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  1. Second. Enjoyed the game, but felt aweful playing at 30fps. Even if they added framerate smoothing like in forza horizon it would of been better. If there is no option for 60fps on xbone its a pass for me
  2. Me and a friend took to the seas for a couple of hours this morning, ended up doing a 3 part treasure hunt. 2nd part took us a while to figure out where the treasure was and to top it of a skeleton took to a cannon on the island and sunk our ship grrhhh. Luckily we retrieved the treasure and pulled up a new ship. But the worst part is as we finished the quest and was going back to the outpost for our reward, we were blind sided and attacked by another crew and long story short ended up sinking us and lost everything Felt like 2 hours down the pan. I know thats the name of the game but still frustrating when it happens! Suppose i will learn for next time to keep dropping the treasure of instead of hoarding it. Still loving what i played upto yet
  3. Had a good session on this yesterday. Tried it with some randoms and got lucky, everyone was chatting and having a laugh which is what this game is about. Also tried it with a mate later on for a hour and had alot of memorable moments. Especially being caught in a storm and having to work our asses of to keep the ship afloat. For me this is the perfect game for where i am in life. I havent got time no longer to spend hours getting great at a game or leveling up to the max, so i can unlock stuff and stay competitive. For me these are the reasons i dont really bother with multiplayer gaming anymore. Where with this i know i can come back into it anytime i like and know im not at a disadvantage. Im sure rare will build on the formula down the line, but for the moment there is more than enough content to keep me going with what time i have.
  4. I agree with this. I sailed on my own first few times to get my head round how everything works. Tried to start of with a crew first but learned nothing this way. Also tried a merchant quest and again doesnt explain much. Tip: if you need 2 chickens make sure you get 2 cages; they dont fit in one Been switching between pc and xbox one. Pc definately way to play. Hitting stable 60fps on legendary settings on a gtx 970. Saying that still prefer playing xbox one as its hooked upto my plasma. Overall looking forward to trying it out again as there should be plenty on today.
  5. Hodge

    Knack 2

    Picked this up over Black Friday and by what i played upto yet, I`m really enjoying it. Doesn`t have much depth in its combat system, but it`s nice sometimes just to have a quick pick up and play game you can get stuck into in shorts bursts without remembering where you left of from last time and what button does what. Has plenty of platforming within the levels to fill out the combat sections and reminds me of the earlier days of videogames in its execution. Graphically looks lush aswell. Overall well worth picking up on the cheap if your after a platformer/beat em up up can chuck on for half hour here and there
  6. Until Dawn (ps4) Yakuza Zero (ps4) Horizon Zero Dawn (ps4) Mirrors Edge Catalyst (pc) Quantum Break (pc) Titanfall 2 (pc) Uncharted Lost Legacy (ps4) Zelda BOTW (Wii U) Has been a fantastic year for gaming for me, played some cracking titles this year. Titanfall 2 campaign was the biggest suprise for me, loved it. Some big GOTY contenders, with yakuza zero, botw and horizon zero dawn being the main ones for me. Will be difficult to decide out the 3.
  7. I do kinda agree with this. I just wish Nintendo went down the dedicated console route instead of what we have with the switch, which is essentially a jack of all trades, master of none. Which is why my Wii u will be my last Nintendo purchase, until they go back to producing a dedicated console or go multi platform. As for BOTW running on CEMU, looks lovely. Currently playing on Wii U and still looks great, but seeing it on emulation does get you mind ticking over what Nintendo could of done if they weren`t limited by there own hardware.
  8. Looks promising, been waiting for something like this to come along on current gen platforms. Cause its definately a genre that has lacked this gen. Thats why i have had to go back to my 360 for my arcade racing goodness. Pgr4, burnout paradise, outrun, daytona, sega rally, split second, ridge racer 6, the list goes on. Heres hoping to 60fps.
  9. Hodge

    SNES Mini

    You will be fine. Just collected mine now no probs. Guy said head office told them to hold them all until collected due to system error.
  10. Hodge

    SNES Mini

    You was spot on. It was in spam. Just phoned them and said system has been down all weekend so alot of people arent getting any txt/emails and was told to hold them all. Gonna collect now. Many thanks
  11. Hodge

    SNES Mini

    Managed to get a pre order in on smyths before they hiked the price a while back. I did it on a collect from local store but still stuck at processing stage from last week. Anyone else in the same boat? Can you just go and collect or do you have to wait for the txt/email?
  12. Hodge

