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  1. Recipe clear out time, anyone need the following before I sell them later this evening?


    cardboard chair

    western-style stone

    cherry lamp

    bamboo drum

    bamboo wall decoration

    bamboo shelf

    bamboo speaker

    classic-library wall


    peach surprise box

    peach hat

    coconut wall planter

    log bench

    deer scare

    ironwood table

    pile of zen cushions


  2. Ha yeh that ended up being a bit of a situation; someone mentioned copyright infringement because I posted the recipe and method. Then the author got involved too so I ended up taking the photo down, turns out I can use a photo of the book and the end result but not of the details themselves. 


    One thing I've learnt so far from the book (and all Instant Pot recipes so far) though is to double the spice amounts, it tasted nice but could've had way more punch and flavour.

  3. I made this Lamb Tagine recipe earlier, cocked it up a bit by forgetting to put the bloody silicone ring in the lid before I started it on the Stew function. Took about 10 minutes to realise that it was missing. As a result lamb was a bit over and the sweet potato was like mash. Tasted ok though although the spicing was still way too mild for me.


    Paired it with this cous cous recipe that I’ll definitely be making again, that was lovely. Might add some pomegranate into the mix next time as well, sprinkle on top as garnish or something.




  4. 4 hours ago, Daley said:

    Got shooting stars in Highbury tonight if anyone is in need. Can’t see Celeste so don’t think she is here. Have opened my gates but may be afk. Help yourselves to anything in Nooks etc.

    Visited earlier for a bit and watered your flowers, I like your football pitch and using mannequins with the football shirts on, we’ve used garden gnomes on ours.

  5. Thanks for the roses @Meatball, there were 30 in total so the 31st should spawn up by itself in the 3 days it’ll take for the other seedlings to grow into flowers too.


    Hoping it comes out as we are expecting, quite a bit bigger than we expected but high hopes!

  6. 12 minutes ago, Meatball said:

    I’ve got loads, been some dumped on my beach for a while as it seemed a shame to bin such a rare specimen...


    Yours if you wants them?


    Redd here visiting today with real Glowing and fake Academic and Amazing painting. 

    Thats fantastic, can I just come and dig them up or do we need to be best friends etc?

  7. Morning all,


    One of my more extravagant requests for help today!


    We’re making an flower mural out of Roses and I’ve come well short on Blue Roses, is anyone in the moneybags position of throwing away blue roses to keep their island tidy?


    We need a total of 31 Blue Roses so any and all help will be appreciated!


    edit: over several days is fine, not expecting all of them in one go!

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