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  1. Thanks, almost done with it now... the posters would be a great touch too. You truly are the Oracle of Animal Crossing!
  2. Could I please get: Record box in red DJ cap in blue Think Daley is going to send the turntables.
  3. White one would be great, thank you!
  4. Does anyone know if there are any DJ related equipment available, turntables etc? Thinking of making an Ice Bar.
  5. Thanks for the gift @Tet, it’s been put up already. Too much empty space on my island, this years plan is to try and make it less regimented and more natural.
  6. Happy new year everyone, as said already that was a better celebration than in my house
  7. @SteveH I left a set of hats by the bins behind nooks cranny. @StumpyJohn island is open now.
  8. I have the cone shaped ones in Red, Pink, Green and Purple if anyone wants, will open up the island in a few minutes.
  9. Went back 11 hours and took out 250,000... will leave some in the house I think, to avoid this type of situation in the future.
  10. that'll take forever, I'll just jump to 88mph instead...
  11. Well this is a bit of a predicament... the town halls shut and I only have 291 Bells in my pocket lol. Gonna have to do some time travel to yesterday and take some money out that way, unless anyone knows of a better way? Hopefully my sons account has more in its pocket than I do!
  12. For me it’s pretty much anything in Intersteller. Two notable bits are the scenes when they are on the planet with the giant waves and then when they are trying to dock with the spinning out of control Endurance. the main theme though, that just gives me straight up goosebumps every time I hear it, it’s just wonderful.
  13. Demon's Soups - creatures from Hell battling against one another to make the best Gazpacho.
  14. @tbb Could I get the real Flowery please?
  15. Soul - 4/5 Cracking soundtrack, looked great and a really nice message. Onward - 3/5 Some really good humour throughout, more of a typical Pixar film with a pretty generic message and theme.
  16. I'm gonna try and collect all the songs next, severely lacking ideas on island layout at the moment so that'll give me something to focus on in the meantime. Besides buying from the ATM or asking KK for them there's no other way to get them right, besides swapping with people?
  17. Some tips: - power the console fully off rather than leaving it on standby - take the micro sd card out first and don’t forget that you have to push it in first to get it to pop out. - be careful with the rails on the sides as they are attached by flimsy cables - there are three screws to hold the heat sink down, take that out before using the compressed air for maximum benefit (it is slightly stuck to the fan to may need a knife to prise it off
  18. My Switch was getting pretty noisy so I decided to open it up today and try and clean it. Really straightforward to do, 17 ridiculously tiny screws and the back comes off then another half dozen to get a metal cover off. Used some compressed air to clean the fan and the rest of the switch then remembered I still had some thermal paste left over so cleaned the old, dried paste off and reapplied some fresh paste. Still not super silent but definitely more quieter than before, recommend it as a pretty easy task if anyone else is in the same boat!
  19. Managed to get about half an hours worth of scanning through the LoTR set today, my word it looks amazing.
  20. Gonna carry on trying to get on with cyberpunk, I’m finding the sheer number of controls and buttons a bit overwhelming. Hoping it just clicks sooner rather than later. Otherwise it’ll just be Forza Horizons 4 for me and fortnite and among us for the boy.
  21. Been playing this almost exclusively for the past couple of weeks with my son and it’s really gelled. Buying the ultimate pack really helped, the new locations bring a lot of freshness to the main locations. Loads more cars available which also help. Still useless at some challenges but appreciating the nuances between all cars more too. Playing more of the linear, structured missions helped loads as it broke away from the driving around looking for something to do element. The insurance person was particularly good, the dialogue was so funny. The real star though has b
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