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  1. Peter O'Toole & Tilda Swinton, nice mixture of classics and lunacy.
  2. So - odds of a fire sale before they close it? There's several Vita titles I'd love to get but not at the c£40 they've been stuck at for years...
  3. Appreciate everyone's comments on this; love Vanillaware but don't love visual novels too much so still a bit on the fence. Sounds like you're all still enjoying it though right? Cos I'm bloody tempted
  4. Tequlia

    Atelier Series

    That's right Laine, Ryza no longer has turned based battles which per my earlier moan makes it a lot less of a chilled experienced. Its been pretty successful though as a title and so I suspect they'll all be like that now in future which to me means a loss of something of the games essence, sadly i don't think they'll be for me anymore. There's no time limit on Lulua, which makes it the most recent, no time limit, turn based one However - it is worth noting the time limit has been generous to the point of meaningless since the Dusk series and I think it got dropped f
  5. Tequlia

    Atelier Series

    Nelke is a divergence from the usual formula and is basically a town building sim game set in the Atelier world and using its characters. I've not played it but seen some very mixed reviews. I'd definitely go with Lulua, which was an unexpected sequel to the earlier Arland trilogy. It's a nice mix of nostalgia but with a modern interface. It's quite light and fluffy but I'd rate it above (what I played of) Ryza.
  6. Tequlia

    Atelier Series

    Drifted away from the series in the last couple of years which is a shame because I absolutely loved both the Arland and Dusk series as well as the more recent Sophie & Firis games. Really fond memories of playing Totori on my Vita. For a while these were actually pretty much all I was playing, the ultimate cozy gaming, albeit whilst alternating with Dark Souls re-runs which was a pretty surreal combo with hindsight Ryza has been the only Atelier game I quit; the spoon feeding was unbelievable (all Ateliers do this but on Ryza it felt never ending) and really missed the turn
  7. I...liked it... Funnily enough as I was watching it I knew it would be one of those many films I'm fine with but most aren't. Yeah ok it was scrappy in places but I actually quite liked the general style and use of colours etc. Clearly easily pleased!
  8. Tutorial prompts that interrupt gameplay; usually a sign to stop playing - just let me bash the damn buttons!
  9. Kotaku review similarly says play time of 4-6 hours which sounds nuts. I am proving to be awful at these remakes but even double that doesn't really feel like value for money . Loved the demo though, so hmmm...
  10. You're all obviously wrong, best episode is Fifteen Million Merits
  11. Doesn't really need to be said but Pike was the only decent thing in that.
  12. Goodness yes, I did exactly the same. On the DC original that aspect amazed me so much I even remember yelling to my dad to come up and have a look at all these fish, he of course humoured me accordingly...
  13. Shenmue was my day Mr. Gerbik but I genuinely don't remember that as an issue, weird. Seems to be two related issues (this is on PS4), once you start the game you can press Options to pause it and it seems to be say press O to exit but that doesn't do anything, and also yes, once at zero credits there's no way to exit. Not exactly the end of the world but a bit of a shame. The bigger problem is not being able pool your credits into a single game; I'm far to crap to finish Space Harrier on single credit! (Yakuza Zero's version gives you up to three credits I think and
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