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  1. Must have been a JPN N64 I had then because like I mentioned too, I had to melt with a soldering iron little plastic posts under the cart trap door that prevented USA carts being inserted. Was sure mine was a HK machine but if you can plug USA carts into yours and it's never had the posts removed then I'm mistaken and mine was a Japanese machine. Never tried UK carts in mine though, only JPN and USA NTSC. Paying almost a hundred for Turok from New Generation in Leeds, which I found from the back pages of Edge, will always be one of my most distinct gaming memories. I absolutely rin
  2. I'm sure I had this version, Hong Kong region. Bought it for crazy money (well, compared to what you could buy a pal console for less than year later) a good while before the UK console was released. Think I paid around six ton with a Mario 64 JPN cart. Melted the plastic pegs in the card slot so I could play USA carts. I'm pretty sure it was a Hong Kong and not a Japanese console anyway. I sold it on here or the Edge forum years ago to The Goat Keeper, I think it was to him. Boxed with inserts etc.
  3. amc

    Apple Arcade

    Rather dramatic. The iPad is on my lap whilst lying down, using a cheap cover that folds. Mind blowing. Hope that image helps.
  4. Not strictly a retro handheld but certainly very, very capable at running all manner of retro formats and games. I'd definitely be down for something like this down the line, currently very happy with my S20 Ultra and Razer Kishi but would imagine handhelds like this will become much more common (and eventually a fair bit less expensive) with an even more powerful and efficient AMD apu as they move to 5nm. Looks great already mind.
  5. amc

    Apple Arcade

    I know all that, of course Android games need to pander to myriad configurations but 3DMark cuts to the quick, yet it's a much, much more capable SOC, ARM derived or not. Anyway, it's happy days for low power gaming. Apple know their shit.
  6. Metro Exodus. At the start it was all about the Ray Tracing but after an hour or two it transmogrified into all about the gameplay. Yeah, great stuff. Looking forward to the update later in the year. Terrible voice acting and writing mind. Mortal Shell. Fairly short and in need of another area and boss or two but what's there is a very decent time. Nioh (finally). Awesome, did the lot, all the sub missions etc. Just started Nioh 2 on PC, had actually purchased the game on PS4 at release but told myself it wasn't getting touched until I'd fully completed the first game.
  7. amc

    Apple Arcade

    I downloaded a Zelda rip off (Oceanhorn 2) on my iPad Pro from the Arcade and although it could be accused of being a little bland and an obvious blatant rip on the Zelda formula it was a real eye opener with regards to how powerful these machines are. It's all fairly generic but playing it in bed with my SN30 Pro pad I was pretty amazed at how far we've came with regards to graphical power in such thin devices. I also have an S20 Ultra and ran 3dMark on both machines, the iPad absolutely slaughtered it, I imagine their phone chips are the same. What the fook are Appl
  8. I can't fucking wait for this game.
  9. I've had this for a few years now. Love it. I just fired it up for what must be the first time in many, many months and for the life of me I can't remember if this has any rumble support. I'm playing using the Pro Controller if that makes any difference, can't see any option to turn it off or on in the menu etc. Feels strange playing a racing game without any rumble.
  10. Yeah, well Saint Maud saved the evening. Right up my street, the young actress was fantastic. Swerve Wrong Turn and seek out Saint Maud is my recommendation.
  11. Just watched it, I thought it was pretty shit. The 2003 film is no great shakes but I enjoyed it for what it was back in the day. Going to have a just before midnight viewing of Saint Maud in the hope of salvaging some Saturday scares.
  12. This looks cool. Can't wait to play using that sweet looking Bo Staff. I like poles but a Bo Staff is what a true martial arts master uses, and well, I'm pretty well regarded in Bo Staff wielding circles.
  13. Liam deffo had Electro 1.
  14. Will have to search that out. Some of the tracks from that game are like the best prog rock I've ever heard, that's how they come across to me. So much so It puts ELP to shame. Love it.
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