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  1. Wouldn't mind popping over to see what item she gifts, let us know what time you can open and we'll hop over
  2. We’ll pop over shortly! edit: can you open 9:30-9:45?
  3. Ahh that sucks, they’ve said that they will be releasing in store in the summer though, in case you fancy trying again?
  4. Build-a-Bear are starting an Animal Crossing line, beginning with Tom Nook and Isabelle... usual queue malarky!
  5. But then you'd have people with multiple accounts for their family... You'd probably want to have 1 item per account and something in the background checking for multiple addresses and card details as the most foolproof way but there will still probably be a way round that too.
  6. I know right, another thing the pandemic has done is turned everyone into opportunistic profiteers, has to be a good number of people just buying these to sell on. Am queueing on the work laptop and my mobile at the moment, missed a trick by not using the iPad and personal laptop too. I'll be going for just the one Tom Nook though, hopefully as there is only two to choose from they'll have plenty in. Good luck!!!
  7. If this pandemic has taught me one thing its that there will be queues for everything...
  8. sure, I’ll post it over in about an hour or so if that’s ok?
  9. Yeh I really enjoyed that, his struggles between good guy and prick was well handled. Ending scene was well played too, leaves you guessing which was good. Season 11 begins in August so not long to wait, from what I’ve read it’s 24 episodes long and the first lot are a batch of 8. Guess they are filming as and when they can.
  10. If anyone’s interested the Build A Bear Animal Crossing bears/teddies/plushies are going on sale tomorrow.
  11. Recipes available: Wooden-plank sign Wooden chest Iron closet Bunny Day wall clock Stack of books Woodland wall Deer decoration Western-style stone Raccoon figurine Natural garden table Natural square table Honeycomb wall Pile of zen cushions Basket pack Acoustic guitar Shell bed Peach chair Peach surprise box Dark bamboo rug Large cardboard boxes Paw-print doorplate
  12. Got shooting starts tonight if anyone fancies it... haven’t found Celeste yet though. 20:29 20:35 20:45 and 21:07 21:26 21:28 watch out for all the mannequins though!
  13. Having checked we do need one of those actually.
  14. Cool, don't think i've got any of those so far, just bloody eggs. Not overly fussed about the Cherry Blossom stuff so if you let me now which ones you are missing I'll let you know if I get any of those.
  15. Are the balloons decorated differently like the Egg day ones?
  16. Could I nab the common painting please?
  17. i literally did the same thing as you, down to the same game as well. Getting the 1/2 marker too and activating the punch card does nothing.
  18. Cool, I’ll pop in with mine and the boy’s account
  19. I’ll pop in for the 9:30 set if that’s ok
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