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  1. Wonder Woman 1984 A mess of a film due to it being way too long. More holes in it than a fisherman’s net. 2/5
  2. I don’t have enough points to get the Mario one, don’t suppose anyone fancies doing a swap if I was to get two Luigi ones? Edit: ignore that, should’ve known that it would be one per customer.
  3. I finally got back to the beginning of chapter 2 last night before bed so I can attack Iki Island. Except I’m now on the train to Edinburgh for the week. This is probably the best looking game I have ever played I reckon, especially in Kurosawa mode.
  4. I’m on my NG+ save which is right at the start, Act 1. Do I have to play through to Act 2 to get to the island? most of the things I’ve read thus far say yes but hoping something news come out or been found that means I can jump right in to it.
  5. I watched the first episode a couple of days ago but I had no idea at all as to what was going on. Don’t think I’ll watch the rest of it to be honest.
  6. Hello, quick request for help if possible… My gamer tag is the primary account associated with Game Pass. My sons gamer tag then has access to all the games I download. If I was to buy the streets of rage DLC on my account would he have access to that too? Cheers, Indy
  7. I'm saving for as much as I can get off a Series S before my son's birthday in October, currently we are just a bit over £125 worth of points
  8. That was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen on tv, feel like I should do a blood sugar test after watching that. Definitely agree that it would’ve been so good if it was shown on Christmas Day. Roy Kent continues to amaze!
  9. I thought things started getting OTT in Number 2 Smoking dude was funny, he had the whole fed up with life look down to a tee as well.
  10. Watched The Beginning this evening so that’s all 5 films done… one of the best film series I’ve seen. Regarding the order I think there are three different routes through this: option a this is the order in which the films were released with a big explanation of the origin right at the end of the series: number 1 number 2 number 3 the final the beginning option b This is the true order of the stories as told in the films in timeline order: the beginning number 1 number 2 number 3 the final option c This is an alternative to option a where the main storyline is done (1 through 3) then when it comes to the origin and ending story it takes it in chronological order: number 1 number 2 number 3 the beginning the final Option a is the order I watched it in and personally gives the best pay off for the story, you see events first then the history and lead up to them after, so middle - end - beginning. I quite like that style where lots of other events are explained and you get that ‘ahhh yeh ok’ moment. Option b would also work as the story is told in complete chronological order. This is the most linear approach through it all however the order of the way the stories are told in the final and the beginning may skew things a bit. The most common start - middle - end telling of the story. Option c is like the flip of the option a, the story sequence is middle - start - end.you get a big payoff as the final film in the story is viewed last. So really I suppose what I’m trying to say is that whichever of the three options are followed it isn’t the wrong or right way to watch it. Just make sure that you do!
  11. Yeh I was confused by that too
  12. Only advice I'd offer is to definitely make sure you are wearing headphones for it and turn the volume right up.
  13. As nice as the white one is I opted for black too just so it blends in with the rest, I ended up changing the casing on my PS5 to black too; that stuck out from the rest so much due it being the size of a small continent.
  14. I think you are right, I quickly tested out the various modes and whilst the Enriched Visuals looks absolutely stunning it does feel pretty sluggish so not sure the trade off will be worth it. The inner magpie in me will win though and I'll go through it all in full bells and whistles mode.
  15. I wonder if that’s because they are tarting up an existing game. You’d think that if they are building new from the ground up they’d work with full RT at 60fps as their target and amend assets etc accordingly.
  16. Black Widow - 2-5/5 About as average a film as you can get, answers questions no one really asked and sets up the next Disney tv series.
  17. Oh well, suppose I’ll have to play this again!
  18. I went sub, the dubbed voices were quite funny and it sounded off. Also they had that weird set up where the dub and the subtitles don't match exactly so you just get confused.
  19. Hmmm thats a tricky one, the sequence of 1-2-3 Final did work... Number 1 is the first in the main story, gives a bit of background insight into the characters and is more of an introduction. Numbers 2 and 3 are part of the same story and flesh things out a bit more with the characters and the backstory. The Final really gives a deep dive into some elements of the characters history and their actions. Watching 1-2-3-Final worked for me because by the time the Final was over you understand a lot more about some of the choices and decisions. Its a bit like Star Wars, you could watch them in number order but watching 4-5-6 first then 1-2-3 still makes sense on the overall storyline. I quite like the style of watching the event then getting more backstory on it, makes you think more about the films that came before and things start piecing nicely together. So watching the Beginning at the end of it all should hopefully make perfect sense. Gonna try and watch The Beginning midweek, will amend my timeline with it in then.
  20. Over the past 10 days or so I've watched Rurouni Kenshin 1, 2, 3 and The Final. Some crazy good action scenes and characters that look like they've stepped right out gaming. Just have The Beginning to get through now and thats the lot done. Quite lengthy at 2hrs+ each but it flies by. Recommended/10
  21. Two Pint Hospital - simulator for those who can’t handle their alcohol
  22. Shameless plug! One of the videos I did with Microsoft is in one of the 10 point articles today, 15 minutes of fame!
  23. I have flown through the two towers of Tower Bridge, mission accomplished for today.
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