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  1. I am worried how we are spiralling down further and further. We (Southend) had the lowest attendance, 3,342, for a home game when we played Eastleigh on the 6th October in 17 years.
  2. Yes very much so, buy don't think the chairman wants to sell due to the potentially financial gain he will get if/when we move to the proposed new stadium and he gains from the land sell of Roots Hall etc. But this has been dragging on forever though, so the he is not putting any money into the current stadium, training ground, staff, development etc
  3. We got our new manager, ex player Kevin Maher, takes over on a two and half year contract at Southend United. He will bring in Mark Bentley (who managers currently Canvey Island) and Darren Currie (who was joint manager of the Sheffield United U23 team). Lets hope we get some stability and give the club legend (he played 386 times for us) time to settle and assess what we can do to improve on and off the pitch.
  4. The next Gen update has been delayed until 2022:
  5. The Lost Daughter, directorial debut by Maggie Gyllenhaal staring Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Dakota Johnson, Ed Harris and Peter Sarsgaard, releases on 31st December. Can not wait to see this:
  6. There is a new Seasonal Adventures update coming in December and a new area called Tower, which has a roguelike style to it. Can read more here
  7. If anyone needs a reminder prior to the show coming back, here is a brief recap for season two to help:
  8. Season Four has just started in the US, reviews are mixed. Paste Magazine - 83/100 R ogerebert 60/100 TV Guide - 60/100 iIndiewire - B+ Adored Season one and two, but three I thought was a big downgrade of quality. Not sure if this will be broadcast on Netflix over here like previous season once it has finished over in the US or not.
  9. Just checked further, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Elf episodes initially were released December last year. Hope you enjoy them
  10. When the new season was announced, I looked over the list and it seemed they have added ones from previous seasons. I'm sure I've already seen the episodes for The Nightmare Before Christmas and Elf. Had a scan over the Elf one and have seen it previously. Strange. Really looking forward to watch Robocop and Aliens though
  11. Nice, glad it tasted alright. Shame there is no branches anywhere near me to try it yet. Think they are expanding again next year to more areas.
  12. Remember when he moved to Nottingham Forest and being in the away end at the next game at the City Ground. We just constantly were singing his name, think all of our fans wished him well to progress his career. We were way to small for him. Plus, with addons, we made over £4million from his sale to Forest.
  13. He was part of a consortium that discussed with our chairman last summer about potentially taking over but nothing occurred. Collymore was at the game last Tuesday, but Martin (chairmen) reckoned he was just there as a fan, nothing else. I think it would be a good thing tbh, he seems to have a passion and drive to want to help the club in some manner. We've had some amazing players over the years, including Freddy Eastwood, David Crown, Peter Butler, Brett Angell, Dave Martin, Chris Powell, Ronnie Whelan. But he is still in my book, the best player I've ever seen play for us, it was electric every time he got the ball.
  14. Cheers, unfortunately it does seem to be happening far to much with smaller clubs like ours. For an overview of our current situation (prior to the latest concerns and protests over the last few weeks) this article by the local papers sports reporter is a heartfelt read.
  15. If things couldn't get worse for us Southend United fans, we loose 4-0 against Chesterfield, just outside the relegation zone now. More protests as fans come onto to the pitch with a 'Martin Out' (chairman is Ron Martin) banner. After the match protests outside and in the streets then the club release a statement to inform that our manager Phil Brown and assistant Craig Fagan have been relieved of their duties effective immediately. The ways its going, likely to be a third consecutive relegation.
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