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  1. Producer Nigel Godrich was interviewed by Coda Collection and stated in regards to the Smile side project, its done and dusted. Godrich revealed that Smile has finished an album, and it’s “not a rock record. …It’s an interesting juxtaposition of things, but it does make sense. It will make sense.”
  2. There is a one hour special episode of the wonder show, Kingdom called Ashin of the North, out today:
  3. Todays it the day Just a heads up, one of the reviewers advised the first episode is the weakest of the new season, then massively improves, so don't be disheartened if it doesn't seem upto the high level of the previous season.
  4. Some new posters have been released: More of them
  5. Trailer for season three of Sex Education, which comes out 17th September:
  6. Don't think this is on any streaming services yet just limited cinema screening at the moment. This site might show where locally to you it could be showing. HTH
  7. Sad to see that Tom O'Connor has passed aged 81.
  8. Thinking of upgrading my DVD version of one of my favourite films, 12 Angry Men and saw there is a Criterion Collection version, has anyone got this? Looking at the extras that come with it and a quick scan of some reviews, seems like an impeccable transfer.
  9. The next DLC titled Echoing Void, releases on the 28th July. Plus there will be a free update on the same day. Can read more details here
  10. As you enjoyed this, you should check out the TV show, We Are Who We Are, which the Director Luca Guadagnino wrote and directed. I thought it was incredible.
  11. Latest release is about remaking Demon's Souls:
  12. First review out for the new season and super glad to see it seems a good as last season, review from IndieWire gave it a A- Conclusion: “Ted Lasso” still feels like “Ted Lasso,” and while there will be a lot more to say about the season once everyone has seen it, for now, that’s an incredible relief — and an impressive triumph.
  13. I see there is a page on PlayStation site to sign up for their System Software Beta Program (did it for the PS4 previously). Anyone able to apply for it? When I click on 'Register Now' it just scrolls down to the section on the page about 'The following eligibility conditions and restrictions apply to your participation'. But all the sections about conditions, I meet them fine, tried this on two different browsers and the same issue occurs. I am already signed into the page as well. Weird.
  14. Just had a memory thing pop up on my phone from a photo I took exactly one year ago today. Only feels like a few months I completed it,, as the emotions and the story arcs still feel so fresh and recent. Such an incredible game:
  15. Watched this recently after seeing The Innocence Files, thought Trial 4 was incredible, sad, frustrating all in equal measure. If you haven't seen The Innoncent Files which is also on Netflix, well worth it.
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