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  1. Thanks for the step by step, much appreciated. Will buy a decent sized SD card and will try it out in a couple of weeks, do you know if a USB flash drive will work with a Wii U? Will be cheaper and smaller than an external hard drive is what I’m thinking.
  2. Ahh never thought of prepping loads of bait beforehand, we just legged it around the island hitting ponds, rivers and the seal like lunatics!
  3. Had a mild panic when I couldn’t find a video cable but a component was lurking in the bottom of the bag, whacked that into the back of the amp. gonna look more into how to rip gc games as it’ll be easier having it all going via hdmi I think, plus the wii u games too.
  4. Bit of an update on this. Got the wii u out first but then realised that I can’t play the discs on there so that went back for now. Fired up a wii but then noticed all the wii games were ntsc and didn’t work but it did have the homebrew channel on it, had a look at that and lo and behold gecko OS was on there already. Guess I must’ve gone this a few years ago and forgot hence the machine being PAL and all games NTSC. Tried the disc of viewtiful joe and it worked flawlessly, all is good once again. Thanks everyone for you help with this, goodness awaits!
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone, hoping to get a few hours over the weekend to give modding the wii a go and see what I can manage.
  6. I have Celeste on my island for only the second time I think, some shooting stars too. can open up to friends if anyone fancies popping over?
  7. I’ve got a vacancy on my island and have tapped up the angriest, most miserable looking frog called Croque. Can’t wait!
  8. Evening all, I thought I had sold all my GC/Wii/WiiU consoles and games ages ago but found them earlier this evening in the loft which was nice. All the GC games are NTSC US and I no longer have an NTSC Gamecube. I do however have 2 PAL Wii's and an NTSC WiiU. Just wondering if someone could tell me the options I have of playing them on the above hardware without having to buy a physical GameCube to play them on? Cheers, Indy
  9. Ahh didn’t know that, both are still missing though so maybe the first one will come tomorrow.
  10. I think I’ve lost two of my island rocks, broke them yesterday to plant more flowers and now can’t find them today, down to four now.
  11. Hi mate, haven't received these yet... are you sure you sent them to the right person
  12. when did he leave yours, i've had him here for a month or so. Visited another island today that had Violet, that was like some sort of time travelling alternate reality where i knew her but she didn't know me!Insert other media
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