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  1. So looks like the Day One Patch launched the same time as the pre-load started:
  2. Just seen this new video appear about Photo Mode, apologies if already posted:
  3. Nice, thanks. Will add them to my list. haven't watched Strange Days for so long.
  4. Trying to decide what to watch while patiently waiting for the game, thinking which films with the same type of genre or themes of the game. Currently mulling over re-watching: Blade Runner / Blade Runner 2049 Ghost In The Shell Elysium Akira The Matrix Dredd (2012) Snowpiercer Or maybe Alita: Battle Angel , as I've never seen it.
  5. Found this video of some journalists that have played 16 hours of the game discussing their thoughts interesting. If you want timestamps of what they discuss, someone on Reddit has collated the information. Best to read over these FIRST, as it shows where there is are potential slight spoilers in the discussion., so you know where to skip parts if you wish.
  6. Going through this atm, upto episode six and a really gripping investigation into what occurred to Sean.
  7. We don't have long to read the reviews it seems, looks like the embargo lifts on Monday:
  8. Does anyone have a site which has a database showing all patch details for all console games? Would be interested in tracking and viewing certain games to see when like for example QoL or big bug fixes are resolved/updated for games I'm potentially interested in getting in the future. Rather than just travelling online for news of them being announced? Thought I had found a site, All Patch Notes but this doesn't really seem to be fully updated any more. Aware, I could find the official websites or forums for all the games themselves and search for the information. But surprised I cou
  9. Nice to see this is already confirmed for a sixth (and final) season: Just seen this from Deadline 'Amazon Studios has set an end date for The Expanse. The popular sci-fi drama has received an early renewal for Season 6, which will be its last. Not returning for the final season is original cast member Cas Anvar, who faced a slew of sexual misconduct allegations during the summer. The rest of the cast, led by Steven Strait, and longtime Expanse showrunner Naren Shankar will be back.'
  10. Nice, only put a few hours into it so far, lovely it so far. You know how many hours it took you in the end to 100%, any of it too challenging or padded in regards to the extra parts rather than the main storyline?
  11. Season Six has wrapped filming, slowly getting closer
  12. Netflix has announced that The Queen’s Gambit was viewed by sixty two million households over its first twenty eight days of release. Which makes it their biggest scripted limited series.
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