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  1. If they released any form of animal crossing Lego I’d be ruined.
  2. haha likewise, always give its paw a little squeeze on the way past.
  3. Yeh, done some useful searching and turns out its a one time setup. Can't really change his account as he's got the same username across all three online services and would want to keep that. There is a workaround though, to make all three acounts part of the same family which will by and large let me achieve what I want so guess that'll have to do.
  4. Right I've totally ballsed up the family management part of things... I had an old PSN account which I completely forgot about so I created a new one which i used to set the PS5 up. I then created a PSN account for my son and made my new account the parent account for his one. When I was telling others to add me up to their friends list they reminded me I had an account already. Went through the password reset process and managed to get access to it and log in to it. The plan now is to remove my son's account from the new account, delete the new account and make my old account the parent account for my son. Hwever I can't see a single thing anywhere, either on the console or via logging in on the laptop and Google isn't really bringing anything up either. Anyone been in this situation before and can offer a solution? Failing that I'll give Sony a call tomorrow and see what they can do. Thanks in advance!
  5. Looking at it side on it’s quite nice, just the size of it is mental lol
  6. It bloody well is that much bigger, it’s a proper unit
  7. i don't think it will fit in the cabinet, will have to stand up on the side table next to the X... hoping its not that much bigger
  8. Thanks to the extremely generous and faith restoring @SteveH IFGO! Obligatory photo of box with dog below. Hyped!!!
  9. I finished this last night too then had to immediately read a summary of the story as I lost focus about half why through and forgot who was who. I really liked the split reality sections too, having them on screen in parallel was a really good system... helped by the fact that it looks and sounds amazing too.
  10. Did they do the May Day maze thing last year? It looks vaguely familiar
  11. Morning all, Have Redd on my island today with this mindblowing array of fine paintings: - Fake Serene - Real Common - Fake Detailed - Fake Scary Also have a load of recipes: - Dark bamboo rug - Light bamboo rug - Cherry dress - Lily crown - Pear wardrobe - Fruit basket - Classic pitcher - Tree standee - Doghouse - Log garden lounge - Log pack - Purple windflower crown - Shell arch - Tulip surprise box - Ironwood cupboard - Ironwood low table - Grass standee - Knight's helmet - Tiny library - Wooden full-length mirror - Jungle wall - Bamboo bench - Barrel If anyone needs anything let me know and I'll open up.
  12. Yep no worries, just drop me a message once you've opened and i'll pop over.
  13. ooh Serene Painting please if it’s still available?
  14. Does anyone know roughly how often the Series S appears on the Microsoft store?
  15. Redds here today with: Fake academic painting Real perfect painting Fake amazing painting Fake serene painting Let me know if anything’s needed and I’ll open up.
  16. I'm currently playing through The Medium, that has quite a few easy ones that you get just for playing the game. I think you get a couple of achievements int he first half hour or so.
  17. 10 points just didn't seem enough of a reward to make that choice...
  18. Ooh could I nab the warm painting please? If no one wants the worthy painting I am more than happy to log on as my sons account, buy it and post it to you tomorrow?
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