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  1. I'd like to see more proper actions films made with politicall correctness thrown out of the window. Robocop, Predator, Commando, Rambo etc were all prime examples of the good old days and for gods sake keep em at 18 rated! Besides that, less of the remakes and tv spinoffs unless they stay true to the story, none of this bullshit 'director presenting it in his/her interpretation'.
  2. Throwing the shopping trolley down the stairs is a good laugh, as is chucking all the furniture down from the cafe in the second floor to the ground. I think this game will be aces in a GTA style, where you can stick to the missions to progress through the game or just mess around with the zombies, seeing what things you can do with them.
  3. theres a sub-machine gun in there too, 100 bullets go so fast! Whats the most youve killed during the demo? I just clocked up 515 kills
  4. While pissing around just noticed that you can jump on the zombies head then vault off again onto the floor or another zombieif they are in the right place, my longest chain so far is 3!
  5. Is anyone else playing this in 5.1? One of the better sounding games for atmosphere for sure
  6. the skaeboard is in the sports shop, if someone tells me how to do spoiler tags i'll tell where the samurai sword is.
  7. Have to agree with you on that, I was close to selling my 360 due to nothing on it that interested me, however this has got me well hyped! Looks like you could have hours of fun running into each shop and seeing what you can pick up and how best to use it.
  8. Just found the Samurai Sword, time to go all Kill Bill now!!!
  9. Frying Pan + Stove + Zombie =
  10. to add to the list ive come across: Dustbin Bench Chairs Table Plant Shopping Trolley Guitars Baseball Bat Shop Till
  11. just found the shopping trolly... wish i could use it like this in Asda!! 208 killed and rising...
  12. Has anybody got any spare medicine? My dude got stung by bees 3 times and looks a bit ill!
  13. My gates are open (I think) so if anyones online could they please try? Thanks Much!
  14. I didnt understand the ending of American Psycho
  15. Managed to finish Phoenix Wright over the weekend, that takes my completed games tally for the year up to 2!
  16. Are there any guides anywhere on how to make things using the pixelblocks? Had my eye on them for a while but I have about as much creative skill as a plank of wood!
  17. Ive completed a few games recently which is quite good, usually i play the game until its gets boring/monotonous or when you know the computer is plain cheating! So far this year Iv finished Call of Duty 2, Fight Night 3, New Super Mario Bros and almost done Phoenix Wright... think last year all i finished was Resident Evil 4!
  18. Nah, its all done and dusted now, would only play it again for a short while. Still, its the first game ive finished 100% in about 4 years!
  19. EDIT: and whooo, all three stars! Time to put it on the trading forum now methinks!
  20. although i finished it last week, today i finished getting all the star coins...man that took some time! still only showing 2 stars on the save file so i guess i got some stuff left to do yet... pretty hot game though i must say! just 4 of those little green pipes on the map screens left now and i think im done!
  21. Ahhh thats the one, Sword of the Beserk... think it was the first game where i was actually looking forward to the cutscenes to see how the story developed, just googling it now and it seems to be based around an anime. Wouldnt mind a remake of that one
  22. one game that drew me in upsuspectingly was on the dreamcast, but for the life of me i cant remember the name right now. Anyway, you was this loner type fella with a big fuckoff 6 foot sword accompanied by a male fairy and a mental woman... started off as a simple hack and slash but it had one hell-cracker of a story behind it, might have to give it another blast soon! If i remember what it was called.
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