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  1. Done about 30mins upto yet and tbh, enjoying it far more than i thought i would. Nice change of pace from the shoot em ups i played previously. They done a great jobs on the visuals and really captured a small english village perfectly. Makes you sit back and appreciate the beauty of this country. As for the story, its starting to unravel but cant quite grasp whats going of yet. Tbh just love going round and exploring and see what i can find next. Great PS plus freeby for this month though.
  2. Not holding out much hope for this tbh. With Yu Suzuki working on Shenmue 3 and Nagoshi's attention on Yakuza series, I doubt they have much left of the original dev team working on this. If Makoto Osaki has anything to do with this then we could be on track for a great follow up as he was the main guy behind Daytona 2 and Outrun 2/SP. Fingers crossed.
  3. Dont like the look of it. Being a Wii U owner , all i see is the same thing that offers. Except for being able to take it out on that 1 or 2 holiday trips i have a year (you know a big percentage of people will only ever play this in the house) The slide on controllers look gimmicky and cant ever see people gathered round a small tablet playing multiplayer. Personally I think Nintendo should give it up in the hardware market and go software only. The switch only cements my thoughts. Kids only ever go on phone/xbox/playstations these days and Nintendo dont pull in the younger crowd like they used to. The Wii U flopped and with it being a similar product i can see it suffering the same fate. Nintendos talant for software is 2nd to none and would be a greater service to the gaming industry to get their games out on the platforms most people actually own.
  4. Just played Area X for the first time. Wow what an experience. Visually and gameplay wise, its what you expect from a next gen Rez with great music as always to boot. Only downside is, it leaves you wanting more for a sequel and I feel i need a PSVR to fully appreciate it. Fingers crossed santa brings me a psvr for xmas. Easily best version of rez to date and a great asset for the PS4
  5. Use Acer 27inch 1080p monitor for my pc setup. Down stairs Panny 50 inch VT20 1080p plasma. Use Dreamcast via vga, xbox via component and wii u / PS4 via hdmi. Everything looks stunning on it. Done me well for 6 years and have no plans to upgrade until it stops working. Puts LEDs to shame, inky blacks and perfect viewing angles. OLED is the only thing i would consider next.
  6. I pulled the trigger on a white chassis ps4 a few days back. Looks alot nicer, has optical port and by what i read of the early slim reviews, the slim isnt any quieter than the c chassis model
  7. Good price for what it is, but will be a hard sell for alot of people. At least Sony are covering all bases and for the people who want more out of there 4k tvs, its a no brainer really. Interested to see what people make of it later on.
  8. Currently playing it on pc. Loving it. Feels like im loosing more rounds than i did on the beta though Add away (havent got no mic atm) ID = Hodge
  9. Been playing this on and of for the past couple of days. Wasn`t expecting much going into it but came away very impressed. Thought my days with FPS had come to an end, but have left the beta wanting more of this! What impressed me most is how it doesn`t take itself to seriously, fun to play, easy to get into and isn`t focused on highest kill count like most other fps. Case and point, you can`t even see your stats till the game finishes, which stops people focusing on kill count and encourage them to work with the rest of their crew. Love the line up of playable characters. Nice variety and encourages you to experiment with them all to see who you prefer. Started of loving reaper and bastion (setting up in a sweet spot in turret form at attack points really annoys alot of players haha) But after experimenting, Winston came of being one of my favourite characters, even though i didn`t click with him at first. Overall can`t wait for the final game. Who is doing this cheapest atm? Saw Blizzard are asking £30 for standard PC version. Is Origin version worth it as the extra content doesn`t seem worth the asking price.
  10. Xbox 1. PGR2 2. Panzer Dragoon Orta 3. Outrun 2 4. JSRF 5. Silent hill 2
  11. Hodge

    Star Fox Zero

    Suprised it has tbh, as its a pretty poor affair for the price. Decided to go just for the game at £30 in the end and save myself £20 as star fox guard isnt worth the extra £20
  12. Hodge

    Star Fox Zero

    That t-shirt is aweful! Of all the designs they could of come up with and their best idea was to copy and paste the box art on it. Tbh its a shame they didnt bundle the fox amibo in the 50 quid version so you can unlock the retro version of the Arwing. Would of took that over a crappy t-shirt any day.
  13. Hodge

