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  1. amc

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Are the deals/sales up on PSN at the moment all that we will see a Black Friday discount on? That's not a snide dig at what's there now, it's just I've happily bought a couple from my wishlist at the discount but I'm wondering if anymore will go live, like will the choice refresh? Same thoughts for the Xbox sales too while I'm here, they seem a bit shit compared to PSN at the mo, hopefully they perk up but I'm not familiar with how things go down with Black Friday. It seems to be more like 'Black the week leading up to Friday' from what's about. Edit* Just looked on Trueachievments and the Xbox sale is better than I thought.
  2. amc

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

    I'm all out of whack now the castles you know what. Had a good grasp before but now my head is spinning. Still glorious though and perfect for my Vita.
  3. amc

    Last game that you couldn't put down?

    I tried For Honour on a whim last night just because it was free on Xbox, had to d/l a high resolution pack and was pissed off so was ready to write it off even before playing. Several hours later my eyes are taking the knock and it's way past midnight. Really surprised how much I enjoyed the story mode.
  4. Yeah the Brit came 13th or something. Good stuff though, enjoyed watching it much more than the F1 we have of today which was pretty bizarre.
  5. amc

    PlayStation VR

    Nice just grabbed it from my PS+. Had a look through my library looking for VR titles yesterday but for some reason this didn't have the little HMD ident that VR games have so scrolled past. (I realise titles that are both VR and flat don't have the ident but for some reason forgot this yesterday, so this can be played via TV as well then?) EDIT* The ident is there now it's downloading. Oh well.
  6. amc

    Microsoft Rewards

    I think any legible search term is ok, even if it doesn't make much sense, so "things do trifle to run" would be fine even if it's nonsense but strings of Xs and numbers etc is obviously no good for boosting their search algorithm, so not fine and done enough will get flagged. They obviously want users to boost their search numbers but also their results algorithm with useful or at least seemingly useful terms. Probably doesn't hurt MS that some may stick to using bing due to rewards. Yeah right.
  7. amc

    PlayStation VR

    Yeah I think once they work out how to eradicate the motion sickness in these things (if they even can from a technology standpoint) and we somehow get to a future depicted in a lot of films/media, say a Ready player one scenario where masses of people are running around in VR for long periods then some weird mental effects will come into play. A lot more of this talk about derealisation and what is and isn't reality and disorders that thankfully only a small minority encounter today. EDIT* As a side note I had what I'd call a derealisation/depersonalization event that lasted several months in my teens after a bad LSD trip (I think I explained it away as flashbacks in those simpler times). It would come and go and was fucking terrifying, who's are these hands? distorted visual perception, heavy feelings of unreality etc. I haven't experienced it in VR yet thank fuck (and probably won't, it is likely very rare and needs long periods of use).
  8. amc

    PlayStation VR

    Even though I've had the game and PSVR for ages I tried Wipeout for the first time last night. OMFG it's incredible, if someone would have told me when I was Wipeout crazy back in the day that at some point you could plonk me in the cockpit and have me fly around the track I'd have asked to be put to sleep and woke up when it was possible. It just works perfectly. The only down side was I could only manage two races before the funny feelings started. Just climbed out of my Qirex and was fine after a couple of minutes. Seriously one of my most important immediate aims is to get my VR legs. I wan't to play the shit out of my PSVR.
  9. amc

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Shooting shots.
  10. amc

    PlayStation VR

    If I continue too long after I can feel the nausea starting it writes me off for the entire night. I never really get ill and never felt motion sickness before playing Dreadhalls on my GearVr. Some games are fine, one you would think to be a killer which is far from it is Polybius but 10 mins on Driveclub and I'm moaning in a dark room for hours. I'm gutted as I've hankered for the VR revolution for nearly 30 years and then it arrives and I'm shite. I deffo think it can be overcome and I'm adamant that Astrobot is going to usher in my VR legs. But I have had it so bad that even the thought of putting my HMD on has made me feel odd. Going to beat it this time, even if it takes weeks of baby steps.
  11. amc

    PlayStation VR

    Got Astrobot in my basket and noticed Raw Data on sale, sure that looked good at some point, I have the moves plus the aim controller, although pretty sure it doesn't use that. Is it any good, worth £7.99? EDIT* Watched a few vids and it looked like fun so took the plunge. VR night ahead so brewing some ginger tea and taking an anti nausea pill wahey.
  12. amc

    The future of emulation

    I have a bartop that does a decent job in a lot of games I'm interested in, CPS II/III stuff, SNK and bullet hell games. But it falls on its arse for some games I was desperate to play, basically SEGA super scaler stuff. Well I've just downloaded MAME4Droid and some choice roms, Powerdrift, Hang on, Galaxy Force 2 and a few others using my Galaxy S9+ and an 8Bitdo SN30 pro with phone clip and I'm in emulation heaven. It had me try Snes, MD and even GBA stuff and frigging hell Android emulation has come on in leaps and bounds. A fantastic way to play these older games imo. The point of this post is well, I hope the future of emulation includes phones as as much as I'd want a super box under the TV, playing old games on a large screen phone with a brilliant controller is an epiphany. Great time to be alive.
  13. amc

    Microsoft Rewards

    So I activated the punch card and got achievements in Shantae and Ruiner yesterday but they don't show as completed, will they eventually show as counting or has something gone wrong?
  14. amc

    Pandora Box

    I've got one, out of the hundreds of games I've only found a dozen or so that you could call unplayable, plays SNK, CPS etc great, couple of the super scalers not so much. They probably play quite a few with off music or differences to their arcade counterparts but not being versed in arcade perfection they seem fine to me. If you don't mind all the games not being 100 percent accurate and a few that aren't very playable then it's a cracking way to have some classics playing very very simply, and the vast majority play great. Would recommend.

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