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  1. You ain't boosting your bullshit grading business by making potential customers think that they need a copy of "insert rare as fuck game that hardly anyone bought or owns etc here". Gotsta be the games with the largest percentage of ownership to reel in any fools and have them think that those decent condition copies of VCS Combat or Wii Sports, that they have sat in their cupboard, are worth sending in and paying wata to grade them. Not going to get a rush on people sending in their tat if advertising Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire* just sold for a million dollars. Fucking horse shit of the highest order. * Yeah, I googled rare games.
  2. Well I think it looks beautiful. Insanely pretty. I was going to go for PS5 but decided to see if my PC would be capable of running it at 4K 60fps, it does. A few drops here and there but only by 2, 3 fps or so, very infrequently and with G-sync it's completely irrelevant. I don't see any HDR settings but my new TV has HGIG so I've thrown Windows HDR on and it seems to be presenting a lovely HDR picture. Need to bone up on the whole HGIG thing but if this is how it works going forward then it seems pretty cool. Now to enjoy the game proper.
  3. I was a big Electro fan from around 84, thought it was all USA or nothing, then I remember catching The Art of Noise on the Tube and hearing CV's Sensoria somewhere, blew my mind that the UK was making stuff that seemed fresher than the States. Definitely has a proto Acid/House/Rave thing going on that helped sow the seeds for my love of that later scene. Like, you heard something that blew your mind a few years earlier that subconsciously set you up for something big to come, or something. R.I.P
  4. Built a little i5 10600 and 3060 machine for the bedroom. Sick of my gas bill so going to heat the bedroom this way jk. It's all fairly dinky and built for a low price, quality bits mind, powerful enough for 4K media streaming to the big telly and 1080p ultrawide gaming on my 29" LG with G-sync. Still have a i9 2080 TI machine in the living room for 4K gaming. And an Alienware R3 1060 6GB into a 27" 144hz, for films/youtube whilst gaming on the big telly, plus some low spec mad framerate games. Got the card from a friend of the family for less than a 1660 Super and a proper second-hand price, it's only a couple of months old. The seller snagged a 3080 TI, somehow. It's a non LHR so could actually triple my money on ebay, if I was a twat.
  5. I posted this in the none dedicated thread, may as well put it here. I'm all for games trying something new and I'm certainly not anti mobile everything, I mean I fucking love emulation and games that play nice with my Kishi, Rush Rally etc but a mobile Wipeout game were you don't control the actual racing is pretty disappointing. I often see people say they'll support a title that they don't have much interest in if they like the series it belongs to and that series has been left on the shelf, in a hope that in doing so sends a message to the money men that there's a market for said series, is that a fruitless endeavour? I'm asking, has any game series been brought back to life and given a new mainline game after seeing people's support for a low effort entry? If there is any credence in the above I'll give it a try and throw it a few sheckles but I'm thinking the answer to that question is a no. That's a pity because if it was 100% yes and guaranteed a new mainline title I'd support the hell out of it, crappy or no, I absolutely love Wipeout, along with Ridge Racer and Virtua Racing arcade I'd say it was the game/series that really got me into gaming. Just a mobile game that you controlled in the traditional Wipeout way would've been great, I mean it looks nice enough on the track in that video. Guess that would be harder to monetise. Suppose we will always have the superlative Omega to play, and play it I do, just not before bedtime anymore, fucks you right up.
  6. *moved to the dedicated thread.
  7. I've got more than enough shit to be cracking on with, a mild winter games drop is exactly what I need. Even shit like Horizon 5 and Halo are going to have to wait while I mop up each of their predecessors. It's my own fault, I like to finish a game, the trouble is I jump from title to title, an hour on Control here an Hour on Nioh 2 there, that kind of thing. It's very rare that I'll stick solidly to one game from start to finish, although I will finish that game, mostly. So yeah, I'm pretty happy with a quiet winter release schedule, my head will pop off in Feb mind.
  8. amc

    Lake (PC & Xbox)

    Haha never heard of this before, was expecting the voiceover guy in the trailer posted above to ramp up about two thirds in and announce some batshit horror aspect. Y'know, from his super chill narration to ominous hints at cosmic horror or go even more batshit, nice surprise he just plodded along until the trailer ended. Looks like the kind of game that'll play nice with a mellow joint and a glass of brandy, or a granola bar and a smoothie. Seems chill, downloading.
