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  1. That would be fantastic thanks, no rush!
  2. I don’t suppose you have any of these?
  3. Nothing at Game, out of stock showing for me...
  4. In the queue, lets see what happens with Derek today.
  5. Time to fill yer boots with stars ! If Celeste is at all three islands will she give out three items or is it one item per Celeste per day?
  6. I backed the comic pledge they had on Kickstarter. The digital download of issue 1 has been released but not had a chance to read it yet, must’ve gone down well for this to have happened.
  7. And a thank you to you too... used them on my new beach area along with a few rattan chairs. Getting there slowly!
  8. Does anyone have brown Rattan Stools catalogued? If so can I send the bells over and get 3 ordered? Thanks in advance!
  9. Finally after 90 minutes worth of shooting star times in the Meteonook site I now have my islands seed. What a chore, turns out I got most of the sunny/cloudy weather types wrong so ended up deleting everything and just using the heavy meteor shower. Or at least I hope it’s correct now
  10. Isabelle finally said something of note today, that there will be meteor showers tonight. Does that mean Celeste is guaranteed to visit too?
  11. I don’t want to say it too loud but I’m quite liking these more intimate character episodes than the ones with about 60 million characters running about doing their own thing as well as the latest group exercise. But only when they use established characters, not like that godawful episode where one of the women (Tara?) goes to the all girls camp. That one nearly did me in.
  12. Mac just gave us a real Wistful Painting on my son's account if anyone needs it?
  13. Haha that’s cool, I was out shopping when I sent my message earlier so thought it’s make it a sharp visit! Also your edged paths look fantastic, definitely gonna borrow that!
  14. no worries, on an early morning conf call so will try in a few
  15. Could I get the fake beautiful statue please?
  16. Not sure about time travelling but I’ve definitely visited other people’s islands to buy stuff from Redd, if you have a big enough network shouldn’t take too long to get everything I’d have thought. Plus swaps and sends from others with real ones for trade. (or just time travelling!)
  17. Good work on getting the museum completed, I've about a dozen or so spaces to fill. Have there been any rumours or murmurings about increasing the critterpedia or fossils? No real motivation to catch anything as there's nothing new.
  18. Redd’s here with: Fake Academic painting Fake Wistful painting Fake Scary painting
  19. Got these spares this week to offload: Acoustic guitar Log garden lounge Stacked-wood wall Pot Golden wall Clothesline Bamboo shelf Bamboo stool Bamboo sphere Medium cardboard boxes
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