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  1. I’ve considered the same again after watching this episode but I know the reality of the Stockholm Syndrome situation that I’m in.
  2. Ahh was getting on so well with Archero until I hit Chapter 3, reading back in here it seems like I’m not alone. Such a terrible design decision to whack the difficulty up to 11 compared to the first 2 which had a really good curve, haven’t got the time to grind away at it so it’s a delete unfortunately. Any recommendations for games in a similar vein that are a bit more balanced? Cheers, Indy
  3. 6 Underground. Not quite sure what I just watched. Mind Is blown/5
  4. I’ve given up trying to apply common logic to some of the decisions and scenarios that they happen to find themselves in. For example surely your number one priority would be to arm everyone with big bastard spears so you can shank the undead in the head from about four to five feet away, rather than using a 4” knife. Speaking of weapons Daryl appears to have found the god mode cheat code as he alway has crossbow darts. He shoots them in the head while running away and in the next scene bam, they are back. Aargh this show is so frustrating, dunno why I still watch it. (see you all here same time next week)
  5. This is like televisual Stockholm Syndrome, I want to stop watching and get away from the captor but I cant. I'm with this till the end of the line.
  6. Been watching this with my son, didn’t even know there was a movie till I read this thread but it’s on the list for when this is done. Am pretty surprised at how heavy going it is in some places for a PG, as a positive it’s encouraged some really useful conversations between us so that’s good. Very, very charming show so far, got about 5 episodes or so to go and in no rush to see it through!
  7. I for some reason watched the entirety of this, finished it earlier this evening. Ropey dialogue, some really bad actors, PS3 level CGI and a weak plot. Really good soundtrack though and some cracking fights. Bring on season 2?
  8. Do you have a link for that please?
  9. The flirting in this episode was too much, had me actually lolling... great writing
  10. I think the latest episode is probably one of my top 3 episodes of this, so good.
  11. odd that theres no dedicated midnight showing at Cineworld o2, only as part of the double bill... booked anyway!
  12. It was very good, tonally quite different from most of the others.
  13. We ended up buying some random brand set from amazon as he just couldn’t wait any longer which seem to work ok. We bought a 3m 3.5mm extension lead but that seemed to have stopped the mic from working, will have to have a word with amazon support to get that sorted.
  14. Thanks for the heads up... I’m guessing any headset will then work with that? (sorry if this has been covered to death in here already)
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