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  1. amc

    Playdate-A new handheld console thingy

    People being sceptical and ribbing this surely can't be a shock. Yeah it looks fun but it has a few USP that seem a little odd in 2019. Black and white screen with no light, bite size and oddly delivered games, and a CRANK. Oh and it isn't cheap. no matter how well it is built. But if the games are good people will be more than happy to praise it, especially if it uses some of those USP features in satisfying ways. As for now it's a bit of a unknown quantity and fairly unusual at that so it's bound to be questioned and joshed about. Like I say if the games are fun then people here will be amongst the first to big it up but until then.... It's got a fucking crank on the side. Cranktastic.
  2. Someone posted over in the bargains thread about getting this at a good price today due to a 15% discount on electricals on Ebay. I didn't look into it much as I didn't want to tempt myself after already using the discount on a new soundbar and well...I've got to eat this month. Might be of interest for anyone after one.
  3. amc

    Playdate-A new handheld console thingy

    I just hope I don't get my handlebar moustache caught in the crank.
  4. amc

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    I thought he was brilliant in this. He has some balls doing that scene (yeah I know). Plus, although he was saying they were sweltering I bet the reality of the filming he was far from it.
  5. amc

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    Watching this now. Powerful, terrifying, heartbreaking, brilliant. It's like an utterly scary horror film, only real.
  6. Man the garden fun sounds amazing. I'm still pretty weary of VR nausea despite owning PSVR since launch and different iterations of GearVR since 2016, some games great, some not so much. Anyway I absolutely loved messing around in the back with a couple of games on GearVR and actually spent a few hot summer evenings on the lounger with beers and snacks watching a few blockbuster 3D films. Lovely way to cool down and catch a film. Can only imagine how fun playing Superhot on a summer evening outside would be, and I imagine it would be great.
  7. amc

    Codemasters Announce GRID | 2008 or 2019?

    Absolutely loved GRID back in the day. The feeling in some of the top cars was pretty seat of the pants, every corner felt like you were on the verge of losing it if you pushed a bit more, which felt awesome when you didn't and did. The rewinds were limited as well weren't they? They definitely weren't get out of jail free cards for some of the later races anyway, because I hit a brick wall and couldn't come first no matter what, something I always try before moving to the next challenge in earnest in singleplayer. I actually downloaded Autosport on PC a short while ago, that game looks pretty fucking stunning at max settings. Plays lovely too. Do they still use the Ego engine?
  8. amc

    SEGA AGES: OutRun

    Yeah it looks and plays incredibly on the 3DS. I always loved the 3D effect but playing on the original XL was a pain in the arse, every little head movement threw it out of whack. I would never turn the 3D slider down out of some silly principle but it definitely spoilt my enjoyment now and again due to getting carried away tracking the cabinet effect movement, not anymore. I just had to play Outrun at its 3DS optimal settings so I finally plumped for a New 3DS XL. The 3D is now perfect, almost night and day in its execution and I can now throw my head about with gay abandon. It's a fantastic game, I imagine it's just as fun on Switch but I couldn't lose the 3D, besides Virtua Racing is keeping me happy over on that. And as a bonus of the upgrade I might finally be able to finish Pilotwings after eight years.
  9. People shouldn't really be too surprised about decent parity with lower end Rift games and the Quest. The 835 is a marvelous chip, very powerful for a handheld based machine. Of course it's not going to top a PC based machine but I was blown away with mobile based VR several iterations ago on my S6+ and GearVR. This doesn't have all the usual mobile phone overheads either, it can concentrate all that power toward the dual displays and refresh rate. It would put my supposedly more powerful S9+ GearVR to shame.
  10. amc

    Microsoft & Sony sitting in a tree...

    Google Stadia got them worried?
  11. Fuck me, they sure did swap out the writing for action and special effects. I was with this season, right up to EP3 which I really, really enjoyed but it feels a bit like a Bay film now. I'm not hating, I mean I enjoyed it and I'm obviously in for the last episode but it definitely lacks that spark of the writing in earlier seasons, it's really showing in these last few eps for me.
  12. I've got an s9+ and a gear VR and it can't do the tracking like this in anyway at all. Great for netflix and the odd joystick game but no good for movement and the complex stuff this offers. I think you're thinking of the GO.
  13. amc

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I have to say that some of these Sega Arcade ports look fucking phenomenal on large modern TVs. VR is eye poppingly colourful and clean, the same goes for Daytona and Outrun 2 Arcade on my 360. I don't know whether it's due to simpler geometry or what have you but those three mentioned are just unbelievably vivid and crisp. I'm praying for more of that 90s Arcade fabulousness such as Rally and oh my lord Scud Race. I would weep real tears for either of those. EDIT* And how can I forget this below, another eye searing Sega Arcade port, which after my post I'm now playing along with VR over on the living room TV. I'm well in the mood for a bit of blue sky gaming. Is this another game embroiled with licensing issues or is there a chance of a Switch port?
  14. amc

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Just bought Virtua Racing. I had to, it was the game that actually got me into gaming. Cue a story of a Rave, a service station, a twin sit down thrown into free play and me and six friends playing until the sun came up. It's a lovely little port. Only played in portable mode so looking forward to hooking up to the 65". I don't think it can top the Sega Ages version over on PS2 because I was able to hook up the GT Force wheel, that was some rush. Cheers for posting that link to purchase the Yen @mdn2. Piece of piss.
  15. amc

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    And now this-

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