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  1. I know that God of War is now part of the Playstation Hits range, so its only £15.99. But there maybe others you/your son are interested in. HTH
  2. New trailer for Season Four: Please a nice recap video from Kevin Smith:
  3. I've watched three episodes of The Morning Show, and after its initial sluggish start I'm really enjoying it. Far better than the reviews made out. Sure it's no Broadcast News, The Newsroom level, but still well worth watching, especially for Billy Crudup supporting role. One part which was a tad weird, in a scene on a screen playing behind the characters, I got distracted cause I was trying to work out who it was being shown / interviewed on a set. Then realised it was showing the UK This Morning show, and it was the doctor Chris Steele being interviewed by Schofield and Willoughby. Tad strange and had to restart the scene as I hadn't been listening. Screenshots of the scene:
  4. People are discussing the second episode online, so assume it has already been released. HTH
  5. Reviews are coming out, really pleased how positive they are: Gamespot: 8.0 PressStart: 9.0 IGN: 9.0 EasyAllies: 9.0 GameInformer: 8.75
  6. Just seen that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is on sale, down to £11.09 on the UK eShop until the 20th of November.
  7. Yeah seems it is 5am out time, can see a countdown for the embargo here
  8. Someone on Reddit has the PS4 version of the game early and stated they are downloading a patch of around 300-440 meg.
  9. According to OpenCritic, the review embargo lifts early Friday morning for us, but assume this is late on Thursday in the US.
  10. All I've seen is a Reddit post from a Star Wars Community Lead stating 'Reviews will go live around launch.' Think journalists received their review copies last Friday.
  11. The person on reddit has added a new post about the game, they are eleven hours into it and loving it, called it a God of War + Star Wars + Soulsbourne lite game. Their final comment on it is: TL;DR I'm sure come release day most of you guys will have an absolute ball playing this game. Potentially the best Star Wars game to date.
  12. Someone on Reddit has already got hold of the game and has given their impressions so far, which have been positive. They have made sure it is spoiler free in regards to the story. Can read their thoughts here
  13. Looks like a new patch will hopefully be released next week. Text details here if you don't want to click on the link:
  14. Loved this weeks episode was a nice nod to the classic Rififi film, enjoyed how it was bookended with the certain lines of dialogue. This scene was just beautiful: Who knew Elliot was a new improved version of Forrest Gump
  15. Just finished watching this, wow, totally loved it from beginning to end. The acting was top notch, story was intriguing and throughly engaging, cinematography and music was excellent. I adored the black and white scene in the finale episode, was so beautifully choreographed. Other than Chernobyl, this is my favourite show I've seen this year.
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