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  1. A demo is now available for The Touryst, if you can't find it via the eShop on a browser (like I couldn't) the option is available when viewing the game page via the Switch itself on the eShop.
  2. Just seen there is a demo available for The Touryst, I could only see the demo option via the Switch and not on the browser version of the eShop.
  3. Ten in the first season, it has also already been renewed by CBS for a second season which will have the same amount of episodes.
  4. Reviews are starting to appear: Variety Indiewire - B Rolling Stone - 4/5 Hollywood Reporter Nuanced and methodical world-building, but perhaps lacking urgency
  5. Not pre-ordered any games via the eShop myself, but from Nintendo Pre-order FAQ page : What happens when a game is pre-loaded? A non-playable version of the game will be pre-loaded to your system at the time of your order. You'll see an icon for the game on your HOME Menu, but you will not be able to launch the game until it is officially released. You'll be able to start playing after downloading a small update on the game's release date. (Please note that some third-party titles are not available until midnight CET on the game’s release date.) How do I get the software update that unlocks the game on the release date? As long as your Nintendo Switch console, Wii U console or Nintendo 3DS family system is connected to the internet, you will be prompted to download the update data once you launch the game. Additionally, if you have your console in standby or sleep mode and connected to the internet, the update data will download and install automatically. So looks like you download a small update to unlock the game and they are not providing any specific time, but I thought the eShop updates at 2pm BST. HTH
  6. The show starts on CBS Access in the US on the 23rd, and then on Amazon globally within 24 hours of its U.S. premiere. HTH
  7. Some new previews and gameplay has been released: Article on the PlayStation official blog about the sequel.
  8. I haven't tried they myself but I assume they are the these from Sainsbury's.
  9. I assumed it was for them to check that your online subscription is still valid and hasn't expired. So people don't signed up, download the NES and SNES games and then un-subscribe, but keeping the games.
  10. Think its's on BT Sport 1 channel.
  11. I got the game a few weeks back for the Switch and it plays totally fine. The big 2.0 update (which includes the new character) is only out on PC atm, it's expected to reach consoles following a 'small delay'. HTH
  12. Just seen this new page turn up which shows you your stats for the PS4 during 2019, not sure how accurate the details are, but found it interesting to find out though. Some of my details showed: Be interesting to see other people stats. Since getting my Switch in September, think I've hardly used my PS4 though.
  13. New trailer is being launched tomorrow, think it will be 5:30pm our time:
  14. Just a reminder that the Pokemon Direct starts at 14:30 today:
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