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  1. amc

    Gunpla: The Thread

    Yeah life has a habit of getting in the way of one's hobbies , especially when the hobby includes frigging finicky decals. Look forward to some future pics.
  2. amc

    Gunpla: The Thread

    I said to myself no more but who the fuck was I kidding. U.K seller and it was cheaper than I could find from Japan so blow it. Was a bit hairy at the weekend as had a little shindig and one girl took to flicking them over, she was quickly reprimanded but I still had to try and find a tiny ariel from one of their heads the next morning hungover before I could vacuum. Can't wait to knock him together. And @Chindie , c'mon, pics man.
  3. I've watched the trailer about six times on the trot. Haven't done that since about 06.
  4. Because he's a lying backtracking little Weasel?
  5. amc


    Roger gone.
  6. amc

    Playstation Vita

    That's what he meant in his reply.
  7. I'd say even by these fools standards that was several reveals back. Each time they announce a new ship date now Levy contorts into-
  8. It doesn't really matter whether it was £5.00 or £50. Imagine the shitstorm if this happened with Fifa. You buy the game one day and the next the games content is nerfed with paywalls. Now I know Fifa is probably riddled with microtransactions but even EA wouldn't change the play field overnight and wall off progression detrimentally with iap. In fact has this ever happened with the main consoles and a released game, where it has changed its pay structure with iap progression after release?
  9. amc

    Playstation Vita

    How fucking good is C2C still. I remember playing it on my PSP 1000 and thinking it was great, although a little rough (almost certainly down to the 1000s screen) but it looks almost identical to the PS2 game on the Vita. Just the perfect handheld arcade racer. Looks stunning and plays a dream. Really, really buzzing that the 3.68 hack was released as I've wanted to see both C2C and RR2 on the machine since day one. Auto update has well and truly been swerved (although I doubt Sony will bother with a new FW now)
  10. amc

    Playstation Vita

    Brilliant. They'll finally get some use after getting them without doing my homework and them being pretty much useless for the PS4 games I'd wanted to play via remote play.
  11. amc

    Playstation Vita

    What's the story with PS1 games, I have one of those JEC L2/R2 cases. Can you map those buttons to the back touch pad with PS1?
  12. amc

    Playstation Vita

    I've loved the Vita since release. I, unlike a lot of perfectly correct people, got a lot out of Vita RR, admittedly after downloading all of its content (what the fook were Namco and Sony thinking with those hundreds of files, right pain in the arse going through your purchases to this day). I love 2048 and Lumines etc. I then had a long hiatus from the machine so never had much of a problem with content, coming back to it when the likes of Salt & Sanctuary had been released. But its use was beginning to wane, especially with the Switch release. Now that I've got access to much loved PSP titles that never got a U.K release and the possibility of emulators as well as still being able to access my PSN purchases (only recently got the mind blowing Sonic Racing) this machine is going to be my go to handheld for years to come. I love my Switch but prefer leaving it in docked mode tbh, whereas my Vita is always ready to grab. Brilliant, brilliant machine.
  13. amc

    Playstation Vita

    Oh man! Living the dream. I've finally got RR2 on that Oled screen. And next up is C2C 2006. Bliss.
  14. amc

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    I've just been playing Shock Troopers for the first time. Absolute blast. I know I may bring the ire of the purists but It's on my little bartop. It's probably not emulating the games 100% but I have no knowledge of playing on proper hardware (although I had a Neo Geo CD back in 96 but all the games where fighters and my god the loading times) and it seems nice and responsive etc. It's got a hell of a lot of Neo games on there and would love someone to curate a couple of non fighters for me to play. The only other game from the Neo Geo I've played for any length on this is Metal Slug 2 and it was an epiphany with the proper Sanwa stick and buttons. Need me some more awesome SNK stuff.
  15. amc

    Playstation Vita

    Fucking hell you and me both. If I can play ridge racer 2 It's getting done tonight.

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