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  1. Got my copy this morning from VG+, had a quick 20 minute blast on it... got 3 or 4 stars so far, its definitely more challenging from the start than SMG! Should have time to give it a right good go later, this game just brings a smile to your face.
  2. thanks for that, i'll give it a shot!
  3. how in the name of all that is good do you defeat zeus, cant even get past the first stage of his fight
  4. Just finished it tonight after playing it over the weekend, not really sure what to make of this sort of game, interactive movie seems to sum it up right. I got the ending where Shelby dies, Jayden, Lauren, Ethan, Madison and Shaun live. Not sure if I'm gonna bother playing through it again! Overall, 7/10.
  5. Downloaded the demo yesterday and played it today, absolutely fantastic! The QTE bits are well done, its looks amazing for a one year old demo so have high hopes for the full game..
  6. Good stuff, might grab the collection at some stage... Unless theres a future collection with 1-3 on the horizon?
  7. yes to playing 1 and 2 or yes to jump right in to 3?
  8. I haven't played 1 or 2 but this looks pretty bloody good, is it worth playing them first or is it reasonable safe to jump right in with this one?
  9. Does anyone know if the PS3 supports wifi n? looking to get a n enabled router and adapter for the Macbook as G is just too darn slow in my setup! Cheers, Indy
  10. Hi, Does anyone now if there is some sort of list out there on tinternet that lists all the films that have extra bits once the credits have rolled? Iron Man springs to mind and now having just watched Max Payne that had an extra scene at the end too... who knows what else I've missed out on! Cheers, Indy
  11. woooo 2-0, bullet of a cross met with a bullet of a header by Vidic... how we missed you!
  12. cheers for that jsh4, works a treat!
  13. is it possible to sopcast on a mac?
  14. This game is ace, its gonna give me RSI though... hows everyone positioned when they play this, my shoulder and wrist hurst after about 15-20 minutes.
  15. Finally got round to playing this tonight after having it since it came out, played for an hour or so and I realised that it wasnt such a bright idea, i hate games like this lol! Might play it tomorrow during the day. With the lights on. With the wife sitting nearby. Absolutely hate it however feel like playing it more... fantastic stuff!
  16. I really need to learn how to score in this game, I can defend alright but can't seem to stick em in the back of the net!
  17. i'll be up for this, i'll join up after the simpsons movie. edit: done
  18. Fantastic stuff... my trip to the co-op to get bread is never that exciting though
  19. games! lots of games! thank god someone is showing games!!!
  20. Well that was worth coming home early for, fucks sake!
  21. IGN for me, the nintendo one keeps on dropping out
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