab and a squid as well I think.
  8. I'm harbouring hope that they improve the camera mode and add a drone so you can take photos of your island from different directions. Everyone spends so much time on their islands but feels a bit cheap to only take photos from the one perspective.
  9. Thanks for the gifts, @Tet and @SteveH, my son was up at the crack of dawn and helped himself to 5 items from both our accounts. Its a shame we can’t buy more than the 5 per day. Isabelle still on form too with the whole ‘no news for today’ business
  10. I’d like the Moody Painting if it’s still available please
  11. They like the courting lol. I have Redd on my island at the moment with the following paintings: Fake scary Fake quaint Real jolly Fake academic
  12. I think I’m on day 6 of giving Julian a fossil but no luck so far, hopefully over the weekend. Also I have the red steps today if anyone wants a set.
  13. Thanks @Number 28. The blossom lantern is only available till the 3rd of March so I'd think it would rotate with the stairs a few times until then.
  14. Any chance I can get one more for my son?
  15. Its raining on my island... come back snow, all is forgiven!
  16. I think I just got bored of it, for me it would've been better if came and went for a few days at a time.
  17. I haven’t tried any PIP recipes yet for that reason, the fear of just completely cocking it all up!
  18. Recipe clear out time, anyone need the following before I sell them later this evening? cardboard chair western-style stone cherry lamp bamboo drum bamboo wall decoration bamboo shelf bamboo speaker classic-library wall scarecrow peach surprise box peach hat coconut wall planter log bench deer scare ironwood table pile of zen cushions
  19. Ha yeh that ended up being a bit of a situation; someone mentioned copyright infringement because I posted the recipe and method. Then the author got involved too so I ended up taking the photo down, turns out I can use a photo of the book and the end result but not of the details themselves. One thing I've learnt so far from the book (and all Instant Pot recipes so far) though is to double the spice amounts, it tasted nice but could've had way more punch and flavour.
  20. Ooh Celeste, mind if I pop over too? (have also sent a friends request from my sons account too)
  21. Thanks again, so many meteors I managed to finish the Nook Miles achievement too so that was a bonus. Also, my flower mosaic is fully completed now, just need to do a bit of edge tidying but well happy with the result!
  22. I made this Lamb Tagine recipe earlier, cocked it up a bit by forgetting to put the bloody silicone ring in the lid before I started it on the Stew function. Took about 10 minutes to realise that it was missing. As a result lamb was a bit over and the sweet potato was like mash. Tasted ok though although the spicing was still way too mild for me. Paired it with this cous cous recipe that I’ll definitely be making again, that was lovely. Might add some pomegranate into the mix next time as well, sprinkle on top as garnish or something. https://www.errenskitchen.com/moroc
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