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  1. If you’ve got young kids you can bribe with stuff it’s not that much of a chore…
  2. Cargo As opposite a zombie movie you could get from Army of the Dead. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Got a Maggie sort of vibe off it where the zombies are there but not really the main focus of the story. 7/10
  3. On it’s way Thanks for the heads up re: the statue, have amended the post. Trying to get a chess game going!
  4. Evening all, Set the boy on the task of getting the remaining ones we needed and as a result we have quite a few spare arts now if anyone needs them: Flowery painting Scenic painting Dynamic painting x2 Amazing painting Wistful painting Perfect painting x2 Proper painting Glowing painting Jolly painting x2 Twinkling painting x2 Famous painting Quaint painting Academic painting x2 Wild painting right half Detailed painting Moving painting Moody painting Graceful painting Beautiful statue Mystic statue If anyone has a familiar statue that they could send back that would be very much appreciated!
  5. From an achievement perspective you get most by playing it through as normal, some are secret and a couple are collect-a-thons. Shouldn’t take too long to get most of the 1000
  6. Played through Sea of Solitude on EA Play the last few, seemed pretty straightforward to get a decent amount of points. What I wasn’t prepared for was how emotionally resonating it was, such an emotion inducing game. Really glad I chose to play through it as an ‘easy achievement’ title, wouldn’t have evening given it a second glance otherwise. Really, really good experience.
  7. I’ve got Redd here too today, gonna do the time travel thing for an hour or so, see how I get on. Will post the list up here in due course.
  8. Thanks again, just have 4 items remaining now. Whenever that rascal turns up he better be ready for time travelling aplenty
  9. Thanks for that, another one off the list. Can’t remember the last time Redd was here, maybe two weeks ago? Will try the time travelling trick to see what I get, need 2 more purchases from him to get the nook mile achievement.
  10. Just finished watching it and am left feeling a bit non-plussed by it all. Not good enough to warrant watching ever again but not bad enough to dislike it. As others have said in more detail it’s a bit of a messy missed opportunity. 3/5
  11. Legend, thanks! We need: Basic Painting Nice Painting Proper Painting Scenic Painting Tremendous Statue Valiant Statue
  12. You have all but three that I need to finish off the museum if you are willing to let them go!
  13. Just finished playing Genesis Noir and have no idea what the hell was happening or what it was about lol. Something about space and the Big Bang, funky music though which was really good, especially in one of the later levels.
  14. Evening, Does anyone have the following colour pinball machines? - purple - brown Happy to come and catalogue!
  15. This 10k event definitely gets me playing more games than I usually would, so far me and the boy have finished Rain on my Parade, Call of the Sea and the Touryst. Used a guide for Doom 64 as that was super quick to get the 1000 points on and have a few more stacked up to go through. Its a bit of a grind at times but the plus side for me is that I end up not only playing more but playing games that I’d probably have never bothered with in the first place.
  16. Thanks for that, another thing I didn’t know existed
  17. Whilst being a bit of a slog the timing of this is pretty good for me. Its my sons birthday in October and I was planning to get to 110,000 points to convert to Xbox Store gift cards to use towards buying him a Series S. Probably won’t go all out chasing the full 10000 points like I did in January but have about 6-7 shortish games that can be played through to get quite a few.
  18. Having started Clone Wars in January I finally finished it last night. Main thoughts were that the Jedi were completely useless, the droid army even more so. The villains ran the show and were so much more interesting. However the final 4 episodes were majestic, really bought things to a nice close plus looked amazing. Ali I wish I had watched this before the Mandalorian series, definitely helped explain some of the back story in some parts, especially the characters. Gonna take a break before making a start on Rebels, hyped for that now. Then Bad Batch at the end to round it all off. Is the Clone Wars film worth watching?
  19. Spare recipes from me too: Log stool Firewood Gong Basement flooring Ironwood chair Deer scare Stone lion-dog Bamboo hat Iron garden bench Bonfire Honeycomb flooring Honeycomb wall Pot Barbell Lily record player
  20. Got Redd here with one real and three fake: Real scary painting Fake detailed painting Fake quaint painting Fake serene painting
  21. Have heavy meteor showers this evening, will open up for the next hour or so in case anyone wants to wander over!
  22. Morning all, Not sure if this is common knowledge or not but it seems the foolproof way to get 99,000 bells from the money tree is to plant that much on the day when Isabelle mentions horoscopes and it being a lucky day. She said that earlier in the week, chopped down today’s tree and got the 3 x 99,000 bells in return.
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