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  1. Leave me alone. I'm excited.
  2. Only been playing for about 30 minutes but I like it. I really like it. Only swatted a few super low level dudes but I feel I have the deflect down pat (will play to regret saying that I guess). It runs incredibly smooth on my lowly PC and HDR actually works off the bat for once, although my monitor isn't a patch on my living room TV's HDR and being ultrawide and this not being optimised for 21:9 the black bars are doing my head in. It doesn't seem to be taxing my computer so I don't think G-sync is even doing anything so I'm going to hook it up in the living room. I feel a bit shit as I'll end up dropping Nioh like a hot potato now this is in my hands and I have a fair chunk of that to wrap up. Oh well it's a FROM game and from my limited play a damn fine one at that. Hoping to meet some crazy freaks soon as Miyazaki does weird shit like no one else. Just brewing up the coffee. Fuck sleep it's Sekiro time.
  3. Yeah I was thinking this. I haven't used an Xbox pad for a Soulslike game since DS1 on 360. I've only ever used the One pad on PC but am I right in thinking it's just as easy to use a Dualshock 4 with Steam?
  4. @Curtis So come on my man what's your verdict at this early stage. I've noticed you seem pretty positive in your posts but haven't yet threw out a superlative or two. I jest but would like to hear a hot take from you. I know you love your Souls and Nioh etc and have spent many, many an hour in their thrall. You liking it? I'll be pulling a late one anyway so hoping it grabs me.
  5. I don't want to clog up the thread with boring tech talk but thanks to G-sync being made available for us Freesync folk, as long as my 1060 6gb can manage into the 50s I should be immune to any noticeable frame rate shenanigans. So fingers crossed for 50+ fps for me at 1080p. That goes to pot when I take the laptop into the living room for some 65" fun though. Think I'm going to switch on Nordvpn and jump the gun, can't wait any longer.
  6. Good stuff Dave, thanks. Hopefully be sorted by Steam unlock as these things are normally quickly sorted. I hope.
  7. I get that even the boosted consoles have weak CPU's but you would think they could drop the resolution boost and put that surplus towards those extra 20fps for a locked 60. I love FROM and will swallow whatever they put out but their Souls games are fabulous at 60fps and that frame rate goes hand in hand with the game's play style. I'm not second guessing Miyazaki, he obviously knows his onions so perhaps there is an immovable technical reason, but you'd hope he'd put the extra grunt into frames instead of resolution. I'd love an option between either and would always plump for fps with these types of game.
  8. I'm not sure if the fight you mention is broken but I know they said you can't just stealth through a level as the mechanics of the grapple would make the game too easy, so they incorporated the fog gates to force you to fight. So although there are stealth mechanics it's not a stealth only game. No MGS style complete a level without a kill. But what you are explaining may be beyond that and you feel there is some sort of broken encounter or something. I haven't played yet.
  9. That's me fucked, I'm balls deep in Nioh at the minute.
  10. @Stanley I think you have the 49" MU7000. Unfortunately I think that size screen doesn't use a 120hz panel, I have the 55" of the same set which strangely (I think?) does use a 120hz panel but I don't have my One X hooked up to that anymore to check. On a brighter note (Ricky Gervais) I do have a 120hz Q9F hooked up to my One X so happy days. I'm still going for the PC at 1080p 60hz release though, well, as long as an I5 and 6gb 1060 can push that.
  11. Now that would be some lag free shit.
  12. amc

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Been playing this for an hour or two tonight and it's pretty good. Definitely more of the same but that's ok with me, big fan of the reboot and rinsed the last two of every chalice etc. Graphically it's very tasty on the X, HDR seems pretty well done, the opening village was vibrant as fuck on my TV. I may be misremembering him from the last games but Jonah's model seems pretty different, almost to the point of him swapping race from Rise, of course Crystal Dynamics wouldn't be so stupid but he does look radically different from the last game. It's sonically that has impressed me most though, Atmos through a nice set of cans is fucking incredible, I hope a lot more games use the format going forward as it really, really enhances the experience. I'm so happy it appeared on Game Pass as I was going to give it a miss due to inadvertently finishing it when my sister asked for help with the game. She was in her flat playing on her PS4 when she messaged me that she was stuck. I blew her mind with the PS4 share play function. We were laughing our heads off whilst she watched and I played several miles away on another setup. That was until I realised the part I helped her beat was the actual end of the game. Oh well, I'd had a few bevvies so my memory is about as fuzzy as the game was across the network. I've read a bit of disappointment from people with it but it's good times with Lara for me at the moment.
  13. amc

    Playstation Vita

    I know this is a longshot but does anyone know if there is any type of homebrew that turns the l2/r2 grip into something more useful? I bought one without doing my homework, cost a small fortune as it's for the 1000 model. It's a decent little case but I don't think I've used the extra buttons with anything, maybe a PS1 game or something last year. Most remote play games map the buttons to the front screen so makes it useless for most of them. Any obscure hack that gives it a bit more life? If not, and again a longshot but does anyone have a list of PS4 remote play games that map to the back touch screen?
  14. amc

    Sony definitely not buying Take Two

    Makes some sort of sense maybe. What with everything moving towards a more software/cloud/streaming like future and perhaps other competitors being a bit more equipped for that than Sony (well, beside Nintendo, but they always forge their own path anyway with regards to platforms and their massive Software/IP catalogue) somewhere along the line if Sony want to keep being a platform holder they need more big shit to keep selling hardware.
  15. Yo @Hitcher have you used these before my man. That's a good price and I have Nordvpn, is it just a case of activating your PC's VPN to purchase or do you have to muck about with anything console side? Cheers.

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