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  1. New update from Danny on how NoClip is changing and updating going forward:
  2. As they have delayed the PS+ announcement and assume they will be providing information via the State of Play for the next months games, I'm really hoping its something like Disco Elysium, there seems to be a lot of rumours bouncing about Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be one of the games for the next PS+
  3. The Mosquito Coast TV series starts on the 30th April, staring Justin Theroux.
  4. New Drive to Survive season launches 19th March, will be ten episodes same as the previous ones:
  5. For anyone that hasn't watched this yet, Netflix have put this on their official YouTube channel to watch for free, for the next 48 hours:
  6. A new update is coming out this afternoon for the game: Highlights Loadouts are now available in the Inventory Menu. You can quickly create and swap between 3 loadouts. Nightmare Difficulty is now available WITHOUT having to complete the game a first time. Created a fail-safe to ensure that items from completed Vaults or Lair can be found in the player’s inventory. Stability improvements. Can read full details on the Ubisoft blog post
  7. The 33 Thomas Street building in Lower Manhattan is also supposed to have been an inspiration for the Oldest House. Also used in Mr Robot and X-Files.
  8. On Adam's interview with Mayo and Kermode 5Live show, he mentions he had just written an article for the Guardian about his favourite cover songs, the article has just been published, can read it here.
  9. Some footage of the game running on PS5 using performance and graphics modes
  10. To add to this his performance in The Guest, it a nice auction for the next Bond, which is also on Prime
  11. Just checked via a web browser and could see season 1-7 OK and picked the pilot and it played fine.
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