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  1. Sorry that I haven't been around, everyone. I moved house around the time that the 1vs1 was restarting and we had to re-confirm that we would be continuing and so I missed all that. I haven't had much time to get on here or the xbox since moving but hope to join up with the 1vs1 again next season!
  2. Me and Mardigan have been trying to sort out our fixtures. It's looking like later in the week for us.
  3. OK have only just seen this. If you could post these messages on the league website in our notes in future that would be great.
  4. The timing is very strange. If it were purely football reasons then why didn't they do it right at the end of the season? They could then have got someone in as soon as possible so the new manager could bed in and look for new players. The timing makes me think it is a personality clash. They're not going to get anyone better. The group of players was over performing with Redknapp in charge so they won't do better than this season. This "new direction" that they want to go in must be to buy younger players with a resell value again as Redknapp was mostly buying older players. I think they need someone that can attract and handle big names as well as obviously having great tactical abilities. I can't see Moyes or Martinez attracting and handling big name players.
  5. Apparently Spurs have been speaking to Everton for Moyes.
  6. Thanks mate! You were too good up front again
  7. The website appears to be down "503 Service Unavailable".
  8. This has been a really poor quality game. Just no quality anywhere.
  9. Another shocking set piece from Robben.
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