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  1. Tutorial prompts that interrupt gameplay; usually a sign to stop playing - just let me bash the damn buttons!
  2. Kotaku review similarly says play time of 4-6 hours which sounds nuts. I am proving to be awful at these remakes but even double that doesn't really feel like value for money . Loved the demo though, so hmmm...
  3. You're all obviously wrong, best episode is Fifteen Million Merits
  4. Doesn't really need to be said but Pike was the only decent thing in that.
  5. Goodness yes, I did exactly the same. On the DC original that aspect amazed me so much I even remember yelling to my dad to come up and have a look at all these fish, he of course humoured me accordingly...
  6. Shenmue was my day Mr. Gerbik but I genuinely don't remember that as an issue, weird. Seems to be two related issues (this is on PS4), once you start the game you can press Options to pause it and it seems to be say press O to exit but that doesn't do anything, and also yes, once at zero credits there's no way to exit. Not exactly the end of the world but a bit of a shame. The bigger problem is not being able pool your credits into a single game; I'm far to crap to finish Space Harrier on single credit! (Yakuza Zero's version gives you up to three credits I think and I still haven't completed it).
  7. This can't just be me how do you actually exit Space Harrier?
  8. I'm going to sound like a right numpty here, but which bit was this? (Spoiler tags probably wise). Thanks!
  9. Remember Me https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remember_Me_(video_game)#Reception seems to get whined about a fair bit but for my sins I really like it, a few iffy checkpoint locations aside. Maybe Alice: Madness Returns too https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice:_Madness_Returns but that does seem to have gained a deservedly cult following I guess on both of those the world it put you in was so well realised and designed that I was able to look past some of the rougher edges!
  10. Thank you for the encouragement earlier today - job done
  11. Thank you both Tbh I think I'm going to end up going back out later and getting it, it really does feel like a matter of time now!
  12. Urgh, so close to buying one, went into GAME this morning armed with £22.50 worth of tat to trade in against their FC4/Last of Us bundle but couldn't quite bring myself to do it. I feel like an idiot because I love those two games but want Dragon Age too, which would take it up to £400, a number which makes me feel a little giddy! I asked if they could do any bundle deal including that but not unreasonably they said no. The guy suggested waiting until the weekend as the bundles are due to change anyway. tl;dr - someone talk me into buying one please
  13. Some patterns emerging here PSO DC - first online game I ever played, had to use a 10 metre extension cable so i reach the phone socket downstairs which led to some amazing arguments with my parents. I actually loved the game offline too; graphics, gameplay *that* music and just fell in love with it and dare I say had a little bit of affection for my Level 100-something Hunewearl called Lucy. But online was where it really was at; fascinating how it represented both the best and worst of the online experience. Such great memories though and I really wish I'd kept in touch with the people I met (probably some of them on here I suspect!) FFVII - like nothing I'd played before. Looked amazing, sounded amazing, story/characters I actually cared about. Alice: Madness Returns. Played it 4 times to completion across PS3/360 . Just such a remarkable world to be thanks to the incredible art design, often very surreal. The Cardbridge level and Wonderland are just such nice places to be. Again, another game with a story and characters I cared about.
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