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  1. Yeah, these factory OC cards come with cabling for 600w but I highly doubt the small OC they come with will use anything above 450w. If you then add your own decent OC to it then perhaps, but even then I think it's only the extreme over-clockers who'll really need four.
  2. I have four separate leads myself. I do know that daisy chaining is a no-no for the 4090 but seeing as you have three already and only one being chained I'd imagine you'll be fine, that'll give 450w+. Two daisy chained cables would be a no. You can simply plug three in only, anyway. It'll only attempt to draw over 450w if you give it a big OC. From what I've read only the big dicks who hover around the top of the 3DMark charts will be using anything like the power needed for 600w that four separate cables provides. You'll be fine.
  3. Yeah, 4 cables (600W) into mine too. TBH I normally turn any intrusive launcher shit off straight away but don't really use GOG. Added bonus after disabling it is now not having nonsense achievements etc popping up.
  4. I posted in here that whilst running The Witcher 3 at topper most settings at 4K 120 I was getting crashes. I thought I'd fixed it with an OC to my 4090 (lol). I hadn't. Of course it was nothing to do with needing more power out of the card, but the fact that the GOG overlay is borked with DLSS3. Unticked the overlay and it hasn't crashed once in a dozen hours. My card is staying at stock, don't think there's a game yet that'll need an OC. Doubt anyone will find the above useful but if anyone is playing TW3 with DLSS3 via GOG, turn off the GOG overlay as it's broken.
  5. Yeah, just caught this. Moody, creepy, decently gory with a modern Hammer vibe. It's obviously not new, 2021, but it was new to me. Really enjoyed it. I'd go so far as to say it's bloody excellent.
  6. I've just went for a years Play Pro sub, I'll never finish this in a month or two, I chop and change what I play too much. Always finish a game but rarely by playing it exclusively. Could go game only for £37.99 Origin or £47.99 on Steam, already have a couple of purchased games on Origin so used to the launcher. Anyway, like the look of Wild Hearts, and of course the new Jedi game. Will probably play more than ten hours on the new NFS plus the other tat that's not on basic Play. A year for £89.99, I'll get my worth out of it. Looking forward to this. Rinsed all three of the games back in the day.
  7. Lol. What an innocent time.
  8. amc

    (PS5/PC) Forspoken

    Played the demo. Loading is insane. Game is not for me.
  9. amc

    (PS5/PC) Forspoken

    What it looks to me is (as someone who hasn't got a fucking clue) the devs/higher ups love huge vistas but their engine isn't up to the job. Hungry RAM requirements and mucho shitty textures and LOD ensues. Oh, and similar to the post a couple above- Forgotten.
  10. Not a song but whatever. I'm listening to it now. Classic breaks.
  11. amc

    (PS5/PC) Forspoken

    In simple terms think of it as what Sony and Cerny brought to the PS5. Super fast loading into RAM from your storage, preferably an Nvme drive, but it works with SATA too, just not as fast. It uses your GPU to do some woo woo decompression shit. There's a demo knocking about that shows it in action on your machine. BRB. It's a 100% safe file- https://drive.google.com/file/d/194zc0kSJxlZpCeT9Jwr2eD9bi4TizcTG/view Or mooch around GitHub if you prefer- https://github.com/microsoft/DirectStorage
  12. amc

    (PS5/PC) Forspoken

    Yeah, watched a few vids and Direct Storage looks the shit. This is hopefully what the near future brings to all PC titles. Game looks shite but the loading is incredible. Yeeha!
  13. I'll get on the cosmic bus in VR.
  14. Card continues to blow my mind. Was running The Witcher 3 at insane settings, full RT, up to 120fps, DLSS quality, DLSS 3. It looked and ran unbelievably but had random crashes, that's a lot of shit going on even for this beast. Added a little OC to (something I didn't think I'd need with the card atm tbh but...) 2750Mhz max 65C. No crashes and the image and smoothness is sublime. (Perhaps the crashes were just the game being funky but my OC sure didn't hurt) Yeah it's an oldish game but with the update running it at its utmost peak, well perhaps TAAU instead of DLSS is more of its pinnacle but still, running around a chocka Novigrad with my beautiful hair (on, 8x) and RT reflections everywhere at the speed of hot butter is next level. Being a bit hyperbolic but my eyes don't lie. Didn't think I'd be gaming at 4K 120 RT so soon. I'm on the mead btw. Incredible card.
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