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  1. I also have 2 real Twinkling Paintings for swaps that I didn't know I had, happy to trade for any other real artwork. Here's a list of what I need: Paintings Serene Painting Warm Painting Moody Painting Scenic Painting Amazing Painting Quaint Painting Basic Painting Common Painting Nice Painting Proper Painting Perfect Painting Wild Painting Left Half Wild Painting Right Half Detailed Painting Statues Warrior Statue Motherly Statue Gallant Statue Inform
  2. Redds on mine too and has the following Ronex's available: Fake Quaint Painting Fake Warrior Statue Fake Ancient Statue
  3. My experience was similar to start with, the whole approach to this was to find the quickest and easiest games to give 1000 points and smash through them. Got exposed to a load of indie/smaller studio games which for some reason or the other I’ve tended to avoid in the past and only focus on the bigger blockbusters. There were some really good games in there, I’ll definitely be paying more attention to that side of the market more. Amongst achievements in other games I’ve been playing like Gears 5 and Forza Horizons 4 my gaming list for this thus far has been:
  4. Likewise, I finished the Michonne series this evening and it was way better than I thought it would be.
  5. 335 points left till I hit the 10000!
  6. I watched King of the Monsters in that crazy 4DX screen thing at Cineworld, where the row of 4 seats is set up on hydraulics and you get flung around depending on whats happening on screen. Also had things like water spray and random air blasts. Made the film way more enjoyable that it would've been watching it on a normal seat. I do tend to leave it running in the background when its on Sky Movies, an easy thing to dip into. It does look and sound amazing, especially when you crack the sub up to 11. Will watch and enjoy this film for what it will be, shame that it won
  7. The boy's birthday is in October, I'm hoping that the Series S will be in plentiful supply on the Microsoft Store and I'll redeem all the points I have towards it then.
  8. This 10K activity has definitely made me look at more games than I previously would've. So far I've played Fractured Minds, The Gardens Between and am two chapters through Tell Me Why; all really interesting and at times thought provoking games that I otherwise wouldn't have given the time of day.
  9. I finished watching that over the weekend, liked it a lot. Stayed away from most of the tropes you get in these types of films and was just watching a game unfold on screen. Some pretty ropey CGI though but it just adds more character to it.
  10. Finally my wife and I have finished Schitts Creek. Exactly the kind of show that's needed at the moment IMO as its just positive and nice, no bastard characters just pretty much straight up happiness. I can't even recall any scenes of mild peril. Comedy is pretty subjective and some of the OTT characters and scenes probably has the ability to grate for some but we really enjoyed it. Just got the script reading special to go and thats that.
  11. Thanks for checking, I'll try removing all parental controls later and see if that makes a difference. Failing that I might just uninstall and reinstall it, see if the changing of home devices caused a weird blip.
  12. Morning, Following the advice given here I managed to get the two xbox/2 xbox live accounts setup working, all downloaded game pass games are working on both consoles for both accounts. However I'm hitting a problem with some of the DLC car packs in Forza 4 that I'm hoping someone can help with. The setup is: Downstairs - Series X - my sons XBL account is the primary - most DLC cars not available showing as available for him Upstairs - One S - my account is the primary - all cars are available for him I've tried to re-download the DLC on the downstairs
  13. Can confirm that the kimchi pork is a banger, like a spicy pulled pork. Next time I make it I’ll reduce the sugar amount even more (used 1/2 cup instead of 1 cup, might cut it down to 1/4 cup) and will probably use the slow cooker function rather than the pressure cooker side for more tenderer pork. Defintely worth giving this one a go!
  14. I don’t eat beef so can goulash be made with a substitute like lamb or pork instead?
  15. The wife is heading to the regular shops today so hopefully she can find some, if not I'll have to venture out in the evening to the specialist shops... if that fails then i'll have to order from the site you linked and pick something else I guess
  16. Going to try this over the weekend, do the standard high street supermarkets sell kimchi or would I need to source it from a specialist store?
  17. I had to shut it down early: - Mac broke a wine bottle and stabbed Cesar in the neck with it - Pinky and Lyman got a bit too frisky on the dance floor - Pietro was off his face on MDMA and smashed up the turntables Same time Friday night?
  18. I haven't played any recent Test Drive games or The Crew so didn't know that, guess I should be glad I haven't in that case
  19. Started on Fortune Island over the weekend and am really enjoying that too. I think what that and the Lego Speed Racers pack made me realise is that I prefer playing this when its a smaller, more compact location. The main island feels much more daunting now and even though you can fast travel from spot to spot it feels too big. Personally I hope Forza 5 is more like a World Tour with a dozen or so maps that you can flit between rather than the one massive area.
  20. Bad Boys for Life - 3.5/5 Was quite a bit better than I expected but did feel a lot like Blade Trinity. Also looks like they have set up a new franchise going forwards.
  21. Club Paradise will have its grand opening tomorrow evening at approx 9pm. Dress to impress, no large all male groups and no entry fee!
  22. Thanks for the clarifications, will get on it tomorrow.
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