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  1. 3 points were an absolute must pre-game! And it was a pleasant game to watch, watford never put up much of a fight. thankfully we were cruising, hopefully we will be sharp for the derby. atmosphere was very tame again, in my opinion, let us hope that changes for the better...
  2. it seemed an ok decision to me. the ref and Leicester got more than their fair of stick form the crowd tonight. not to sure what to make of the game, it seemed the pressure was on our lot to win and they simply could not cope with it. Another point in the bag indeed, but drawing always come with a price...
  3. Long shot, does anyone have a spare against Leicester? Have sorted friends for the game but in the process I have managed to pass my ticket on as well...
  4. still buzzing from last night, great atmosphere and two fantastic halves of football for very different reasons. and what does the media and joe public focus on: some beer bottles being thrown at a bus... typical...
  5. Hello lads, long shot, anyone know of any spares for tomorrow, I failed to obtain my allocation and could do with at least a couple more tickets? any ideas? i have run out of options, which is a first, sadly... your help would be much appreciated!
  6. well that honour belonged to Rene Adler who is now at Mainz. http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/bundesliga/spieltag/1-bundesliga/2015-16/topspieler-der-saison-torwart.html
  7. to put things in perspective: that includes public transport on match day as well!
  8. What a game, complete blur, still got the shivers...I still think the atmosphere against united was more raw, tonight we got lucky to an extent...Memories will stay with me for a long long time and I barely remember the goals... It pains me to say that Dortmund and their fans put on a fine display, but their swagger got the better of them...
  9. Best atmosphere at Anfield for years...still buzzing, but then again very frustrating to see de Gea bossing his area. With a keeper like that, we could be miles ahead...
  10. nohsa

    The Spurs Thread

    Hi people, if anyone has a spare ticket to the Dortmund game at the lane, please let me know and get in touch. All London based friends and family have let me down so far, you would be my last resort... Many thanks!
  11. This has not been posted yet, has it? Choreo work by the Unity:
  12. Been thinking about this pas few days actually, if we want to get the most out of Sahin, we do need a Spearing to clean up behind him and hold the line. Thus I thought Rodgers would hold onto Spearing, as we are have no further options in defensive mid.
  13. http://www.tagesspiegel.de/weltspiegel/in-english/bundesliga-vs-premier-league-the-best-league-in-the-world/7036640.html
  14. I will have to resurrect our Bundesliga thread one of these evenings, I fully agree that Monsieur Comoli needs to pay attention to the BL, but so do most PL managers. If the league continues to grow in statue though, I cannot see many players leaving, also the atmosphere is something to behold; Munich ultras taunting Schalkes support by celebrating Dortmunds title: Better stop blowing the trumpet now and will feed you hunger for info next few days.
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