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  1. Thanks, took a few mins to set up but it working as expected... massive time saver, i lost count how many times I have searched for SNES games and then clicked the tiles!
  2. Is that using the shortcuts app on iOS? I don’t suppose you have a guide on how to set that up?
  3. DPD Prince is about 10 minutes away, seemed to have lucked out this week with deliveries. EDIT: that was for the free Stadia that google were giving away so big disappointment. But them 10 minutes after him the Royal Mail chap turned up with it. Will have a play after lunch.
  4. I did a couple yesterday and it was quite fun just zooming around the environment with the drone, shame it doesn't go treetop height and have a video mode, after watching some of the excellent drone footage in some of the episodes of top gear quite fancied giving it a go.
  5. Ahh interesting... What is she supposed to have done?
  6. The jelly art cakes looked good, checking through YouTube there are some serious artists out there. Need to find someone selling those in London. I think all reality style shows have had a massive dip in quality of participants, as mentioned up thread they seem to ignore actual quality and just go for characters. At least they didn’t do a sky history and get a neo-nazi on.
  7. I don’t think it’s possible, would be great to have a link to either locally stored music or Spotify/iTunes playlists.
  8. I think I I’ve spent more time in this game driving around and doing the non racing stuff than the actual racing elements. Found all the barns and beauty spots this evening and raced a fighter jet.
  9. Ahhhh never knew that... that'll save loads of time for the barn finds, glad I popped in the thread. Fired it up on the Series X last night and wasn't expecting to be as good as it was, and it was pretty special on the One X as it was.
  10. Strange, didn't notice it as much before on the One X. I'll try and find the track again and will see if I can get a screenshot to try and highlight what I mean. Gave me the same weird feeling like when I walk down escalators.
  11. I got a bit of Forza 7 in yesterday and noticed a really weird visual effect. On one of the circuits the road surface had textured grooves in it and once you got to a decent speed it gave the effect of being one continuous pattern and the car was kinda floating on it. So the road and car were almost stationary and the scenery and sky were whizzing around. Is this because its in 60fps now or am I getting some sort of motion sickness?
  12. Played Tetris Effect for the first time last night right before bed. Is it possible to get screen burn on your eyes, that was immense!!!
  13. Sadly after PS4, Switch and One X shenanigans no dog photo this year. Have been copying data for the last hour, another half hour or so and I can actually play something on it!
  14. The update patches were really swift, got a switch set up in between the two and the router now to do a full system copy from the one X to the series X, ~450gb to transfer at approx. 400mb per second... should take a while!
  15. In my excitement I used a knife to cut the tape... didn’t even see tabs
  16. this would make a cracking Netflix special... can chronicle every step along the way such as Microsoft's journey to get the product ready, the online sellers trying to manage preorders, the logistics firms trying to cope and then us nutters frantically refreshing browsers and apps (hanging out of windows) to see if its any closer. All set to a Hans Zimmer soundtrack and presented in 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos.
  17. Has anyone managed to get DPD's real time tracking working in their browser? Tried Edge and Chrome but just displays standard message about when to expect it and options to change on top of a blurred out map screen. The app is fine.
  18. Had to go and drop the car off at the garage just now, drove past Saint Nick of DPD on the way to give him silent blessings. Even though he was in the opposite direction to the garage. On 34 of 101, projected time of 13:44 should be easily met I think.
  19. Curry’s/DPD email just come in, delivery between 13:44 and 14:44, order number 101. I have a Change Board at that time so might just record a voice sample saying ‘Approved’ and play it at random times throughout the call. in shocking news though it isn’t Phil delivering to continue on the tradition of console launch day deliveries but a new challenger had appeared. Not sure what his name is as the Email says Eddie, the app says Engin but then has Nick in brackets. Might address him as Saint Nick.
  20. Woke up just now to a curry’s email asking to complete a Reebok review, they’ve sent no emails besides it’s dispatched so far. At least get the thing delivered first before asking how it went. Anyway, the precious cargo has been delivered to the Dartford depot at 01:10 and then again at 01:12 for good measure, hopefully I’ll get a time slip in the next couple of hours.
  21. Broadbands around 60mb-ish but I expect their servers to get a proper hammering tomorrow. The copying across the network sounds interesting, I have a mini switch sitting around so might research into seeing if that could be used. Cheers for the tip!
  22. That was my intention too but I forgot to buy an external hard drive to do it with pretty sure I’ll get the console delivered tomorrow. It then by the time the system patch is done and I’ve downloaded any game at all from Game Pass it’ll probably be Thursday.
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