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  1. playing TP highlights how bloody useless I am at solving Zelda dungeon puzzles... stuck on the first one! :s edit: wooo not that useless mwahahaha
  2. Edit: probably the wrong place to post that!
  3. Shouldve added it was around 2:30 when I nodded off, had Zelda on pause and was switching between the ECW ppv on sky as well as some Ashes action... both were enough to send you to noddy-land! When you press the power button on the wiimote to turn it off it sets it to standby so you get your messages and whatnot coming through, even though its technically 'off'.
  4. was playing Twilight last night, got half way through the first temple then fell asleep on the sofa... woke up and turned the wii off before going to bed without saving it first
  5. Played around 4 hours of this, it is a bit of a shame that some of the graphics do look a bit poor however once you start getting into it I can honestly say you dont really care about the graphics, this game is oozing quality all the way through. It definately is a departure from the rest of the zelda games, even in the limited time ive played it so far it is proper dark and moody.
  6. Where was he in it at the start?
  7. Isnt that a bit cheeky though, you get there early enough so you know you are within their allocation amount, but then you lose out via a raffle system? Am I being think here and missing something out?
  8. Gonna check Charlton out again today but failing that, it will have to be London Bridge on Monday morning. Cheers!
  9. where is this kept in WHSmiths? I went to three over the last few days (Leeds, Kings Cross and Charlton) but was no where to be seen. Is it in the mag section or in the books section?
  10. I was at the show yesterday, they have three set up for play, motorstorm, some dragon one and resistance fall of man. Didnt get a chance (couldnt be bothered to queue up to be honest) but the games did look good at the very least, but nothing that was super noticeable really. Pretty pants show overall to be honest!
  11. Going to see this tonight in the Gallery with the Mrs, sexy time!
  12. Bit OT Im currently like that with Mario & Luigi Partners in time... started it 2 months back but stupid bitch at the end kicks my arse to high heaven! havent gone back to it since
  13. Actual Wii question! Not sure if the answer is out yet but Ive got a stepdown converter for my US Cube, anyone know if it will work with the US Wii or will I be needing a new one? Cheers muchly.
  14. Whats the deal with Wii Play? Im sure I read somewhere here that it comes bundled with the Wiimote when you buy it seperately? If this is the case, does anyone know if it will come with the US Wiimote too as I'm opting for one of those?
  15. Hardware wise I'll be going for the console, 2nd nunchuck, 2nd wiimote and component cable. Software will be Zelda, Red Steel, ExciteTruck and Rayman Raving Rabbids. And maybe Monkey Ball.
  16. Im definately down for a US machine, main factor being my 30-odd US Cube games working on it. If by some miracle Nintendo come out and say that you can play any region cube games on any region Wii, then I will go for a PAL machine purely for the ease of driving 10 minutes to Bluewater and picking one up.
  17. I won an N64 at the ECTS show years ago when i was 15-16, I think it was for setting the fastest time of the day on Mario Kart 64. Having an N64 and Mario Kart already at home did help a bit though! Got my picture taken with the 2 'Bond girls' that were there too so was well chuffed, was a good day overall!
  18. I used to use it, sometimes was very quick but other times was dead slow. It does covertly install some dodgy P2P software without your knowing though, that stays on your machine even if you uninstall the Sky by Broadband application.. definately worth a google!
  19. I'd like to see more proper actions films made with politicall correctness thrown out of the window. Robocop, Predator, Commando, Rambo etc were all prime examples of the good old days and for gods sake keep em at 18 rated! Besides that, less of the remakes and tv spinoffs unless they stay true to the story, none of this bullshit 'director presenting it in his/her interpretation'.
  20. Throwing the shopping trolley down the stairs is a good laugh, as is chucking all the furniture down from the cafe in the second floor to the ground. I think this game will be aces in a GTA style, where you can stick to the missions to progress through the game or just mess around with the zombies, seeing what things you can do with them.
  21. theres a sub-machine gun in there too, 100 bullets go so fast! Whats the most youve killed during the demo? I just clocked up 515 kills
  22. While pissing around just noticed that you can jump on the zombies head then vault off again onto the floor or another zombieif they are in the right place, my longest chain so far is 3!
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