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  1. I've just went back to this. I actually started it on release day and played a good 3-4 hours via PSVR, it was great but pretty intense. I intended completing the game that way but could only play 20 mins at a time before my head started to fall off. I love VR but have never managed to fully get my legs, it's all 20 minutes here and there. I have a Quest and a ton of games and a PC link so I'll get there eventually, same thing with HL Alyx, always tomorrow is going to be the day but tomorrow has never came, yet. Anyway, I'm now a couple of hours further on the clock, it's definitel
  2. Some prisons allow kettles in their cells, Strangeways for one. HMP Liverpool has boiling water dispensers on each landing so it's easy to access red hot water. I haven't watched this and if they've somehow managed to film at the derelict shithole that is Walton I don't think I'll bother. Did they show the cockroach and rat infestations?
  3. Wow. The Series S is one snappy little bugger. Fucking awesome fun getting a new machine, especially one that has a ton of software on tap. Currently exploring older stuff that's enhanced. Really is a cracking little console compared to my slothenly One S. Controller feels good too, the sticks feel similar to my Elite 2 so I'm guessing they've tightened them up a little. Much preferred.
  4. Oh, I have Game Pass Ultimate locked in for years. I'm happy to hold on to the One X in the living room purely for the disc games I own and will enjoy the myriad of older game enhancements both the One X and bedroom Series S bring. They both do different jobs in that regard right? Differing results for the same games, higher frame rates on the S and higher resolution on the One X, seems to be the case with certain games anyway. I've just played Black on the Series S and it's pretty insane what the machine can bring to older titles. A Series X would be a pretty superfluo
  5. Just traded my bedroom One S in for a Series S at game. Such a dinky little thing. Have kept hold of my One X for under my living room TV as I have a ton of discs, stuff like the Horizon's that can't be purchased on the digital store. Nearly convinced myself to look into replacing that with a Series X but sense prevailed. Now to try some old games with Series enhancements.
  6. Fired this up this morning. Nearly uninstalled it. Despite putting in several hours on my PS4 Pro a year or two ago I was completely overwhelmed. Didn't help that the voice kept telling me I was dying and getting more dead as the seconds ticked by. I'm like, "hang on love, I haven't even set my resolution yet!". Glad to say that despite an anxiety inducing start it began to flow fairly quickly. For such a relaxing game for the majority of the time that start gives you palps. Loving it now, I've turned all that motion blur and vignette shite off and it's running smooth as butter at
  7. I bought this on PS4 a few years ago when I got my Pro. Had a little dabble and enjoyed what I played but it was around the time when there were rumblings of a big update on the way, so I sat it out for a while until that first (I think) big update came out. Again, after the update I enjoyed what I tried, pretty sure I restarted from scratch too. Then began more rumblings of an even bigger update so I thought it best to wait for that to arrive. Repeat. My only interaction with NMS for a year or so has been to see many notifications on my PS4 telling me it's been updated. I'm not co
  8. Yeah, I think I'll skip this. I may have a quick peruse of my bookmarks and if there is one going I'll bite the bullet but if I'm honest I'm still happy sitting out the 3xxx cards. I'm still not seeing anything that my 2080 TI can't handle with aplomb with a tweak or two, so big shrug if it's bot city. The fantastic OC it can cope with probably helps. Will check out the madness later and if I kop for one I'm sure I'll be able to sell on my current card to offset a huge chunk of the cost.
  9. I've decided to give the 3080TI buying a shot. Probably not a hope in hell but I'm gonna try my hardest. If I succeed, this 2080TI is straight on Ebay for daft money. Gonna do a good bit of prep beforehand. Man vs Bot.
  10. This looks superb. Saying that, even if this wasn't the big upgrade it obviously is I'd still be excited. I'd happily just have more of the first game with little to no graphical improvement. I absolutely rinsed the first and The Frozen Wilds and thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic world and story. To sort of contradict myself, the only thing I have any regret with regards to time spent with HZD is that if I'd have waited I could have played the PC release at absolute max at 4K 60fps, but waiting almost two years or whatever it was for it to appear, yeah, sorry not sorry.
  11. amc


    Fucking hell is this game still shit hot or what. I played it all those years ago, on a PC my dad actually built himself. He really wasn't the nerdy type but after a horse betting programme helped him win a few small bets using my sister's Amiga he kind of went crazy for computers. He was in his mid forties, got pally with a guy who sold PD discs (amongst other hardware bits and game consoles) in the local shopping centre. Next thing they're manufacturing dimms in a small factory. So he got big into PC at a fairly late stage. Anyway, this just happened to be around the
  12. Looks lovely on PC at absolute max everything and what seems to be a locked 60fps at 4K. Is there no HDR? Can't find it in the options whether I enable it via W10 or not. No HDR seems a daft omission if so, it being such a lush, colourful game. EDIT* To answer my own question, from doing a bit of googling it would seem no HDR on any platform. Shame as it has the type of graphics and world that would be enhanced by the extra richness HDR brings.
  13. It's like Barry Norman never left us.
  14. I bought a Colecovision Flashback console and was hoping the little bugger had Turbo on it. Always fancied playing it but alas it's not one of the 61 games. I think I'll see if it's available on one of the probable myriad Colecovision compilations, if not I'll emulate it, or the arcade release. Probably better off that way as the Colceovision (and especially the Flashback version's) controller is nasty. The wheel was always up there with the Vectrex in my mind as a kid. Crazy hardware to have in your home at the time and looked upon with hungry eyes. Sega, yeah?
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