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  1. amc


    Yeah been thinking mame. Just saw Space Moth DX, pretty cheap and gets good words. Would that be beyond a noobs ken?
  2. amc

    Dirt Rally

    I did have some sublime races, far beyond those of the other Dirt games. Pure in the zone racing. Felt fantastic to do well but that was few and far between. Much more common to feel demoralized after impossibly tough (for me) races.
  3. amc

    Dirt Rally

    I love Dirt 4 but Rally just kicked my arse too hard. I could never figure out if I was playing it wrong, basically trying and failing to place 1st. I stuck with it for a few hours but think I gave up when I couldn't place on Rallycross, even after many, many, many attempts. Just so fucking tough. I'm sure I was playing it wrong, did it ease up later as you gained more experience/money?
  4. amc


    @witchypoos You seem a man in the know. Can you recommend me a tate shooter on steam? I'm a proper shooter noob but want to try out my new monitor and rotating stand. I don't suppose any have crazy ultrawide support in tate do they? Oh and any thoughts on Dariusburst CS (Yeah I know I'm wanting to try the delights of shmups for the wrong reason but hey ho!, and I do like the genre, just not very versed so perhaps this will give me a reason to get stuck in)
  5. Seems to be a new firmware v3.70 out. Not sure what it does, nothing exciting is my guess. Just spoofed Henkaku to 3.70 and was still able to use PSN store etc so still no need to update for me.
  6. amc

    Alan Wake: Tramp gamers, take a hike!

    Ahh yes American Nightmare lol, what's Undead Nightmare? (powers on 360, looks through Aurora cover flow) It's only bloody Red Dead's DLC/expansion, Doh!. Something I was literally playing two days ago. Don't know whether that helps me with the reason for misnaming or makes me even dozier haha. Anyway, cheers for the tips. I'm actually just about to get on it.
  7. amc

    Alan Wake: Tramp gamers, take a hike!

    Absolutely loved this and finished it years ago. Glad Darhkwing asked about the DLC as I've been playing a bit of the old 360 of late. Think I'll grab the content and give it a whirl. Also remember undead nightmare, what was that, some sort of arcade game different to the main game's style?
  8. Yup loved that. Looks lovely on PC. Didn't realise it was a timed demo and my heart sank when the message popped up. Went straight to pre order after I finished.
  9. I don't know whether to try it on my PC or One X. What's your specs? *Just seen your post in the Shield thread, haven't got one of those. Prob just going to go with Xbox.
  10. amc

    Stuff that astonishes you about gaming

    Plenty of times in the past, Virtua Racing twin sit down introducing me to 3D graphics and blowing my mind. Ridge Racer and then Wipeout showing me that those visuals were now available at home. Like you, just the shear amazingness of Mario 64, then having PilotWings make me believe anything in games was possible. Zelda OOT, the lot of it. Lately I've been blown away with games like Horizon ZD and God of War with just how brilliant a world they have and how beautiful that world can look on supposedly old and creaky hardware.
  11. I've just tested Gradius V on my PS3 and it plays fine, although it is a JPN machine with full back compat. I use multiman to launch. Maybe give multiman a download and see. From the looks your file structure is right for were to place the iso.
  12. amc

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Of course the dislike for TLJ by a lot of the fanbase hurt SOLO. How much I obviously can't say but calling the dislike of the film from a lot of fans hysteria just because a minority number of dickheads gleam the spotlight with their antics, paints those with a genuine dislike as nutters. I wanted to love TLJ and nothing about female casting, race or agenda even registered with me whilst watching, it was the massive plot holes and in my opinion bad writing of large parts of plot. It actively damaged TFA for me due to dropping large chunks of plot I had an interest in. Not subversion, just kicking shit in the bin. I certainly don't have any stupid backlash or ban or whatever the fuck some of these fans call it but I know that TLJ cooled me on the whole SW thing. I just had a bad taste in my mouth and had no desire to see SOLO at the cinema, it was as simple as that. TLJ made me feel something I hadn't since 78, through the prequels and even the largely derivative TFA and that was a great big shrug. I've seen SOLO in 4K at home and it's a fun romp and if it had came out at the cinema a while later than it did I may have had my SW fires a little more stoked but they were at an all time low back in May. Anyway I'll be in the queue for 9 and hope it can stoke my SW fires back up to where I'm buying more of that Black Series new trilogy plastic shite again. When we are talking about a fanbase as large as that of SW, if a significant number of those fans, be they idiots, normal behaving, what have you, have lost interest in the franchise or are on some daft crusade, then it is going to hurt box office. It really is. It's going to be a lot of seats due to the size of said fanbase. Even if it's a much lower percentage than those who liked the film.
  13. I've never played more than a level of a 2d Mario game, same with 2d Sonic. I just wasn't into games when 2d platforming was at its height. Over the years I've tried to give them a playthrough but realise after the first level that they just aren't for me. Perhaps a little to precise in their jumping for my reflexes. I love Mario's 3d outings to bits, not so much Sonic mind. Recently gone a bit 2d crazy with my Vita and my phone emulation, SOTN, Castlevania IV, Gunstar Heroes and Bloodstained COTM and a few others have all been fantastic fun so maybe it's time to see if my reflexes have improved and give them another go.

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