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  1. I was there on Saturday too. Had a great time.
  2. Some good games there but the best was surely Llamatron!
  3. Thanks. Will see if I can find one somewhere and give it a go. In the meantime back to playing wind waker until I can get a wiiu and the proper hd version.
  4. Hi, I've been playing around with GameCube games on dolphin and now I'd like to try some wii games. I know I need a USB Bluetooth adapter for the wiimote. Can anyone recommend one that works on windows 7 as looking at the reviews on amazon it looks like a complete minefield of adapters that might or might not work. Cheers.
  5. Can't you just delete the homebrew channel from the home screen? After that who's going to know the difference?
  6. Thanks for the replies. Might give it a go and see how I get on.
  7. Sorry I should have said this is for Mame on ps3. I have a controller I built years ago using an ipac and proper arcade buttons/sticks for the pc but it's a bit big/wife unfriendly for the living room!
  8. Anyone know If the stick linked to in the bargains folder for £45 emulates the sticks/buttons on the pad or is it its own thing? What I'm really asking is is this going to work with version of Mame that was just released?
  9. Have you tried using hermes v4 (installed to ios 223 with ios 37 and 38 merged) rather than cios19? If you install hermes you can then choose to use that in the cfg usb loader options for mh3. That works fine (for me anyway)
  10. It was definitely the SD card as I bought the one I mentioned and it works fine.
  11. There's a compatibility list here http://wiibrew.org/wiki/BootMii/SD_Card_Compatibility_List so I'll try one of those (probably the Sandisk 2GB as I can get one from the Argos near work !)and let you know how I get on.
  12. I've tried installing BootMii but have a problem. I run the app. It tells me I can install Homebrew channel, DVDX and bootmii. I choose to install bootmii as boot2 as I already have the others installed. It tells me it needs to prepare the SD card. I choose OK. It then installs bootmii to boot2 successfully. However, when I reset the Wii it just boots straight to the system menu rather than the bootmii menu I was expecting. I've used a bootmii config editor app to set the delay to 5 seconds before booting to the system menu but it still goes straight to the system menu. Any ideas?
  13. I've installed the Homebrew Channel using the Twilight Hack and installed CIOS (rev 13a) and using NeoGamma everything seems to work OK but I'd like to install HackMii/BootMii so that I can back up the system memory in case something untoward happens in the future. I've downloaded HackMii (beta2). Do I just run that like any other app, let it install as Boot2 and then choose the backup option from the BootMii menu when the Wii boots up? TIA.
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