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  1. When you hit Subsonic in Zone mode it all starts to go a bit epileptic. Couldn't get any further, I was too busy watching the track do ... stuff.
  2. Zunomiha S63 has been on a fair few adventures, but starting to show it's age and has finally been retired. Even the Cactus People of Om loved S63. and if you were struggling to find a ship with wings, it's because my new ship has them all. It has a nasty habit of shooting itself three times with the lasers and tends to blend in with it's surroundings (I blame it on the fact that it looks a bit like Plutonium and a bit like spikey red plants that I always end up parking it next to). I hate it, it's got to go.
  3. I got a new ship. I love my new ship. I've taken far too many pictures of it. Although I must remember not to park it where I fall to my doom when I hop out.
  4. A bug (I presume). Parked it on the pad at an outpost and wandered off to do some mining, when I came back I couldn't find my ship at all even though the compass kept pointing towards the pad. After a minute of wondering what the hell was going on I noticed that the ship icon would dissapear off the top of the screen, looked up and found it floating a few hundred feet above me. I crafted a bypass chip to get it back, but it ended up not using it so I sold it. I'm guessing either the game shifted the ship to allow an AI to land and got a free recall, or just weirdness happened.
  5. First ship I bought was this. Typically, right after buying it a slightly better ship turned up that I could have afforded, if I hadn't just spent all my money on this thing. After buying it my starting ship stayed on the space station making me feel guilty every time I went back, so I had to leave the system. I've since upgraded again. The asymmetric design is starting to bother me everytime I approach it from the stumpy side, I think it's time for another upgrade.
  6. My starting planet. It's covered in rolling hills, that some idiot decided to drop massive canyons into, the canyons frequently become tunnels going through the hills, Still, you get plenty of practice with the jet pack when the hill you're walking over suddenly disappears without warning. There are forrests dotted all over the place .... and for some reason floating lumps of copper. Unfortunately, this ... is the best image I can get of the first animal I found as it's completely covered by the long grass. It's only visable when it jumps, I had to find it by zeroing in on the sound it was making. I did find some bigger animals a bit later.
  7. [user]IronChicken[/user] [votes] Game of the Year 01. Disgaea 5 - Once again NIS manage to make a Disgaea game that's not quite as good as the first one. 02. Prison Architect 03. Contradiction: Spot The Liar 04. Journey 05. The Swindle 06. Cities: Skylines 07. Nuclear Throne Most Anticipated 2016 A01. Darkest Dungeon Shame of the Year SH01. Konami's whole shitshow Best Visual Design V01. Journey V02. Volume V03. Disgaea 5 Best Soundtrack S01. Hotline Miami 2 S02. The Swindle Strongest Narrative Design N01. The Witcher 3 Best Game World W01. Journey W02. The Witcher 3 W03. Nuclear Throne [/votes]
  8. Only until it started to get a bit legally sticky, then it got renamed to Planetoid.
  9. Just made a "quick" (300+LY and visiting a grand total of 2 inhabited systems, netting me 150K in system data and god knows how much in first to discover bonuses) trip to HIP 74290.
  10. Game of the Year 1. Valkyria Chronicles (PC) 2. Disgaea 4 (Vita) 3. Hotline Miami (PS4) 4. Elite: Dangerous 5. The Banner Saga 6. Luftrausers 7. Transistor 8. LBP 3 9. Sunless Sea 10. TxK Surprise of the Year: Valkyria Chronicles getting a PC release Most Wanted Game of 2015: No Man's Sky Hall of Shame: The Gate of Gamers Best Visual Design: Valkyria Chronicles Best Audio Design: Elite: Dangerous Best Writing: Sunless Sea Most Interesting Game: Not Sure if Sunless Sea even counts, I bought it last year but it seems to have only been "finished" this year (assuming it is actually finished now). The curse of Early Access.
  11. You can get Pinball Dreams and Fantasies on Minis too.
  12. I found using the galactic map to be pretty useless for trading runs. I used it a few times during beta and most of the time I'd make a loss. I have much more success just using common sense, export food from agricultural stations to just about anywhere else and depending on the type of agriculture, import crop harvesters, animal monitors, agricultural medicines or biowaste. I mainly use the coloured line nonsense to source cargo for bulletin board requests. Edit :- You might find this useful http://elite-dangerous.wikia.com/wiki/Goods
  13. Square to make sure you've unarmed selected, then L1 to "shoot".
  14. Ah yes that's it, thanks. I must have misremembered, if that's an actual word now.
  15. Well, it only took them about 10 attempts to pronounce Oughtibridge. Edit :- and now they can't stop pronouncing it.
  16. and part 2 is up. http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2014/06/19/mans-sky
  17. I've just been put on the Red Team. . . . . . . 5th Piss off Steam.
  18. It's half 3 in the fucking morning. Why am I still up?
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