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  1. I had no idea what I was doing with any character, today was the first Smash Bros game I've played!
  2. I'm gonna leave online for a bit lol, i'm pants at the game and need to learn some moves!
  3. Thank fuck for that, had a sneaky feeling this morning that Derby would do something to ruin the plan, luckily he who comes from the left and comes from the right made everything alright! Is the Arse game on tv anywhere or is it another Sopcast jobbie?
  4. My code is 0001-3087-5485, if anyone adds me send me a PM with yours so I'll add you too!
  5. i wish i put a couple of quid on my 1-0 prediction now! not a stunning display by any means but it got us through which is the main thing...here;s lookng forward to the draw friday week!
  6. I agree with Chooch's point, there has been several times in the CL when United have played defensive and cagey and to me it makes the team look more nervous than anything else, they truly are at their best when attacking. What I like about watching the team play this season is the feeling that we will always get a goal, with so many goal scoring outlets in the team you always feel like there is a gola waiting to happen, like Tevez' in the 1st leg. I think as long as we get past Lyon we'll have The Belief© and should at the very least get to the final this year, confidence will be so high. Loo
  7. I didnt mean just the free kick, more of an overall look at him, lots of running and making the other side rush their play..
  8. Hargreaves for Man Utd reminds me of Beckham for England, lots of effort which pays off every now and again such as that free kick on the weekend. To justify my central midfield of him Scholes, Scholes playing the attacking role will leave Hargreaves to protect the back 4 and generally tidy up the midfield, he wont need to get forward that much (hopefully) so there should be less lapses in concentration resulting in less jumping in with both feet tackles, he should in theory be able to play the role he was originally bought in for. Hargreaves and Carrick would be a good alternative too however
  9. I think Fergie'll kick off with Scholes and Hargreaves, eventually bringing on Anderson in the second half for a extra bit of pace. Oh and Rooney and Saha to start too, think it'll be a tight game but Utd for the 1-0.
  10. I think you can get wireless sensor bars now, not sure how they work tho!
  11. Im currently stuck on the Dragon Scales level, died a good few times already so left it yesterday in a fit of anger and despair. Really tempted to GameFaq it!
  12. Have to say Carrick is beginning to impress, he's come out with some excellent through balls to those up front that end up in the back of the net, one to ronaldo today and one for Nani againse the Arse last week. Hopefully this is the start of a run for us now, if we continue to win all games till we meet arsenal we should be able to draw level at the very least with them leading to a very exciting finish to the season for once!
  13. who scored, only just switched the feed on?
  14. Re: the ice world, one of the levels was the first time in god knows how many years i had to get out a pen and paper and map out the level and what i had to do... great fun!
  15. finally completed this beast!!! pretty sure the last boss was the weakest to kill in the whole game but besides that, this game was ace, never played a metroid from start to end before this. finsihed with 90%, think I'll save the last 10% for a rainy day!
  16. I've just started the Pirate Homeworld level, can anyone tell me how much more I have to do before I 'finish' the game? Not looking for 100% at the moment, just the standard finish to the story. Cheers!
  17. On 115 stars with Mario at the moment, I think I'll get the final 5 then start with Luigi after 6 months or so making the game feel fresh again. Some of the purple coin comet levels are right hard!
  18. Mario Galaxy on the Wii for me, closely followed by Metroid Prime 3 Corruption (also on the Wii) followed by Resident Evil 4 Wii edition. Bit of a pattern there!
  19. Just hit 50 stars, the second bowser level is absolutely amazing with all the gravity changes and everything.. This really is one of those games you 1) wish never ends and B) you cant stop playing! The story is mighty impressive for a Mario game too, miles better than the Sunshine one (although that deserves points for being so damn freaky!!
  20. i love this game, if i could id marry it and produce lots of babies!!!
  21. My copy arrived yesterday afternoon, so naturally got home to discover we were going out for the evening. Managed to finally boot it up at around 9:30ish and made my way to the first galaxy when my puppy decided to make a ploy for attention. Think I managed around 15 minutes playtime, 10 of which was cutscenes And yep, out all night again so it looks like the first proper chance I'll get to play it is tomorrow, think I'll make up for it by having a 4 hour session on it. All the parts Ive played so far have looked really promising though, the camera takes a bit of getting used to but it did ha
  22. To those that have it already I only have one thing to say. I hate you.
  23. Got mine on order from VG+ too with the DHL option however Im getting them to send Mario, WWE and Rayman Rabbids 2 at the same time, I hope none of the other 2 games have been delayed!!! Dont think I've been this excited for a single game since Mario 64, might have to do a few days "working from home" early next week
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