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  1. Ordered from Curry’s with the delivery option, pretty sure that it will come on launch
  2. Managed to get all the recipes and have as many pumpkins as you by the sounds of it, thanks for the offer though
  3. In some of the videos there’s a grave type item, not sure if it’s just a tombstone or the whole grave.
  4. nor gonna lie my heart rate went through the roof after reading the first 6 words... then dropped massively.
  5. Morning everyone, didn’t get any of the recipe cards for the tombstone/grave items ready for Halloween, I don’t suppose anyone has a spare recipe card for them or alternatively can craft me a couple? left it a bit late I know!
  6. Thanks for the recommendations everyone, will stick em in the list
  7. Are there any other gems on EA Access worth looking at?
  8. Yeh that’s fine, am sure it’ll pop up again soon enough!
  9. Hi Mike, Thats super kind of you to do that but I’d feel really bad about accepting it, please keep it when it comes in tomorrow and I’ll wait for another real one to appear... We need loads of real artworks so have plenty others to focus on! Cheers, Indy
  10. Good news for Ted Lasso fans, well chuffed with this news. https://www.macrumors.com/2020/10/28/apple-renews-ted-lasso-season-3/
  11. I thought it only had fans/vents at the top and bottom, laying it on its side would mean they are still exposed?
  12. Evening all, Really sorry about before, I couldn’t get on the island as it wasn’t showing up then got pulled away to work again. Dont want to mess it up for others so happy for someone else to take the painting, I can wait till it pops up another time, felt like I caused excess drama today! Cheers, Indy
  13. Thanks for the heads up... Is there anything you are after that I can drop off in exchange?
  14. I’m 1mm short to put the X in the av unit horizontally, really hope it fits otherwise I’d have to stand it up on a small table next to it.
  15. Hi Steve, I purchased the scary painting but then got a call and the switch went to sleep, switched it on and got booted off the island... is it still showing as available?
  16. I'd like the Scary Painting if its still available?
  17. Which LG OLED is the one to get consider, the CX?
  18. Thanks, I have some of the items but just missing the recipes for completeness sake... cheers though!
  19. Hello, Does anyone have the following spooky recipes spare by any chance: Spooky Arch Spooky Candy Set Spooky Table Cheers, Indy
  20. Thats my plan too, hoping that it comes early on so it can be unboxed and updated first.
  21. That’s a great idea, I could put in a blanket all day appointment and just say they said anytime from 9 to 5 and whenever it turns up that’s me off for an hour or two. You genius!
  22. I don't think I'll take a day off for this but will make damn sure I put a ton of fake meetings in my calendar so I have allocated time to set it up depending on the time of arrival. I'm thinking booking a 30 min slot every hour and a half with a hour lunch break should give ample opportunities.
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