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  1. Managed to get to the 2nd Leviathan tonight but will tackle that tomorrow, the City in the Sky bit is very well implemented. Top stuff so far!
  2. Got my copy yesterday from VG+ and went through the first two levels, where there is pretty much no challenge due to them being tutorial style affairs. Plus makes a change for me having a game use the wiimote only. The graphics looks absolutely stunning though and the sounds effects are pretty random as well, will have to squeeze some of this in between the Metroid Prime 3 sessions. Lots of potential in this one.
  3. i've added you bcass, will send some once you've added me too
  4. Is there any chance of updating the first post with a list of everyones friends codes and if their machine is PAL or NTSC? As the vouchers are finite it would be a bit of a waste to send em to someone who cant use em. Mines NTSC by the way and my code is in my sig. Cheers, Indy
  5. Who else here is playing with the US version, I'll try sending some vouchers tonight when i get home.
  6. In the US its out December 17th or sometime around then i think
  7. Has to be Mario Galaxy for me, but second is Nights as i never got to play the first one, will be interesting to see what the fuss is about!
  8. Took out the first seed last night and am well impressed, one question i have though is how do you use the friends voucher things, I think I have about 3 or 4 now.
  9. just finished the boss at Bryyo and by god does my hand and wrist hurt! fantastic game though, didnt get around to finishing one and didnt play echoes at all, the wii remote is such a good fit for this game.
  10. Have this on preorder, VG+ shipped it yesterday so should have it hopefully sometime next week, cant wait for it, looks pretty cool!
  11. Went back to this to try and finish it last night only proper mission left as far as i know is to take out the four families, I managed to take out two of the familes leaving 2 more to go. Not a classic by any means but very enjoyable to play, still cant get more than one henchman though, anyone got any tips?
  12. That trailer is fantastic, should more than make up for the filth that was AvP!
  13. I can see hospitals and old peoples homes picking this up. For example when you've had a stroke and half of your face doesnt work the hospital gives you a sheet of paper with a lil mirror in the middle and loads of exercises printed around the sides for you to do to stimulate the muscles in your face. Not very exciting ort motivating but if you get offered one of these, might raise your interest a bit more to get things moving so to speak. The same for Bells Palsy too I'd imagine.
  14. A new series of Eureka? Where can I got hold of this?
  15. would definately be interested in a crimson skies 2, the first was a great sleeper title on the xbox!
  16. time to resurrect this thread as the movies on Sky Premiere the whole coming week, have to say DAMN I wish I could drive like that!!!! Story was pants but to be honest not really expecting anything amazing, those drifters sure are skilled... might need to do a bit of googling i think!
  17. This was on Sky Movies HD last night, havent checked it yet but am expecting some goodness!
  18. I bought '07 and its good, but rock solid difficult. The swinging is not 100% though as if you give it too much backswing you end up taking your shot at about 60ish% but once you get used to it its not that much of an annoyance. Probably best to wait and see if '08 has fixed this before making the jump I'd say.
  19. Saw this last night and while it wasnt the greatest film, I didnt think it was too bad.. thought some of the effects were really well done.
  20. currently on: Godfather Blackhand Edition - Wii Super Paper Mario - Wii Tiger Woods 07 - Wii
  21. http://www.sporting-life.com/story_get.cgi...ual_084834.html Damn good news for the club if this comes true!
  22. loving this game so far, the buildup to fighting the third boss has to be one of the funniest things ive seen/read in a game for a long long time! stuck now trying to find the pillar for the 4th world, think i will have to go ask the fortune telling lady.
  23. press release is here: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=24542 dont think GI.biz would post a rumour/fake?
  24. Received my copy on Wednesday, have only had an hour and a half so far in total playtime. Have to say its probably one of the better games Ive played recently, its not too difficult (well, chapter 1 anyway) and the script is extremely funny in places. Top quality game, should be able to post some actual useful impressions over the weekend when i get a chance to properly get into it.
  25. pretty much all of my 30 gamecube games, bar mario sunshine, resident evil 4 and fifa
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