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  1. Afternoon, Have got Redd visiting with the following fake paintings of anyone wants them Famous Basic Serene
  2. This is the perfect antidote to 2020, this has become a life goal now to do something like this in my more twilight years.
  3. Qite a few of us used to go to one in Stratford, near the bus and train station. Was in some sort of community hall if i remember correctly. Probably some of my fondest memories were in that pace, going almost every week regardless if there was anything to buy or not. overall though we probably built about half a dozen computers using bits sourced from there plus numerous upgrades; RAM, cases, motherboards, hard drives, the lot. Got to know quite a few of the traders too which gave it a nice atmosphere. When consoles happened used to go and get playstations chipped fro
  4. The Itcher 3: Wild Hunt Legend says he roams the land hunting down people with rare and unique skin conditions who have plenty of coin to toss at him.
  5. Redd’s visiting today, only fakes remain: - warrior statue - jolly painting if anyone needs them I’ll open up, bring a ladder
  6. Not quite sure what the point of the Dreams are but here’s our code: DA-9014-7884-2201
  7. Ahh thanks for that, really useful... so my planned 24 months would come down to just 8... thats a bit of a drop
  8. ahh figured as much... Anyone want to buy 2 12 month gold passes in that case
  9. Hi, My Ultimate is due to expire in August 2021, if I buy 2 more years of Gold and add the codes to my account will that automatically convert to Ultimate or do I need to do the £1 thing again? Cheers, Indy
  10. So this is the basic space for my classroom, anyone got any suggestions for a suitable custom designs that’ll make good flooring? not sure what constitutes good classroom flooring lol but open to suggestions!
  11. thank you! just need to do some major flower excavation and terraforming now to put it all next to the playground, should be sorted by the weekend hopefully
  12. Tried that but they aren't showing up as customisisable for me. The document stack is though so I might go through those.
  13. I don't have the simple panel but my newphew does, I'll get him to send one to me and I'll forward it on.
  14. legend! I'll add you up as a friend if not already done. Can i send you something back in return?
  15. Hello, Thinking of making a school classrom type area, does anyone have the following items/recipes: - chalkboard - whiteboard - skeleton - school chair x 4 - school desk x 6 - books - western literature and encyclopedia Let me know what you need anything in return and I'll try my best to accomodate, items, bells, nook mile tickets etc. Cheers, Indy
  16. is the ironwood clock still available?
  17. And the dog is asleep again. 3am music was a bit different to every other one I’ve heard so far, not sure I’m a fan. 4am music was nice but not as nice as 5am. Might do a music leaderboard tomorrow if I have time.
  18. Dog is barking away again, debating whether to have a quick go just to hear 3am music instead of sneaking in more sleep...
  19. The old guard - 2/5 Not terrible by any stretch but could’ve been a lot better.
  20. Finished it yesterday, wasn’t a fan of the ending but thought it was entertaining enough, despite It being very predictable overall.
  21. Due to the dog barking like a lunatic for some unknown reason (turned out to be a mouse running around the kitchen) there’s no point going back to bed. The 5am music is lovely
  22. a level 256 joystick though, imagine the possibilities... and they give two!
  23. Level 256 precision!
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