  9. Not if you only want it for PC. You only need the hub, some Hue lights, gradient strip, bulbs, Go Play Bars etc and the apps. Sync box is needed for connecting TV cable boxes, PS5 and Blu Ray players etc. As I posted above, I do all my media consuming via my PC and a big majority of my gaming, it works great for that. It's fast as fuck for matching the screen, well it is for me. I was actually going to buy a sync box due to getting a PS5 and would like it for a few games on that, oh and my Switch. But I play anything from MS and multiplatform stuff at top 4K HDR settings on my PC and the sync PC app works boss for all of it. I still may get a sync box as although I've just got a 77" C1 with 4K 120 VRR capability and 2.1 HDMI I'm happy just with 60 fps for both Switch and PS5. The Sync box is getting an update soon that'll enable VRR 120 at 1440p or VRR 60 at 4K, all with Atmos and HDR capability. I may hang on in the hope of a true 2.1 sync box successor but I think this update could push me to get one now. It'll make it play decent with the new features of my TV. I'll probably buy one tonight now after typing that out and putting it in my mind haha.
  10. I wish they had been, then I wouldn't have sold my official Nintendo GC component cable for relatively peanuts when I got my Wii, bought a cheap component lead for that so I could play on my Panansonic plasma. Still hurts when I see how much they go for now. We can all say that with our selling old systems and games though.
  11. Started DeS the other night, my god does it look lovely. I was a bit lackadaisical creating my character, well very lackadaisical actually as I began playing as a black women, no problem with that but I didn't have the OG armour set from the original and a crap starting gift and a strange, to me, class. I've started again with a bit more thought (instead of just twatting X to get into the game) and chose a Knight for the iconic look and the ring for something perhaps a bit more useful. Anyway, can someone spoiler for me whether you can kill the first boss encounter, the one before you get to the Nexus. I'm pretty sure you can't but need to confirm either/or before my continued play later tonight. Absolutely rinsed it on PS3 years ago but my mind's a blank. Oh, and Returnal is the shit, deffo my jam. That's another I'll be playing tonight with my bottle of ice cold Coke and large bowl of Bombay mix. Good times.
  12. Norm McDonald has died aged 61. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/norm-macdonald-dead-dies-snl-1235064570/ I've came across him mainly via YouTube clips whilst watching something not specifically about him but that he was also appearing on or hosting etc, he was pretty big in America, mostly known for SNL, talk shows and stand up, I think.
  13. Yeah, I bought a USA GC on its American release that had the switch ready fitted. Got it from Goblin games with Rogue Leader, Wave Race BS, and Luigi's Mansion. Was stunned by how good RL looked. Was playing PN03 and F-Zero via Dolphin PC last night, 4K 60 without a hitch, that includes no stutter on the desert track in F-Zero too, looks insane. Tried it on my S20 Ultra phone with a Razer Kishi and besides a tiny bit of stutter at the beginning of the first track it's a solid 60. Never tried the desert track with the sandstorm though. Incredible games and machine that deserve such an incredible emulator.
  14. Yeah, just the hub and the apps (both for phone and PC) will get you up and running on PC. I love it, have four play bars, a Hue Go 2 and two Hue colour bulbs set up in a similar fashion to a surround sound setting, rear lights syncing etc. The phone app has fairly recently been updated and is good for setting height and position now, was a bit obscure previously imo. It's a good way to enhance games. I'm currently playing Nioh 2 as I type and expecting a knock from someone off the street asking if they can come to the party.
  15. Recently added a Playstation Eye to my bedroom PS3, specifically for a bit of Time Crisis. I already have a pair of Move controllers for my PSVR in the living room. So lately I've been looking into Move compatible gun games. Time Crisis Razing Storm is fun but the disc held a lovely surprise, Deadstorm Pirates. What a blast, great cheesy dialogue and a real fair ground ride aesthetic, love it. Brilliant, daft fun. Need to find a couple more Eye/Move compatible titles now I'm in the mood.
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