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  1. This was on Sky Movies HD last night, havent checked it yet but am expecting some goodness!
  2. I bought '07 and its good, but rock solid difficult. The swinging is not 100% though as if you give it too much backswing you end up taking your shot at about 60ish% but once you get used to it its not that much of an annoyance. Probably best to wait and see if '08 has fixed this before making the jump I'd say.
  3. Saw this last night and while it wasnt the greatest film, I didnt think it was too bad.. thought some of the effects were really well done.
  4. currently on: Godfather Blackhand Edition - Wii Super Paper Mario - Wii Tiger Woods 07 - Wii
  5. http://www.sporting-life.com/story_get.cgi...ual_084834.html Damn good news for the club if this comes true!
  6. loving this game so far, the buildup to fighting the third boss has to be one of the funniest things ive seen/read in a game for a long long time! stuck now trying to find the pillar for the 4th world, think i will have to go ask the fortune telling lady.
  7. press release is here: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=24542 dont think GI.biz would post a rumour/fake?
  8. Received my copy on Wednesday, have only had an hour and a half so far in total playtime. Have to say its probably one of the better games Ive played recently, its not too difficult (well, chapter 1 anyway) and the script is extremely funny in places. Top quality game, should be able to post some actual useful impressions over the weekend when i get a chance to properly get into it.
  9. pretty much all of my 30 gamecube games, bar mario sunshine, resident evil 4 and fifa
  10. This is indeed good news, more Phoenix Wright can only be a good thing! Anything about regarding a possible Wii version?
  11. True or April Fools Joke? http://www.jeux-france.com/news19769_night...res-images.html
  12. quickly off topic but what does SKU stand for, have heard it mentioned again and again?
  13. currently on: ExciteTruck - Neglected this since getting it on launch with my US Wii, shame I didnt get mre involved sooner as its a cracking game! WarioWare - Got this last week, slowly but surely working my way though it... those instructional voiceovers are quality! Next lot of games on my list are Tiger Woods, Godfather Black Hand Edition and Super Paper Mario.
  14. Finally onto the Platinum series of races, left this game onthe back burner while i was trying to finish zelda and red steel... cant believe how much fun it is, some of the jumps are proper insane!! whats everyones favourite car so far?
  15. you can play pirated games on the 360??? When did this happen?
  16. Got this on Wednesday as a valentines day pressie, have to say its one of the more pure mentalist films ive seen, it really is how youd imagine a real life grand theft auto would play out, lots of humour too!
  17. i dont think ive done anything bar the actual story mode, and that was in dribs and drabs since last November... did have a bit of 'help' for the last 2 dungeons though
  18. i think is a shame that theres no sort of after-you-beat-the-game mode that lets you run around and get the full 100% and also something to show for it too, like maybe a new intro, different picture, etc...
  19. wooo just finished it, all I can say is that all boss battles should be like that! 37 hours of greatness Id say, just need to be bothered to get everything else done now. Shame its over really...
  20. Near to finishing this now just reached the 8th temple I think, for me this game keeps on getting better and better! Just need to finish the story then its off to get all the extras!
  21. Played this at Game On! on saturday for the first time, I was pants at it. Does it come with two guitarts in the box?
  22. plus as you turn yourself they even face they direction they will possibly be jumping in. Took me around 20 minutes to do that one, pretty cool puzzle to work through i thought.
  23. ta very much for the replies, i shall give it a bash later!
  24. trying to start dungeon 5, where do i find red fishes?
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