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  1. Nothing fancy but really felt like a chicken curry. Had a batch of sauce ready to go so that's what I had. Got a homemade egg custard with a cup of tea now. Yippee!
  2. I've got an older gaming laptop. It's been great but doesn't get as much use as it used to after building my desktop machine. It's a 1060 6GB and an I5 and will play 90% of games at medium/high at 1080p 60fps. Not what I'd call noisy and very little if any throttling after several hours of play, it's not thin mind. If space is a premium and a desktop is out of the question there are laptops out there that will have you gaming well beyond current console image quality. Some of the Nvidia 20XX series equipped laptops will even give next gen consoles a run for their money. A desktop is preferable for gaming (no shit) but if it has to be a laptop then do your homework on the machine's thermals and spec and then enjoy a great PC gaming experience. Gaming laptops have come on massively in the last several years. Lots of great laptops out there. Don't worry.
  3. Stuck in due to a slight exercise injury so my mum is picking me up some shopping to drop off. Been eating a lot of noodles with a tin of tuna for lunch so told my mother to pick me some up for the week. She asked "like Super Noodles?" To which I replied "not on your Nelly" can't stand them. So I took a picture of the brands I like and said any flavour but try for these brands, although not fussed on the Maggi. Dunno why I included the egg noodles, told her they're not needed. So what's the king of noodle brands and flavours, always looking for recommendations for my favourite snack food.
  4. The absolute beauty of PC gaming is choice. Once you realise every game can either have the graphics fidelity or frame rate or both if you have a powerful enough machine it really is a wonderful way to game. Sekiro was my gateway back into PC gaming. Loved my X and love my Pro but was pretty pissed From chose image quality with no option to prefer frame rate. No such problem over on PC. The choice is mine.
  5. amc

    Xbox Series X

    The thing I feel stood out most with Otogi is its atmosphere. I liked the actual game play but the atmosphere was pretty damn unique, I loved it. From are masters at creating strange and enjoyable atmospheres. Wonder what game of theirs was the first to bring that to the table, kings Field?
  6. I had to bite my fucking hands to stop from using my credit card when this came out on PS4. Loved the look of it from the moment I saw that weird trailer with del Toro under the bridge. I had too much other stuff on the go that kept me from a purchase and then it gets a PC release so held off. Now it's almost here for PC and I can't wait to play its craziness in maximum splendour. 4K monster Energy chugging splendour.
  7. I've went back to early in this thread to read about the launch etc. I disappeared from the face of the earth a few months before launch and missed all the hype and fun. Great seeing the usual peeps being staunch for the machine when MS were rightfully getting a kicking after TVTVTV. Funny reading that knowing that Microsoft did redeem themselves in the end with the One and S/X . I actually went and played a bit of Ryse and Forza 5 (I'd already played a tiny bit of both of them a while back when I got my S) as I was reading posts with people receiving their machine and loading up their launch games, reacquainting myself with them whilst reading people's excitement from the launch actually gave me some of that launch excitement too. Was a killer reading a couple of members having their launch spoiled by faulty drives etc but funny when they gave them a thwack to remedy it. Bit weird but I found it really fun. I'm now deep in the Game Pass ecosystem and I'm really looking forward to the new machines. Just glad I'll be on the scene for next generation fun this time and won't have to relive it like some odd vicarious time traveller. Off to read the upcoming machine's threads.
  8. Hopefully they don't mess around with any proprietary wireless connection for headphones. I've got several pairs of decent Sony BT cans and I'll be fucked if I'm buying console specific ones and all.
  9. I know very little about streaming or its characters but have watched that clip above and have also gleaned enough over the internet via osmosis to conclude that this thing is PR. Pure PR for another endeavour*. *I wouldn't bet personal testicles on it mind.
  10. I've had a PC alongside the consoles going back to the late PS1 era. I just hate to miss out on a game that's getting great reviews whatever the system. Wasn't able to play any games for a fair while so have gone all in on the shit of late. Kinda miss turning my X on these days, no sarcasm. I have this along with the consoles plugged into both a 65" TV and a 27" 1440p 144hz monitor in the living room. Only play PC on the couch. I am a bit of crazy misanthrope of late so I have the living room etc set up as a bit of a gamer den. My choice. Feels good. Couldn't tell you what colours if any the thing is pumping out atm as that side is close to a wall, think it's red still tbh, this pic was taken as I was testing that my build powered on, since put some Noctua fans in the front. Temps and noise are fantastic, even with a healthy CPU, GPU and RAM overclock. I actually have a completely different 2080TI to the one below now, the reason being is I thought I'd save some cash and go for an Amazon warehouse deal, turns out the card below was in fact a 2080 that some twunt had carefully swapped the back plate sticker with an actual a 2080TI sticker and returned it in the 2080TI box. Amazon didn't do a thorough check and passed it on to me. The both cards are identical bar the sticker and the fact the 2080 uses a 6+8 power plug vs an 8+8 on the TI, that's how I twigged, plus Windows telling me I only had 8GB of Vram. No problems with the refund thankfully and I simply bought a brand new Zotac 2080TI. Has LEDs on the shroud but I've no pictures and can't see it when gaming. I'll be going with an 3080TI so I'm good for comfortably getting the best from multi format games next gen, think I'll be good with my i9 9900k for several years mind. Don't get the PC master race stuff though. It's just a joke/bit of tongue in cheek right?
  11. Yeah, it's been a long time coming. Team and manager are phenomenal. Enjoy it lads, lasses.
  12. Lol. How do people who go to matches when they can afford to etc fit in to your equation. Two thirds fans or something. Whatever.
  13. Why can't both be real fans. I mean football is about connection, how you connect with a team. So what if you gained that connection when you were young and felt the thrill of a team winning via the TV. Winning is also a big part of football, one of the most important parts. Doesn't take anything away from anyone who found their love through family and locality. Anyone who supported Liverpool from their heyday has endured a long, long fallow period and probably introduced youngsters during that fallow period, who've never known league winning success yet they stuck by the club. Are we supposed to think them less of a fan because they don't have an L postcode. I get the family connection, although my dad was a red and I'm a blue so go figure, and of course it's important but so is the choice, the choice to make that team the one you are going to follow through thick and thin. It's the choice that matters not how you arrive at it. If you support a club you support a club. If you are passionate about a team then fuck anyone criticising you because it's not around the corner.
  14. I think the times of only being a real supporter of a given club meant you needed to be born within earshot of said club's cockerel died out with the invention of TV. It's the modern age, following your local tribe mattered more when you depended on the distance the hole in your coal mining boots would last. It's all a bit daft to feel staunchly against that if you ask me.
  15. Literally next to Anfield. I'm a blue
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