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  1. I've just made something on the Kaossilator and Kaoss Pad that would have had me jumping back in the day. It's obviously shit but just sitting here making nasty electric guitar riffs with massive beats and a few flairs threw in had my hairs standing on end. Tremendous fun. I wish I'd learnt when I had my early electronic music making pangs, back in the late 80s. Too old to learn now but just faffing I can make sounds I love. Brilliant, brilliant fun.
  2. I don't want to bang on about Link because there is an awesome update for Quest this evening but I think there is more to the chain than just the cpu and gfx card involved. It's needing to stream a rather large amount of data and pretty bloody quickly so although a usb port can lay claim to being usb 3 and obviously will be in spec to meet that standard, I'd say not all controllers or ports are created equal. I have several ports to chose from on my mobo and have definitely seen the best results from the red port labelled usb 3.1. that's vs others labelled 3.0. This is a direct port, it doesn't go to any header. So even using the same controller the different ports have variables. It's working awesome for a lot of people, with some laying claim there is no perceivable lag difference between Quest and Rift S and only a slight downgrade in resolution being the only difference. As @iwan_canobi says if you want the best most surefire Oculus PC experience then Rift S is still king. But Link is still in Beta and we have the fibre optic cable to come, this may negate any deficiencies in some usb ports, who knows, but when the stars fully align (and in most cases even if they don't) you can get a near flawless experience. But there's deffo more to that than just meeting power specs.
  3. I think anything including and above a desktop 1060 6GB (have people been successful with AMD on Quest?, if so then the base would be an RX580 for them) and a quad core CPU from the last 3-4 years and you will be golden for Quest. I have read that Asgard's Wrath is a ball-ache on a mechanical drive, with regards to slow loading, perhaps due to streaming so I think some type of ssd drive for Quest Link game installation might be a wise choice.
  4. Oh dear. I9 9900K, 32GB 3200 Ram, RTX 2080TI and several different types of Hdd, 500GB Nvme ssd for boot and to which I've downloaded Asgard's Wrath and Robo Recall, another none Nvme 500GB M.2 ssd and a massive mechanical drive for my library of other games. Quest runs brilliantly. It wasn't cheap but I saved a bit and had some fun by building it myself. My laptop has an I5 and a 1060 6GB but I still haven't tried my Quest out with that, yet.
  5. If people are using Nvidia laptop cards certain problems could be something to do with Nvidia Optimus. I've read something about this software a while back as I thought it may have been relevant to my laptop, luckily it wasn't but it's ringing a bell in here. Will try and find what it is that I was reading about. It's something to do with how Nvidia switches between the dedicated GPU and Intel's on-board graphics based on load or perceived lack there of, but it can be overzealous in how it does it. Maybe streaming can effect the algorithm.
  6. Just watched The Confession Killer. I'd seen the killer Henry Lucas on various things over the years (he's pretty recognizable) and knew there was controversy around his supposed killings and confessions but nothing like the extent to what is shown in this show. Pretty crazy story and well worth a watch.
  7. I get all the faults fired at it and can agree with some but the film has several scenes with actors knocking it out of the park. In a lesser film I think the above mentioned Tony Pro and Hoffa/Frank scene would be enough to elevate a film to being a worthwhile production, even if there wasn't much of note in the rest of the film, this has several scenes of that calibre (not even mentioning it's other non acting derived merits) so to me it's a bloody good movie and a definite good time. I think I'm going to watch it again tonight.
  8. You know, watching some of these videos might seem a million miles from home to a lot of people but growing up in Liverpool (and I can imagine similar for a ton of people around the country and on here) my childhood was filled with wastelands and derelict play areas. It may be on a much larger scale in these NYC clips but my god the 70s and 80s held a distinct feel across borders. There was a lot of poverty for some but thank god it does seem a lot, lot better in most places today. Not saying there isn't massive poverty today because of course there is but I'm happy to say I don't see as much neglect and dilapidation in the buildings and estates of today as that of my/our youth. It's virtually none existent now, gladly.
  9. Fucking hell this sent me down a right rabbit hole today. Watched several great docs on a similar kick, one of which actually had a few of these characters in. An update of sorts, although it may actually be an update to an even earlier documentary they appeared in as the archive footage features a couple of them (Blackie from the above) but in black and white and from the early 70s. All about the gangs and the savage nomads etc. I've been fascinated with NY and the Bronx since the early/mid 80s, ever since catching a video for Planet Rock and going nuts about films like Wild Style and Beat Street, back when we were all listening to Street Sounds.
  10. I haven't seen that for years. Damn. Nice one.
  11. Oh god, I've had so much fun with the Kaossillater I've bought a Kaoss Pad KP3. I've also bought a little Pioneer DJ Mixing thing and some monitor speakers. Plus a sturdy and rather large folding desk on order to house it all on, along with my laptop and MPK2. So it begins.
  12. I like the look of this but I haven't watched Spectre. I was unable to for a while and when I had the chance it had gotten a lot of bad reviews so didn't bother. I'd really enjoyed Skyfall so left it at that and going by this trailer it seems Spectre is integral to its plot. So I'll need to watch Spectre before I see this. Suppose it can't be that bad.
  13. It's a 70s/80s V8 Vantage isn't it? Certainly looks like from the rear.
  14. If you are using it in Quest mode exclusively then after the initial, fun, setup the HMD is a world apart from PSVR in terms of ease of playing. Basically put it on your head and it's go time. If you are using Link to your PC then it obviously introduces further steps until you're in a game but I'd say it's still a little quicker/simpler than getting a game up and running in PSVR.
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