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  1. amc

    The House Music Thread

    I thought that was something from 'It's Great When You're Straight...Yeah' from the thumbnail@Stanley Good tune. Nothing new in that BBC4 doc but good to watch. I was hoping they'd play the first House song I ever took notice of which was Adonis We're Rocking Down The House which I caught after Stu Allan's Bus Diss Hip Hop show on Key 103 in about 87. I used to tape the show and caught about 30 minutes of early house afterwards. Loved it straight away and soon tuned in just to that show and taped it every week for years. Had all the early Chicago stuff on and then the Acid House stuff which I was just discovering was liked by a few older peers. Next thing is I'm a total cheesy quaver and going on all kinds of adventures. Good to see A Guy Called Gerald on there, he was a genius, loved his Hot lemonade album.
  2. That's a shame. I've only spent ten minutes with it then jumped to messing with GBA emulation haha. Suppose it's one to play on PC.
  3. amc

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    After disliking TLJ and hearing the bad word of mouth I'd put off watching this. Pleasantly surprised, as others have said it was a fun rollick. As a Han Solo film (don't think we ever needed one) it was lacking but as a Star Wars Universe film it was very enjoyable. All the little nods to the other films I'd heard about and feared didn't grate anywhere as much as I'd expected. A solid 7 for me.
  4. They're as bad if not worse than some of these scummy loot box pushers. They know some poor saps are in for a fair chunk of change so will dig even deeper to get the game released in desperation. You're in for a couple of hundred and are worried it's gonna go belly up, that would be horrible and a waste of your investment in the game. But no worries you can help push the game across the line and buy some overpriced spaceships. So out comes the credit card and your in for even more cash. Rinse repeat. They're taking the piss whether they want to make a great game or not. Just fucking pull your finger out and deliver what you promised. Pyramid scheme regardless of being able to pootle about in some unfinished demo. These ships and other tat are pure whale bait and the ridiculous cost of some of it hooks the fattest whales.
  5. amc

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    Talking about the S9 I've just downloaded this for mine. I haven't played it yet but it asked me to sign in with my Xbox account. I also have it on the X so does this mean time spent on the phone and stuff you collect will be carried over to the console?
  6. amc

    The Arcade Ten

    Oh I was around during those early days but besides holidays I can't remember even going in one. That changed in the mid 90's when I got the gaming bug, thanks to a mind blowing several hours on a twin sit down Virtua Racing put into free play at a service station. Liverpool had a few Arcades around that time and I managed to spend some coin on the likes of Cyber Sled in one near Lime St before the slots took over.
  7. amc

    The Arcade Ten

    I was never one for Arcades until they were on their arse so it's a toughy getting 10 I've actually played in the Arcade, so one or two aren't exactly favourites but just games I'd have actually played in one. 1.Virtua Racing. 2.Ridge Racer. 3.Virtua Fighter. 4.Tekken. 5.Daytona. 6.Bomb Jack. 7.Robocop. 8.Cyber Sled. 9.Outrun. 10.Pacman.
  8. amc

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Thought this was out in March next year for some reason, next month. Brilliant. I struggle to ever finish a GTA game (in fact after I somehow deleted 4's almost complete save on my 360, I haven't) but completed RDR and that zombie DLC as well so hopefully this clicks in the same way.
  9. After only being interested in my hacked Vita playing unavailable PSP games (Outrun C2C, RR2 etc) I caught a video about HomeBrew Browser, wow! Fabulous little repository. Chock full of interesting stuff and a piece of cake to install things. Just trying out AM2R. Wish I'd checked yesterday before blowing £40 on an 8bitdo SF30 and xtander clip for my phone. Oh well suppose my S9 will play F-Zero X and Wave Race 64 better. HBB Highly recommended.
  10. amc

    PS4 Pro

    I know it's allowed. It was a shit joke on the previous stuff. The X is a marvel of design, really premium little machine. I guess I've been lucky with the Pro and noise levels. Anything multiplatform is normally a sure fire X purchase for me but really happy with what the Pro brings to the Sony exlusives. Sounds like I could be in trouble if my machine needs replacing though, noise wise.
  11. amc

    PS4 Pro

    I like them both. Oops.
  12. amc

    PS4 Pro

    Fucking hell it's all going on. Pile on time. Maybe Harsin can do me a solid and answer your question like he did the last one.
  13. amc

    PS4 Pro

    Nah just replying to this bollocks, which I never said or implied. Not sensitive, just replying to someone who obviously wants to get into something that I really don't care about.
  14. amc

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Sega could be rolling in it if they pulled their finger out. Number one priority should be taking the mini Megadrive away from shatgames. They fucked up the smartphone game roll out a while back too. Come on Sega strike while the nostalgia iron is hot.
  15. Just as I read this up pops a notification "you have new mail from Playstation" Yippee! Checks mail- "Introducing the Playstation classic" Yeah I fucking know Sony, already pre-ordered 3 hours ago. Where's my friggin free Netflix and cash money gift.

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