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  1. Shit. Was pretty drunk the other night, went on a ridiculous drunken spree. Bought stuff I've had in my saved for later for months on my Amazon account. They were a NEO GEO Mini, the Sega Astrocity and of course, the Egret II. Oh, and a Yamaha PSR E473 keyboard. Forgot all about it until just now, after I logged into my bank account on my phone. Thought I'd been hacked. Staying away from the whiskey for a while. Looking forward to this the most, love the games and the rotating screen. All coming on Wednesday. I'm excited but I have to chill on buying so much shit. I'll end up bankrupt lol.
  2. Rogue One is by far the best film of the Disney era. It's not even close. Andor is the best of Disney Star Wars TV. They go together like, er... poetry, good poetry, not George's scatty kind. I loved every bit of Andor, going to do a big binge rewatch of the lot followed by RO. Gonna be sweet.
  3. Yeah, the kid out of Jedi Fallen Order. I liked the game, not enough to go the whole hog on the other figures, mind. I need to rein it in, Andor isn't helping.
  4. As an aside, I'd swerved watching Andor. Mainly due to being so pathetically weak in not buying figures from the SW stuff I like. Suppose I'm now going to have to clear room. Man, I'm so pathetic, you should see the look from ladies after they wake up to that. I never see them again*. True. *I love being single really.
  5. As someone who, in my sad and lonely middle age, has sought to replenish the tat of my youth, I can safely say that the poster up there is wrong. The Mandalorian had tat to go from the off. I bought his Black series figure in the first week or so of the show airing.
  6. Just watched The Eye. Fuck a duck. Now this is Podracing.
  7. I need to look into sorting out my network chain. I'm using a fairly decent 5G router in my living room but Xcloud can have artifacts when playing on my S22 Ultra in my bedroom. It's perfect via 5G data and I'm on an unlimited plan but I'm always on wifi in the house and so need to switch that off on my phone, which is easy enough but a slight hassle. Like I say, it's awesome on 5G Data but playing my PS5 via remote play on my 5G wifi is perfect so something needs a shove. Really enjoying playing some remote gaming in bed, Kishi for Xcloud but the full fat haptic Dualsense experience for remote play. Maybe WIFI 6??
  8. Loving Lunistice on my Deck, great throwback fun, and only a fiver. Always just sleep for me. It's always only a few hours between me playing or fiddling.
  9. Like wearing a slightly heavier pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer, so, light and comfortable. 1080P 60FPS Oled screens. I like them a lot, great for Steam Deck, and plenty of other things too of course.
  10. Went bonkers and pre ordered the Horizon bundle and controller chargers. That's a Quest, GearVR with S9+, PSVR1, a pair of Nreal Air glasses and now PSVR2. My fucking eyes are gonna fall out before I'm 51.
  11. They don't have a battery, they're completely powered by the device. As for draining the Deck etc, they're probably using less power than the Deck's screen so may in fact increase battery life, suppose some tests need to be done for that statement but they certainly don't seem to run the Deck down any quicker than its screen. They also have ok speakers but I use them with my Sony XM3. You only need a dongle for some devices, the Switch for one. Modern phones and the Steam Deck etc have power and data out over USB C so simply plug and play.
  12. I bought them from EE. I've had a contract with them for several years, latest handset is the S22 Ultra, bought them for that handset really but found them to be awesome for the Deck. Bonus. Anyway, they were £399 when I bought them a couple of months back but are now £340. Think Nreal have some sort of deal with EE. They are pretty great, you can use them with no front cover on them, so they look like normal..ish glasses and you get a massive screen with visibility of your surroundings, with good colour and contrast. Put the provided cover over the front and then they're basically a floating Oled with perfect blacks etc. They work with loads of devices, Switch etc but you may need a dongle for some, I already had something that was able to power and receive video at the same time for the Switch though. For modern phones and stuff like my iPad Pro 2020, S22U and the Steam Deck they just work when plugged in, this is because those devices provide both power and video over USB C (4.0?). They really are great for the Deck. They provide a better screen that's around a 100+ inches floating a few feet away, with Oled quality blacks.
  13. I've only put an hour into this. I love it but whilst waiting I had a dabble with Horizon FW and that's grabbed my attention. Not in any way comparing quality, just how scattergun I can be with my games. They can sit for months then all of a sudden it's all in and away we go. Hopefully have HFW wrapped up over the weekend then I will get stuck in. GoW isn't a game I'll let sit for months. Not when I've had a taste and been impressed. Playstation has some riches for me atm. Loving it.
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