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  1. Techland gave some streams an early look at the game, and allowed then to play a side quest. Here are the videos for anyone interested in the footage and their thoughts of the game:
  2. Asghar Farhadi's new film, A Hero, is now out to stream on Prime. Here is a trailer for anyone interested:
  3. New video has been released showing the different modes you can choose to play the game in: PlayStation 5 in three different modes: Performance mode (60 FPS+) Quality Mode with Ray Tracing Resolution Mode (4K)
  4. While waiting for this to come out thought I'd re-try the original. I'm sure I played a demo for Dying Light via PSN, can't seem to find it anymore on the PlayStation store to try again. Weird
  5. Had a total of 205 hours played over the year. Didn't realise I put that many hours into Control, when I played it for the second time.
  6. Apologies if this has already been posted (couldn't see it) but the BFI have just added to their YouTube channel this interview with Denis Villeneuve:
  7. Just been mentioned by CohhCarnageon on his Twitch stream, he is one of six casters who have been chosen to stream a side quest in the game. He is doing it on the 21st of this month, the others might be streaming on a different date though.
  8. Thirty year ago today, I was standing in the North Bank of Roots Hall and saw my mighty Southend United thrash Newcastle United 4-0 and go top (briefly) of the old second Division, but eventually finished 12th that season. Kevin Keegan was their manager back then and remember shaking his hand as he and the players got off their coach outside the ground. Think it is one of the highlights of supporting the club.
  9. My top ten favourites: Dune The Power of the Dog Petite Maman Summer of Soul Limbo The Green Knight The Killing of Two Lovers Saint Maud Riders of Justice Nowhere Special
  10. I couldn't see a post for this year, so apologies if there is one already. Not going to have it as a voting thread, just a general what films released this year did you enjoy the most. Here are my own top ten favourites: Dune The Power of the Dog Petite Maman Summer of Soul Limbo The Green Knight The Killing of Two Lovers Saint Maud Riders of Justice Nowhere Special Be interesting to see if any unknown gems are mentioned which I have not seen yet are mentioned.
  11. Trailer for season two of Cheer which releases on the 12th:
  12. Looking forward to this starting tomorrow. Can't remember how the other Disney+ shows handle their review embargos, but would be nice to read over some from the journalists I follow prior to watching it, bit noting yet so assume they will come out around the time the first episode pops up.
  13. A new Christmas edition of Mandatory Update:
  14. 01 - The War On Drugs ‎– I Don't Live Here Anymore 02 - Arlo Parks - Collapsed In Sunbeams 03 - Lucy Dacus - Home Video 04 - Wolf Alice ‎– Blue Weekend 05 - Leon Bridges - Gold Diggers Sound 06 - Julien Baker - Little Oblivions 07 - Turnstile - Glow On 08 - The Marías - Cinema 09 - Sam Fender - Seventeen Going Under 10 - Gojira - Fortitude
  15. Fascinating discussion with Denis Villeneuve and James Cameron on Dune and many other subjects:
  16. My most played games, also a big drop from last year games hours, as it was all about the local co-op games, from being at home much more:
  17. There is a Indie World showcase tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5pm:
  18. The Cloudy Climb Seasonal Adventure themed event releases tomorrow, which includes the free Tower mode.
  19. Trailer for season three of the Servant, which comes back on the 21st January:
  20. New trailer, so looking forward to tomorrow:
  21. Query for anyone that has read the book and seen the show. I adore the show and loved all of the seasons except for four, found it all rather dull mainly the scenes about the ancient structures on the Illus planet. I've just got to book four in the series (Cibola Burn), how close is the story in this book adapted for season four of the show? If is it very similar I can see myself feeling the same way. Just checking before I get to far into the book, only about twenty pages in so far. Thanks
  22. As the show is back this week, I wanted a recap in readiness, thought maybe useful to post this incase anyone else wanted to view them: An official short recap: Also this much longer one from Man Of Recaps, who I do like how he blasts through the ins and out of plots and do enjoy his quick pace:
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