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  1. Not heard of this band before, but this is taken from the seventh album which just came out and is number one on the US Billboard’s Top Albums Sales Charts. Cracking track:
  2. Trailer for the Big in Japan film has been released, can't link directly to it as it seems embedded into the article and can't find it on YouTube yet. Releases 18th August.
  3. Southend United confirm Phil Brown as permanent manager on a two year deal, after we were relegated out of the Football League for the first in 101 years. Lets hope he gets some proper backing.
  4. OK, thanks for clarifying @Uncle Mike @Alex W.
  5. Quick query if that is alright, I wanted to replay Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on my PS5 and remember having it as part of PS+ when it came out on the PS3 back in 2014. Had a look on the store via the console the other option was to purchase it or sign upto PlayStation Now to stream it. Checked back at my trophies to make sure I had played it and I could see the trophy list for the game. Is that version I got via PS+ not compatible to re-download the game at all? Aware actual PS3 discs wouldn't work but as there are PS3/PS4 versions of this game and it shows up on the store to purch
  6. Yes really is a sorry state of affairs, our stadium move is in red tape limbo, our current stadium is crumbling to bit as they don't want do any repairs due to the potential move. All the off the pitch issues are rubbish. Hopefully a new owner will provide a kick start for us.
  7. Was reading up on this yesterday, our chairman was on the radio discussing (or not) his reasoning behind it: Not going to happen and seems a waste of time and money, which we don't have anyway.
  8. BFI has just released an interview with Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, plus the shows casting director and one of the producers:
  9. The new revised patch (1.003.004) has just come out, think I'll wait for a while to see if this resolves the previous issues before downloading.
  10. Think there are seven episodes in total for the season.
  11. Some images from the show have been released
  12. New patch coming this evening, highly doubt it will include any save options, surely be to soon for the Q&A to be done by now:
  13. Review for Barry Jenkins' new show the Underground Railroad (thought there was a separate thread for the show but searching could not find one) from Joblo , gave it 10/10, conclusion of the review: 'You are unlikely to see anything else this year that will stay with you like how this series stayed with me. The Underground Railroad is an absolute masterpiece.' The show starts on the 14th May.
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