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  1. Finally got round to playing this tonight after having it since it came out, played for an hour or so and I realised that it wasnt such a bright idea, i hate games like this lol! Might play it tomorrow during the day. With the lights on. With the wife sitting nearby. Absolutely hate it however feel like playing it more... fantastic stuff!
  2. I really need to learn how to score in this game, I can defend alright but can't seem to stick em in the back of the net!
  3. i'll be up for this, i'll join up after the simpsons movie. edit: done
  4. Fantastic stuff... my trip to the co-op to get bread is never that exciting though
  5. games! lots of games! thank god someone is showing games!!!
  6. Well that was worth coming home early for, fucks sake!
  7. IGN for me, the nintendo one keeps on dropping out
  8. this guy does get thrilled quite a lot don't he?
  9. what lies and blasphemy will old Peter come out with now?
  10. it sounds like he says Turd when he says Turret!
  11. it sounds like he says Turd when he says Turret!
  12. What time is the conference happening in UK time?
  13. One of the greatest scenes in cinema history that one!
  14. From their blog: "Current price is reflective of market shortage as we have incurred extra shipping expense and had to go outside of our normal supply chain to obtain product." Is a bit steep but still ordered it!
  15. A quick heads up for those interested in the US version of Wii Fit; VG+ appear to have it in stock at the moment.
  16. If he leaves then it won't be the end of the world as we know it, I just wish he'd man up and be honest about it, if he had said "I've won everything there is to win with an English side, I want a change" rather thanplaying this will he won't he game, no one could begrudge him for leaving, all this nonsense is just making him look a bit silly. Do hope he stays though, he will be incredibly hard to replace.
  17. oh and before i forget, full credit to the sportsmanship of the squad, giving chelsea a mini guard of honour when they were on their way to collect their losers medals was an absolute touch of class, i think that deserves a mention. anyway, over and out for today, see you all tomorroe!
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