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  1. The first movie was anus. The principle killer in a zombie movie should not be a shitty, shitty laser scene. No, it wasn't clever misdirection. IT WAS SHIT. As were the stupid CGI dogs. The only good thing about this movie was all the people cracking one off in the corner of the theatre over Jovovich. Created a genuine community atmosphere, so it did.
  2. I don't like to bash this show on the strength of a few episodes, cos things with a really devout fanbase tend to be good in the long run. However, saying this show is better than 24 is madness and requires curing through being kicked by a wild horse/donkey/mule type thing. 24 has Jack Bauer, you see. And once you get hooked to it even the straightest of men finds themselves addicted to Jack at some point. Its biological. I would bum Jennifer Garner, though. People who say she's mannish are more than a little...odd shall we say? Hmmm, Alias at a mere 20 squids. At that price its hardly even a gamble. I love cheap box sets.
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