    SNES Mini

    Its amazing when you think about it, how quick most people dumped their Snes and collection for better and greater things in 1995/97 Playstation/Saturn/N64. Now we are going full circle and scurrying to get back the thing we couldn`t wait to get rid of all those years ago???? After all these years, i still can`t figure out how the Human mind works, where a object can loose meaning so quickly and then to regain meaning once again years down the line. Are we wanting the snes mini, because we will replay these games and think the last 20 years in gaming have got it wrong? Or are we looking for a time machine which will transport us back 20 years to a more simple life, more simple games and aren`t always chasing the latest and greatest! Or is it that people just see them as another object to scalp and make some money on side to spend on more pointless crap. Hmh. For me I have one pre ordered, I`m gonna admit. But I still can`t figure out why I have and if i really need it.
  13. Looks phenomenal. After all these years, looks like we have a true successor to mario 64. Shame i dont have a switch and have no intention of buying one
  14. Played a couple of hours and is superb. 2048 is a big upgrade over the vita and no more framerate issues. Great value for money Dissapointed that they didnt add stereoscopic 3d support like the ps3 versions as ps4 would be perfect getting it to run at 60fps in 3d as ps3 version only managed 30fps. Any chance of a upddate later down the line please
  15. Agreed, only just started really playing it as yakuza has been drawing me in. But the missus has some crap on the tv so decided to spark Zelda up on the Wii U controller. Looks really good. Being able to go from tv to portable on the switch, sorry Wii U is a life saver.
  16. It is a thing of beauty. Love the art style and direction it has gone. Its gonna be one hell of a ride. And seeing that everyone is posting their new shiny switch pics of zelda, heres one running on the once loved but not forgotten Wii U. And no left thumb stick issues in sight
  17. it is, but notice a a definite green push as well. Overall the wii u colour palette looks more pleasing to my eyes than the switch. Same here, need to get dust of my wii u first and get some charge in the pad, been dead for the past 2 months
  18. Whats with the dreadful matrix style green tint on the switch version or is it the way its been captured? Especially around the 4 min mark into the vid. Going to pick up the Wii u version in abit, cant wait.
  19. Hodge

    Nintendo Switch

    Just been watching last gamers thoughts, he wasnt blown away either. Dont think ive seen a positive review yet. The hardware looks flimsy and very underwhelming. Its gonna be a hard sell for Nintendo.
  20. Hodge

    Yakuza 0

    Been playing this on and off for the past week and what a fantastic game. Well polished, good story and you dont know who you gonna bump into next and what crazy side mission you will end up doing. Currently investigating Tachibana real estate and have done the most bizarre side quest ever which involves underwear Then there is all the mini games you can waste endless amounts of time on and probably havent seen all of them still. I love this game, if you have a ps4, do yourself a favour and track down a copy. Welcome back Sega we missed you
  21. Forza horizon 3 for me. Brought it on pc and enjoyed it for the first couple of hours, then felt like there was no real progression or challenge to the game. Complete waste of money for me. Other than that im quite selective what i choose to play these days and try and aim for games that dont have a completion time any longer than 10-15 hours single player. Saying that i have picked up Yakuza 0 recently, but the game is so bonkers i aint ever gonna loose interest in it.
  22. 1. Overwatch. Lost my love for first person shooters over the years but this title has rekindled my interest again. Not just about going out racking up highest kill count, but more about working as a team to keep the opposition at bay. So many great rounds and memories of this last year. 2. Uncharted 4. More of the same, but enjoyed the story and cut scenes more in this one than any other. Visually fantastic aswell. 3. Rez infinite. Never get tired of this game and this is the best version yet. Area x just completes it. 4. Last Guardian. Did dissapoint in the first half, but redeemed itself in the later half when Trico was in full flow. 5. Zelda Twilight Princess. My first time playing through this was last year on wii u. I thought they did a nice job on the remaster and loved every minute of it.
  23. Whats the cheapest pre order going atm for the wii u version? Checked amazon but aint up for pre order atm.
  24. A nice little product from Nintendo I must say. Would sit nicely with my PC setup. Not sure if its worth the money though. If it was a snes i`d be all over it. Definitely not living room material due to short joypad cabling, unless your gonna try and hunt down a wii extention cord before everyone else has the same idea I will see what tomorrow brings haha
  25. So it all comes down to not thinking traingles, but squares instead? Great lol It`s a shame with all Segas R&D talents, the Saturn was the best they could come up with Even more so that I paid £400 notes for one on uk launch
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