    Star Fox Zero

    Agreed, I think the vibrant arcadey style Starfox goes for looks great. Even more in this version. Havent played Starfox since my N64 days, so looking forward to getting my hands on this. WIth completing Panzer Dragoon Orta recently aswell, its given me a taste for these sort of games again. Definite pre order.
  14. All done. Had to go through a few usb keys before finding a good one, but all up and running in 480p now Looks loads better! And to top it of I have a v1.1 xbox so have no problems running panzer dragoon or JSRF either Managed to bag Soul Calibur 2 yesterday aswell which runs in 720p. Looks real nice and my favourite of the series. Thanks for the help everyone, well worth the hassle after seeing the end result.
  15. Decided to go ahead and do it. Bagged splinter cell for a quid and a cable of ebay for under 2 quid so not bad overall. Hoping my xbox wont have problems with Panzer Dragoon but have a feeling its a 1.4 model. Saw on net a couple of work arounds so will have to wait and see. Thanks for the advise.
  16. Just been looking at softmods and for the amount of money you have to lay out getting what you need to do it, (splinter cell, cable and certain usb key) probably aint worth it. Checked ebay and softmods arent cheap on there either. Ah well, will have to live with component at 480i. Thanks anyway
  17. Just been given a Original Xbox of my nephew in superb condition. Question. Its a Pal version, so whats the easiest way at getting it to output 480P as I`m limited to 480I over the component cable i picked up. Having just picked up Panzer Dragoon Orta for it, I need this game looking as Crisp as possible Still a Incredible looking game after all these years. regards
  18. Yeah it will be, same trick people have been doing on Xbox one for ages now. Microsoft don`t seem bothered.
  19. Picked this up today on the cheap with a hotdeals tip. Running on a I5-4690K with a GTX 970 and hands down the best looking game I`ve seen. Went with Digital Foundry settings for a solid 60fps. LOD= High Textures = High Shadows = Medium Foilage = Medium Sun Soft Shadows = Off Everything else = On Looks amazing and even better running at 60fps. Just done the Syria section and have ended up in the middle of no where in the snow. The attention to detail is outstanding with the way the snow falls and settles on Lara`s hair. To early to say how it fairs comapred to the last one, but feels less gunplay and more platforming upto yet.
  20. Been trying this out over the past couple of days and am very impressed with my s6 edge plus. Resolution wise is superb and fov is pretty good aswell. Love the interface and is just what vr needs. No going in and out of games and having to take headset of like carboard. Highlights Lands end - good experience, very short. Dead secret (playing atm and what a game. This genre is perfect for vr) Assassins creed jack the ripper short on oculus videos. Be prepared to ve anazed. Blu vr. Great scale. Wild vr. Shows what vr can do in the film genre nicely. Doubt i will go oculus route down to cost and gear vr giving you the freedom to use it where ever you want. Cant wait to see what the next few months bring
  21. Like alot of others MGSV for me. Did quite a few side quests and got to around mission 20, but felt like I wasn`t progressing and repeating the same thing over and over. Didn`t help with the lack of story either and no variety in mission structure. The final straw was the legendary Gunsmith missions (You know what I`m talking about if you started them). Evil Within was another. Had promise. but soon as I was introduced to the Chainsaw guy, the game was ejected from my PS4 with temper and sold at my nearest trade in shop.
  22. Well just had a crack on the first league and came 3rd overall. Looks like we aint gonna be in for a easy ride with this game. Handles beautifully on pro controller. Silky smooth frame rate and nice vareity in level visuals. Spotted some real nice background animations kicking of when you get a chance for a quick look. Does take some getting used to switching between phase colours though. Any arcade racer fan will lap this up and is a steel for the price. If you have a wii u, looks like another worth while exclusive to own.
  23. Its up on the store for purchase now. Size is 590MB Cant wait to to try it
  24. Still on the fence with this. Wouldnt mind it, but still going through Wind Waker, just got into Splatoon and haven`t even unboxed Project Zero yet. Do I really need it Does have a PSO vibe to it, only thing i`m un sure of is how does the online side work? You pick a quest and it auto matches you to players on that quest? Are people randomly roaming around Mira? Or is it more a solo experience?
  25. Hodge

    Nintendo Wii U

    Got my Wii U last Christmas. Not much been out over the last year, but still had plenty of fun with it regardless with the likes of Toad treasure tracker, Splatoon, Nintendoland and Zelda. One thing that has got me is the price of the consoles atm. Last year i paid from shopto for Wii U 8gb Basic White Console + Wii Party U + Nintendo Land + White Wii Remote Plus Controller. total = £165 Just for the Basic Pack on it`s own is more than that now. Aren`t Consoles supposed to drop in price as the years go, or am I just loosing my mind? What is happening with the pricing of the Wii U?
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