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  1. I watched it last night, thought it was another one that was done really well... finding it very hit and miss though. The final episode is next week right, can’t see how they can wrap things up neatly unless it’s an extended episode or something.
  2. On the plus side I’ve gone through it all and got the confirmation emails, IFGO!!
  3. Just spoke to one of their live help people (really smart system with video and sound). They have bumped up the price of the Series X to £2449, you have to add it to yout basket and go through the checkout process as normal. There will be a box saying enter discount/promo code or something along those lines and you then enter the code in the email they sent. Once verified the price drops back to £449. The only downer is that in order to secure your Series X is that you'll need to pay the full balance when you do this and you have to go it before 11:59 on Sunday 18th Oct
  4. Anyone else preorder the X from Curry's and get an email from them a few minutes ago? I don't understand what they are on about, hoping someone else understood it better than I did!
  5. Cant remember who it was who recommended it in the main Netflix thread but that person deserves a socially distanced high five. I don’t think I’ve laughed at a series so much this year, I found it all absolutely hilarious. The deadpan nature of it all was just spot on, notable mentions to Kark and Orm, really fun characters. By Odins grace there will be more in the future... Skäl!
  6. Thanks, relieved I won’t have to shell out for another one.
  7. Ok, so I’d leave my gamer tag on there, create his one and set the console as home console which would allow him to download and play GP games. Then on the new X I’d sign in using my gamer tag and I’d be able to download and play GP games. Sound about right?
  8. Evening, Does anyone know if Game Pass has any kind of family sharing option? Planning on passing my One X to the boy when I upgrade and was wondering if I can get away with just the one membership or if I’ll need to set him up with a new membership? Cheers, Indy
  9. I... thought this was a really good episode. The bastards better not make this good now that it’s the last one.
  10. Finally got round to watching Cobra Kai, it was really well done. The way all the characters flip is so well done, glad there’s a season 3 and 4 on the way.
  11. Season finale, was a pretty good example of an ‘emotional rollercoaster’. Really enjoyed this, definitely recommend it for an easy watch. Would be good one to watch with kids for some of the lessons Ted puts over but it’s full of swearing so one for the teens. Hope there’s another few series of this but as the man says, “it’s the hope that kills you”.
  12. This is good news, at least there will be closure to the main series and then I can happily skip all the spin offs and never concern myself with this again.
  13. Hark at Tarquin Quincy-Wilberforce over here (!)
  14. How big do they think peoples houses are??
  15. Thanks for that, put myself down for an X but looks like someone found a glitch, expecting the preorder to be cancelled in the morning.
  16. The mouse is really good too, I can’t get Options to install on my windows 10 machine so can’t do the funky stuff yet. Back to the game in a half hour or so, will look through the menus to see how much the controls can be changed. They don’t feel that intuitive so far, really have to think about what’s where on the pad which led to an unexpected death.
  17. Default controls are for the throttle control and roll on the left stick and then pitch and yaw is on the right.
  18. some very brief thoughts as only had about 15 minutes with it so far: - the game looks and sounds absolutely fantastic - having quite a bit of initial difficulty getting round the dual stick controls, think thats more me than the game though - lots of customisable options around controls so there will probably be a sweet spot somewhere - has a pretty good story mode structure that should keep it fresh and exciting (the MX keys is lovely, feels so good and the weight of it is so satisfying!)
  19. got a few conf calls so will relocate to the sofa, probably have to sit through a 3 hour install most likely. edit: 2.3gb update and 21gb install
  20. Get in, ordered from The Game Collection on ebay.
  21. cheers, optimistically hoped that they'd do a Apple-esque just one more thing; 'here's 10000 more units to preorder!' looking likely that I'll have to go scouring round the regular haunts to try and get one on the day, something I was hoping to avoid
  22. I don't suppose anyone heard any murmurings of whether or not any more preorders will become available from anywhere?
  23. Watched the first two episodes of this tonight, incredibly silly but really good fun.
  24. I had no opportunity to preorder yesterday either so will also be keeping an eye out for one on launch or earlier
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