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  1. Lol. I'll wait until shit settles and we see price cuts after AMD's upcoming offering is on sale, the 3XXX inventory has been moved on and Nvidia capitulates that those prices won't fly in a post mining boom, energy madness and a recession.
  2. Probably. Think there's a good crossover with that type of whinging tit and the type of beaut who is sincere in their vocal declaration of admiration with 3D "Dat ass". I reckon it will cause sparks to fly in the brains of a good chunk of those who usually deride none white/male leads, a lot of the same twonks also cry about the lack of sexy avatars. That was painful to type. But yeah, they'll still probably be plenty of worthless nonsense bemoaning the protag's ethnicity.
  3. I doubt we'll be seeing many of those kind of takes from those types. They'll be more than happy running around the streets staring at the game model. I'd imagine anyway.
  4. To clarify, a daft unnuanced lol at the end of my post doesn't convey how I think this person, kid or no, should or should not be treated or any glee. Just that if whoever did hack Take Two are based in the UK they are pretty much fucked and it's perhaps slightly comically naïve. You'd need to be watertight to pull off such an audacious and high profile hack from a prosecution friendly country. lol.
  5. Salt and pinch but saw a couple of posts around that the hacker is a 16 year old kid from the UK. If so he's fucked lol.
  6. Got a Roland SP404MKII coming tomorrow. Looks like a nice way to make some bedroom beats. Like, literally in bed, that's where I like to play with my music machines, well, sometimes anyway.
  7. I'll be waiting in line from the b of the bang for at least an 80. Now, it's probably due to poor optimisation but I've just experienced my first game that requires more ram than my 2080TI can provide, Steel Rising. I smirked at it stating it needing 13gb of VRAM for its high resolution texture pack, seen that a couple times in the past few years, VRAM requirements being above my card's 11gb for certain high resolution texture options, always a nonsense and they always play fine. Not here. Massive texture streaming problems on my 2080TI when I chose the ultra textures, it indicates it being nearly 13gb in the options menu, and it certainly seems to be. It's unusable, no matter how low all other settings, if I choose high res textures it maxes VRAM and the card struggles to hold them. I have a 3060 in my bedroom, I laughed at the card having 12gb of VRAM, well it can hold/load those high res textures fine whilst my 2080TI simply cannot. So, 16gb VRAM for me please. Game is decent btw, it's no Bloodborne but it's a fun time.
  8. It's fooking scary how on it it was. Masterpiece.
  9. For the millionth time. 1988 distilled. Was fucking brilliant.
  10. Just watched the lot. Fucking brilliant stuff.
  11. Fucking hell. We've got bats now. 4D. This is my last report. Promise. Suffice to say, I've pulled this late night gaming in the park stunt a few times with handhelds over the years, Steam Deck is king. Feels apt somehow. Although I've just needed to plug it into my battery-bank. So much power!!! Happy gaming... wherever you may be.
  12. Fucking love it. Getting pretty dark now, by some big arse trees, wind warmly blowin'. Stars coming out. Legend of Grimrock 2 taking on a moody vibe. Not a soul about. Might get murdered.* *Jk. I wouldn't care anyway. Still too bloody warm for my flat. Will take my chances.
  13. Let the fun begin. Got a pretty nice quadruple Talisker, Sprite and ice in my bike bottle there. Classy. Flat is like an oven, nearly cried with the breeze riding here. Not going home for a good few hours. Park is dead. Might go on the swings.
  14. Oh man! This thing feels so right. Just had a quick blast on EX Zodiac and ballisticNG, they look and play incredible, actually feel better on the deck than my PC. Gonna be a sweet evening under the stars (yeah, I've got a big power-bank), got Legend of Grimrock 2 on there for some adventure time. Those first two mentioned games are must haves for this imo. ballisticNG is an incredible WipEout clone, and I mean incredible.
  15. Scrap that, photo looked shit and unnecessary anyway. Lets get downloading.
  16. Sean came early. Yippee! Thanks Sean. Wow, it's a big ol' boy. Excited.
  17. Yup, Sean my PF driver is coming between 2-3pm today. Got some beers in the fridge but feeling like a couple of ciders, gonna shoot across the road to the shop before he comes. By the time I've gotten a few games on there they'll be ice cold and the sun will be going down. Zip to the quiet little park around the corner for a spot of open air chilled gaming and a nice cold cider (and beer) and * *A super mild puff on some devil's lettuce.
  18. Nice hour or two on Midnight Club L.A, there. Very enjoyable.
  19. Yeah, I'm in today's crop of lucky email recipients. Just in time for a few chilled night time sessions in the park, before the weather goes to shit.
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