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  1. First review has appeared early, from Evening Standard: Some excerpts: 'Welcome to The Callisto Protocol, the scariest horror game of the year.' 'What makes this experience so terrifying is how immersive it is.' 'the graphics are superb. Shockingly so, in fact: they really do homage to the sci-fi setting. The expressions on the characters’ faces (spookily similar to the actors voicing them) are lovingly and realistically rendered; the monsters look gruesomely realistic' 'The game is only 12-14 hours long, but it also manages to pack an awful lot in' 'Let’s be clear: this game is not for everybody. But The Callisto Protocol has set out to do one thing – create a superb horror/survival game – and in that, it has delivered magnificently. Just don’t play it with the lights off.'
  2. Reviews are starting to appear: iNews 4/5 Gary Oldman returns as tetchy, sweary spy Jackson Lamb to investigate the murder of a former MI5 agent Evening Standard 4/5 Gary Oldman’s Jackson Lamb is as gravy-stained as ever and we love it The dog-eared spies of Mick Herron’s series are back with another case making a mess of their desks Ready Steady Cut 4/5 Slow Horses is a hilarious, action-packed espionage thriller, bolstered by an award-winning performance from Gary Oldman. Unfortunately, it never equals or surpasses the first season, which felt like a breath of fresh air in the genre. Season two is still entertaining and engrossing though, but loses a little of the original’s spark. Engadget ‘Slow Horses’ settles into a familiar, but welcome, groove
  3. Can I just clarify that you can stack PS+ subscriptions as long as you stay on the same tier? As I've just seen Amazon have 12 months of Extra for £59.85, deal ends today. Didn't want to spend all that money and not be able to stack in onto my current subscription on that tier which run out middle of 2023. Thanks
  4. Reminder season two start this week (2nd). Same format as previously, two episodes to start then one per week, six episodes in total again. For anyone that needs a recap:
  5. Having watched numerous TV and Film adaptations of her work, realised today I've never read a Agatha Christie book. Think this popped my head after starting to watch the Lucy Worsley documentary series on BBC about her, earlier. Can anyone recommend any of her novels which would be a good starting position to try out of hers, just to see if I enjoy her style etc? Thanks
  6. Live action trailer for the game: Not long to wait now, can not see anything yet when the review embargo lifts though.
  7. I have the same issue with my LG TV. When visiting the ITV site via the web browser app on the TV and live streaming from there, it has loads of overlays and the option to full screen does not work.
  8. Was trying to watch the game earlier on my LG TV, the ITV Hub app only shows previous shows to view no channel live streaming option. App is upto date. So decided to view it via the web browser, there seems to be no way to full screen the video. Clicking on the option does nothing and no way to minimise the channel list on the left. Anyone else have this? Tried again now for the Wales game with the same issue.
  9. Another great video from 'The Room Next Door' Michael Spicer, this time on that Giovanni Infantino speech the other day:
  10. I see most of the papers have a tournament guide, hopefully can find a decent A5 size one, to get. Always like having one to skim over while watching the games.
  11. The new companion will be revealed this evening:
  12. While we patiently wait for the game to come out, just seen there is a new narrative prequel podcast, titled Helix Station released by developer Striking Distance Studios. Voice acted by Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones), Michael Ironside (Total Recall).
  13. The updated next-gen version is releasing 14th December
  14. Added to wrong thread, apologies.
  15. Thanks for all the recommendations, shall check them out
  16. Just finished watching This Country, its one of those shows I've heard of, knew it had won loads of awards but for some reason never seen. Partner and I adored it, funny, heart-felt and a lovely enjoyable show. We viewed all three seasons over about a week. 5/5 Looking for any recommendations similar to this, if anyone can suggest something. Things we've watched already and enjoyed: Fleabag, People Just Do Nothing, all the Partridge shows, Detectorists, both The Office versions and Extras. Sure there are others but can't think of them atm. Watched the new Daisy May Cooper show, Am I Being Unreasonable?, which was decent. Tried Stath Lets Flats, The Young Offenders, Ladhood but couldn't get into these. Thanks
  17. Officially been confirmed for 15th January launch:
  18. For those interested, look like the review embargo lifts this Thursday (3rd) at 9am PT which I think is 4pm our time, according to Open Critic Day One for me, but will be good to read over while waiting for the launch
  19. Filming has started for season two, taken from Instagram post of Britt Lower:
  20. Trailer for season two, launches 2nd December:
  21. We are getting gameplay today at 4pm UK time (tweet is from yesterday):
  22. Can suggest a nice cheap frozen multipack pie. Used to adore the Birds Eye Green Cuisine Meat-Free Chicken Pies (pack of four), but looks like are discontinued according to their website. The Tesco Plant Chef No Meat Pie (pack of four) was great, but all my local stores including an Extra haven't had them for the last few months. Tried the Sainburys Plant Pioneers No Steak Pies (pack of four) a while back and was not a fan, they may of improves recently. Marks and Spencers only do (a lovely but not cheap) mushroom pie but they are individual. The Linda McCartney's Meat Free Country Pies (pack of two), are quite bland. Iceland don't seem to do any pies in their No Meat range. Nor do the Co-op in all the stores nearby. I don't have a ASDA, Morrisons, Waitrose near me and places need to be walking distance. Anyone have suggestions of a decent frozen pie that comes in a multipack range at all? Prefer not to do online delivery purely for a single item.
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