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  1. Have played this for a couple of hours now and probably only really about 30 minutes in to the main story, I'm already going round in circles/completely stuck. Nice and tense atmosphere when you see an EMMIs though, panic sets in nicely when trying to escape.
  2. On launch day my son put it in the dock incorrectly and snapped the little stand off, it was never the same after that. Flaps about now rather than locking in place so didn’t really serve it’s purpose but was a great thing to fidget about with while playing or waiting during loading times. OLED stand is so much better.
  3. Morning, Just checked and there is more wiggle in the new dock than there is in the old dock. I’ve taken a video, new dock at the back, old dock at the front: Cheers, Indy
  4. (Shameless plug but if anyone is interested in a second dock for their new shiny OLED I have one for sale in Trading)
  5. Edwin’s scene I liked the series overall, went to some pretty unexpected places at times that was very un-series 1 to give it a different feel but I still enjoyed it. Christmas episode was just pure saccharine, shame they didn’t hold it back as a one off special nearer the time. Looking forward to 3, some nice arcs to develop and evolve. Football is life!
  6. I…. don’t remember ordering this ludicrous version of Dread
  7. DPD Eddie is coming between 12:30 and 13:30... he's not as judgemental as DPD Phill which is good but he's broken the streak. Metroid Dread is coming from Nintendo but just says out for delivery.
  8. Wario Warez Disillusioned by his 9-5 Wario turns to the seedy underbelly of pirated software in hope of striking it rich.
  9. Lesson from here is that Smyths certainly add to the preorder pressure.
  10. got the confirmation email about payment and dispatch at 00:37, looks like meats back on the menu boys!
  11. The only thing I can think of is that they’ll process payment tomorrow when they book the delivery firm to pick up for next day delivery on Friday. I might ring up the local store and see if there will be any to reserve for in store collection, just in case.
  12. Is this normal from them, to take the money at the absolute last minute possible?
  13. Nothing from Smyths yet… not panicking though (!)
  14. Started this earlier, finished the prologue and just got to the start of chapter 1. Absolutely no idea yet as to what’s going on, assuming it all gels together at some point!
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