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  1. too much money involved in it nowadays, someone like Sony can't afford to write off the PS3 and start another one from scratch. edit: they probably could but it wouldn't make much sense, same for microsoft after investing heavily in every facet of their console (hardware, GUI, Kinect, Live, etc)
  2. I got a US Wii so figured may as well get a US one of these, if only for the New Gadget Smell©
  3. January Call of Duty - Black Ops - £26 February Metroid: Other M - £35.50 Kirbys Epic Yarn - £35.50 Epic Mickey - £35.50 New Super Mario Bros - £35.50
  4. Think they come out with Jays best lie tonight, one punch KO lol!
  5. Did't quite understand that myself, maybe its cheaper to lease the studio for every Thursday night?
  6. Managed to get tickets to see tomorrow's show being recorded last night at the BBC centre, was all sorts of wonderfulness. Some proper gems to be shown, new catchphrases for sure and some new characters too! The comedian guy who entertained us during breaks and tidy-ups let slip that there was gonna be another episode of Rock and Chips at Christmas and Easter, not sure if thats a good or bad thing!
  7. a quickie... have copied a dvd to my nas, ps3 can see it however only plays the first minute and a bit of each VOB file, playing from the nas on the macbook is fine. anyone seen this before and have a solution? cheers, indy ===== A polite request to start a new thread! Note I've moved a few extra pages to keep context since the thread's a bit slower. The old thread can be seen here: http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=144575
  8. just watching this, half hour to go and I do not understand one single thing thats going on.
  9. Lol this is probably the most wrongest time to be posting spoilers!
  10. Last nights episode was amazing, so many stories closed yet a whole new batch opened up... By Jupiters cock next week should be a cracker! Then a big downer waiting for a ~couple years for the next proper series... Loving it!
  11. Wow what a build up to the series finale, so much potential for so much madness... Glad I didn't download this now and watch in one day! EDIT: By Jupiters Cock!
  12. According to the sky plus series link info there should be 7 episodes this series so looks like one more to go?
  13. watched ep.10 last night, bugger me that was a quality episode. sooooooooooooo tempted to download the remaining episodes and get my fix satiated but think i will resist!
  14. Hi Jim, Stick me down for one provisionally depending on final price of the actual 3DS, once its officially announced I'll give a definite yay or nay. If thats ok with you of course! Cheers, Indy
  15. By Jupiters cock this series is great, will definitely be keeping this on the Sky+. Until the blu-ray is out anyway!
  16. This game is great, no matter how frustrated you get you know that its possible so you keep battling away, eventually completing the level and getting a semi boner in the process. or is that just me...
  17. I think valve's surprise is gonna be announcing half life 3D as an exclusive launch title for the 3DS!!!! I have thought wrong before though.
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