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  1. Just launched that video in full screen, think I'm close to having a fit and I'm not even epileptic. He's one trippy flashy dev.
  2. As someone who didn't really jive with the original game back in the day and who actually returned it for a refund, I have to say that looks amazing and it may be time to give it another try. I'm not much of a FF fan but I did play the much hated 13 with my then 10 year old son and he loved it, and due to that and watching him get sucked in, so did I. Good times So yeah, basically a day one from me.
  3. So whilst I was in the mood to figure this out I've simply bit the bullet and went ahead and knowingly competed and completed events for a team I know I'd already finished the final race in 1st for but whose cars now didn't appear in my garage. So it's basically save the final won race then start and not continue when going ahead with wanting to compete and complete with another team. It seems to be the way to go through all the teams in GP mode. I've just checked my garage and now have two completed team's cars in there. Now to complete races for the other two teams, one of which I've definitely won the final race for previously but due to my confusion in saving then pressing continue and not start I don't have their cars in my garage. Man, I really appreciate modern auto-saving after this little dalliance. Yeah it's that simple really @wev but the choice of start or continue fucked me up along the way. You hit continue after saving the team's final race win and it takes you back to the final race in which you know you've just come 1st, you think "just won this, fucked if I'm racing this again" and quit out. Trouble is, even though you had saved said win previously to hitting continue you have just abandoned the final race so any save after doing so has you not completing that team's final win ergo you haven't won the GP, even though you have (fuck, my head hurts). So basically fuck the continue option after winning a GP. The GP save structure could definitely be streamlined.
  4. So I know this is probably an ask the forum type of thing but I'd probably wait forever if at all for an answer so here it is. How dafuq do you progress in GP in R4? I'm playing it over on my Vita, despite having a PS1 mini, and I'm sure my brain couldn't twig when I played it back in the day. I've raced with several teams and in several cars, completing the final race in 1st. At the end of said race I save my progress. So, loading up my save I'm asked if I want to start or continue, continue sees me competing in the last race I've just won so although that's what my brain tells me to press it can't be, can it? So I press start. I've competed to the end now several times choosing different cars and teams from my previous very final winning race but going to check my garage it only shows me owning the prc cars even though I've won to the end in other teams. I'm fucking clueless on how to save and progress so as to basically tick each team off my checklist in save format. I know it's really simple because searching online I can't find anyone else asking so it's my fault for not getting it. Loving the game but the progression and save system just hasn't clicked with my shriveled brain So if someone could just point out what to do after winning the final race with a team so as to go on and do so with another team whilst saving all my wins that would be dandy. Something like this- load-continue or start-win-save-continue or start-blah blah blah
  5. Just fired this up on my Pro after a month or two break and have they improved the graphics? I know it's always been a looker and perhaps it's just the new rain or lighting or something but my good does the game look amazing. The HDR almost has me to tears and like I say everything seems more beautiful than I remember?
  6. amc

    Gears 5

    Different kettle of potatoes server load wise maybe but I think Forza Horizon 4 was their first GP AAA release. Despite it looking stunning and me desperately wanting to play it, the couple of bugs I experienced PC side has convinced me to wait for a while before going big on the campaign. I don't mind gfx glitches but fatal crashes kind of kill my vibe.
  7. amc

    Gears 5

    OMFG this looks and sounds incredible. Atmos and all. Going to be a fun night.
  8. amc

    Gears 5

    Finished 4 over on my OneX this afternoon in preparation for this today. Really enjoyed the last chapter. Anyway, decided I'd go PC with GP Ultimate and boy does it look good, absolute max settings at 4K rock solid 60fps. I'm not going to play it though. I have my beastly PC connected up to my 65" Q9F and every other game with HDR gives me the option to enable it, and when they don't I can get it going by enabling HDR in the Windows 10 settings, but not this. I've got the beer, the pizza and the setup and game but I'm not going in until I'm seeing HDR. Looks stunning in SDR mind. *EDIT Yay found the setting. I'm going in.
  9. Just binged this. Thought it was fantastic. Roll on S2.
  10. amc


    Yeah funny enough I took delivery of some Monin syrups and Monin pumps today. Just having a cafe au lait with a splash of hazelnut syrup as I type. Tastes pretty rad.
  11. I'm only super early in but from the little lore I've seen it seemed to be pointing at thought forms or what the Tibetan monks called tulpa. So yeah pretty out there. Saying that I love all that crazy/daft shit so if it does indeed lean that way I'll be ok reading all those files and stuff.
  12. It's just a way to enable routines that are incredibly compute intensive so normaly need to be faked or approximated. It's not something that's supposed to stick out a mile or some crazy in your face whizzbang thing. Most gamers, probably rightly, have got the hump at Nvidia for implementing specific hardware (RTX cores) to enable the insane amount of calculations needed to be able to Ray Trace a scene/lighting/surfaces thus causing their new GFX cards to cost more and to not have focused that cost into normal rasterisation. You don't see it, fair enough, it's pretty subtle at the minute because what it's doing is so compute intensive even a 2080Ti is limited in what it can show so devs are taking small steps to implement, lighting, reflections, shadows etc. It's what the makers of games say they will be creating all games with in the future because it more accurately mimics real life visuals or how light behaves. I love it, it looks night and day with it on and off in a couple of the games I have that use it. I wasn't expecting to see something as mind blowing as it seems some think it should be, I knew atm it would be graphical baby steps with a technology that once the hardware has caught up will be used in every game, even Nintendo ones. Watching on a 4K Oled isn't going to magically show you something you can't see on a 4K monitor btw, even if you squint. In fact it'll probably be worse than a top end 4K LCD monitor for trying to distinguish the effect but that's by the by because you would still be able to see it on a 4K Alba. TLDR It's a subtle newly implemented way of rendering light and shadow etc accurately not a new never before seen effect (well it is but devs have used cheats to simulate things that RT can do, though these don't truly compare to real RT routines). So if you aren't impressed with it I wouldn't worry. EDIT* But as @Dark Soldier shows, Control is drenched in unique Ray Traced effects that can't be created with other programming tricks so maybe I'm chatting about it not being in your face lol.
  13. Cheers @Dark Soldier I'm probably in the minority but RT is right up my street, I love spinning the camera around in games and ogling at effects. Checking out all the surfaces in Control and how they change with light and reflections is definitely something I'll enjoy for a short while due to them being achieved with newly implemented tech. Then I'll get bored of that and marvel at the explosions and killing shit.
  14. One thing whilst there seems to be a bit of RTX chat in here, does the DLSS option prevent everyone else from rendering the game any higher than 1440p. I know it's probably a built in thing and think I read something in the options that confirms this but just want to check. I'm able to enable DLSS in Metro and have the game render at 4K but this doesn't allow any higher than 1440p once the box is checked.
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