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  1. I'm pretty big on my Android phone with regards to emulation. It's basically a one stop shop for everything up to and including the DC. Saturn with Yabause, Redream for DC, M64PlusFZ for N64, My Boy for GBA plus the usual Android Snes, MD and MAME emulator offerings, all working extremely well. Hell I've been palying Jaguar games at near perfect emulation with IrataJaguar. Would imagine you can do DS/3DS and PS1/PSP fairly easily but I use both a VIta and New 3DS XL for that stuff so can't comment. Just bought a Razer Kishi that is trans-formative, was previously using an Elite 2 p
  2. Deffo recommend the Mortal Draw combat art. I've basically used it to decimate/cheese a few of my last boss encounters. I think it's supposed to use spirit emblems but it keeps on twatting foes long after I've used up the supply, does for me anyway.
  3. I've been plugging away at this since it released, sometimes I'll play for a few hours straight then not play it for a week or three. I'm basically fighting every boss, sub boss etc. I probably could have finished it long ago but like I say I went looking for all the headless, Monkey boy and his mate yada yada. I began Owl's memory last night and I'm back to where I defeated Mrs Butterfly or whatever her name is. Owl Father pt2. I'm thinking I perhaps should have saved some of these encounters for NG+ but fuck it. Absolute beast of a game.
  4. A rare early 90s tune that was from the USA and wasn't Moby. Yeah I know the history but those fuckers neglected the scene.
  5. Is this based on the PS3/360 build? Didn't they dumb down the engine, if so then does the remaster out scope the OG release? I can play that on Origin but if this remaster ups the game then perhaps it's worth a punt.
  6. I'm only posting this because negs aren't a thing anymore (nah, not really, wait, actually really), but I much prefer this to 2016. I know it's a cliche but once this clicks, well clicked for me, it was incredible. I had those moments in 2016 and they were awesome, but when similar moments happened in Eternal they were transcendent. I know plenty felt it dropped the ball but I can honestly say if you dug it from the other side of the fence then you understood the media scores. That's not to say one was right or the other was wrong, but that both have merit. For me it wa
  7. There seems to be a lot of room to tweak Watch Dogs 3's engine as over on PC the new patch has greatly improved performance for me. All at a mix of high/Ultra settings with high RT at 4K now running along at 60fps more often than not. Was lucky to see the other side of 40 at launch at the same settings. Bodes well for future console updates, as long as AMD's RT is up to the job that is.
  8. Boring answer and already stated but on a personal level, Bloodborne and The Last Guardian. Both are very playable, BB more so, but both are also absolute masterpieces that deserve the highest attention in regards to image fidelity and performance. I don't think there would be a single negative from just a sparse clean-up of already contained assets and a performance boost, 60fps preferably at 4K. In fact just a performance boost would be enough for me actually, stick to their original resolution's if they must. I don't even hate BB's chromatic aberration, just a straig
  9. I've been playing this through Ubisoft connect. Yesterday I was getting about 50-55 fps with some much lower momentary drops, low 40's that would then bounce back to the aforementioned 50's This is at at 4K with mainly high/ultra settings and RT performance mode. Tonight I noticed I was getting basically a locked 60 fps. Thought my settings had reset so went into the menu, everything was the same except reflections being locked to medium without the option to change and the extra detail slider being locked to 0. I think Ubisoft are doing some major tinkering to highly i
  10. Ultra RT 1440P sounds fun. Need those 60 frames though and I'm guessing a lock at those settings may be wishful thinking. Need the C1 Oled and that 3080ti stat.
  11. I've ended up with a fuck ton of different controllers as of late, pretty much use them all for one thing or another. Currently my go to is the Elite 2 as I mainly play on PC atm, it's a great controller, my favourite as of now but I'm looking at the DualSense with greedy eyes. I'll obviously be using the DS if I get a PS5 in the next month or two but hearing about Steam adding support I'm hoping it'll be great as a PC pad too. Those haptics.
  12. Another set of cards that'll probably have people F5'ing into space is about to be born. https://www.amd.com/en/products/graphics/amd-radeon-rx-6800 https://www.amd.com/en/products/graphics/amd-radeon-rx-6800-xt
  13. amc

    Xbox Game Pass

    Just spent a comfy morning dossing in bed playing Xcloud on my phone. I've been quite a heavy user of the service and was using my phone, an Xbox One pad plus phone clip for several months to do so. Lots of good gaming but the big phone was causing a bit of a balance issue after about 20 minutes of gaming, so I've just stumped up for one of those pads that turn the phone into a Switch wannabe. Along with rock solid performance it's made the experience, which was good to begin with, pretty fucking great. Big, big fan of GP Ultimate for my big machines and the Xcloud service is turn
  14. Just nearly had a heart attack. Checked my email and opened this from Shopto. For a second I thought I must have drunkenly scored a PS5 without me remembering. The formatting from them was all fucked so I could only see what the actual order was after clicking their link. The email was actually shipping notice for this Which ain't so bad, but it's no drunken surprise PS5.
  15. amc


    Yeah, this looks pretty clever. Starting to get serious pangs of need of a PS5. I still have my PS3 plumbed in in the bedroom and have finished DeS, kind of told myself I could skip the remake and wait until an all black machine release but seeing some of its recent footage and now Bugsnax lol I'm thinking I'll get one when they are more readily available and just get a vinyl for the fins. EDIT. Oh it's on PS4 too. Could play it on my Pro. Still buckling under that PS5 pressure though, Astrobot.
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