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  1. just picked up my DS Lite from HMV, they had some package deals with ds lite and either brain training, phoenix wright, fifa soccer 2 or some other game that i cant remember for £109.99. Well impressed with the screens so far and no deaed pixels yet, which is nice! Bring on the Wii!
  2. Just picked a bottle up from Morrisons, and i can conclude that it is indeed horrible when warm. Have stuck it in the freezer for a half hour or so so that should make it reasonably chilled.
  3. so hang on... in the space of 20 odd minutes theyve gone from hardcore arguing to hugs and smiles?? truly is the most mental house so far!
  4. dont get freeview reception in my area, plus dont wanna go downstairs and watch it seeing as the main action seems to have taken place
  5. damn channel 4, i dont suppose theres any dodgy web feeds of this in an E3 stylee?
  6. i wonder if pete will step up and have a go on sezer telling him that he is a cock monkey WANKERS!
  7. yeh but no but yeh but i dont remember it being this blatant and consistant though, I mean sleazer the geezer has pretty much admitted that he's gonna bully people till they leave, cant be sending out too positive an image for them. BB5 was the infamous Fight Night with Victor and that chav girl?
  8. this years show has just been like an extreme version, I seriously reckon that C4 will get so many complaints from everyone that they will be forced to pull it, theres enough people out there for their blood already!
  9. Is there going to be a Vista Media Centre Edition, or will MCE bits be integrated into all versions?
  10. Wouldnt this work with the Wii controller? The Wiimote could be the stylus and the nunchuck could be the D-pad... there wouldnt be enough buttons but im not sure how many DS games use all 6 buttons?
  11. Indy @ S.E.


    I think the biggest shame about this Final was that there were so many 'what ifs' that people will be talking about for years to come rather than the actual game itself. Good point was bought up by Redknapp when he said that with regards to the red card the ref should of kept Lehmann on to keep in the spirit of the event and Keys replied with but he was following the letter of the law, implying that because it was a final the rules should be bent a little. Personally I think the goal should of stood and a red card for Lehmann, which is bad news for me as i had a bet on for him to be man of the
  12. anyone got the page link for IGN Livewire? I signed up to their insid pack but none of the banners are working for me as links?
  13. there was a quality mix of this a few years back now when i was at uni... Holiday mixed with Stardusts "Music Sounds Better With You"... think i might dig it up from the old cds!
  14. wooooooooooo, back to the 80s!!!!
  15. Indy @ S.E.


    some more info from their press release: The Cool Look: The new console boasts high-quality materials and a smart, compact design, approximately the size of three standard DVD cases stacked together. A variety of prototype colors are being showcased during E3. It will come with a silver stand that makes the system a welcome, artistic component of any multimedia setup, whether it's displayed vertically or horizontally. Backward Compatibility: The new console plays all games from the current Nintendo GameCube™ generation. But there's more... The Secret Weapon: The console also will have download
  16. I reckon it will play on the virtual name so: Nintendo Virtual Nintendo Virtuo Nintendo Virtual Revolution In fact, Nintendo VR for the win!
  17. woooo first bbc documentary to be recorded in high def!
  18. Ive given up on this, no game has made me this angry before so to reduce my blood pressure Ive traded it in! Still, was mighty impressive to see some of the proper good players play it on live last night, as well as the cheating cnuts!
  19. Thats true, this game does suffer from some major amounts of lag, which is quite surprising! Note: Just won my first online match!
  20. update on my previous post: I am rubbish!
  21. eith Im seriously rubbish or the game is seriously difficiult in normal mode... please tell me someone else found it difficult and kept on getting their ass kicked and name taken? please? also if anyone is up for some live games, my gamertag is indy79
  22. Just had a quick blast at the demo and just noticed something pretty damn cool for the first time! I landed a haymaker on Jones Jr. which made him wobbly and suchlike, however the camera then panned around the ring until it was from Jones Jr.'s perspective! You could see him holding his gloves up and the sweat flying off gloves as i tried spanking him down...has Anyone else had this? First Person Boxing ahoy!
  23. Just got my copy today, lots of fun!! One thing that has impressed me thought is the inclusion of Bhangra music as a category, very pleasantly surprised at that... shame half of them are the shite ones tho! Should be getting my wireless adapter sometime this afternoon so should be ready for the live! Cheers, Indy
  24. You sir are truly a diamond!!!! Thanks very muchly!!! Indy
  25. Thats not from a cafe sandwich bar thing called Riva's by any chance? Cheers, Indy
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