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  1. This is gonna blow my mind when this arrives through the letterbox! Huge thanks to all the backers and imo one of the greatest games creator around, Yu Suzuki for making this happen. Glad to see some light at the end of the tunnel after all the negative feedback regarding Epic/steam situation. Anyone who wants to refresh there memory who Yu Suzuki is and what he has done for this industry, here is a reminder as this guy deserves way more respect than he gets. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yu_Suzuki
  2. Not long depending how you play it out on Byzantium. I went John Rambo on everyone and blitz through it in no time lol. I heard there isn't much in the way of decent side quests on Byzantium anyway. around 3 hours I would say. Apologies for any spoilers earlier, didn't think what I put was but hey. Edited as such.
  3. Finished this today with around 17 hours on the clock. Cleared up most of edge water, monarch i explored alot of and did a few side quests. Last city Byzantium, pretty much wiped out anyone in my path and only remember doing one side mission with the movie guy. Went down the path with philias till the end and overall, pretty much what the bag said above "liked, not loved" Really enjoyed Edgewater/roseway parts of the game. Monarch just felt like a bigger version of edgewater and at the end played out pretty much same as Edgewater anyway. Still enjoyed monarch overall except for the queen mantis in the out backs. Byzantium I wasnt really feeling at all so just decided to get through it as quick as possible. Overall great addition to game pass and If i paid £30 for it, would of still got my moneys worth.
  4. Cheers will give it a try now.
  5. Yeah it is caused by the TAA solution they are using. I tried scrolling the text at the terminal up and down, no issues with TAA disabled. Shame they didn`t offer smaa or msaa as a alternative (fxaa is just as bad) It was my main gripe with gears 5 aswell.
  6. The culprit Is the god awful TAA developers insist on using, which yeah eliminates jaggys, but as a side effect induces blurriness and smearing. There is a work around to disable Anti aliasing if you wanna give it a try. https://errorfixer.co/fix-the-outer-worlds-game-looks-blurry-disable-taa-dof/ Tried it and makes image look nicer as its no longer blurry. But looks to jaggy and no way to replace it with another AA solution so will have to put up with the TAA for now. Other than that loving the game, didn`t think i was gonna like it but obsidian have really delivered the goods on this. Love the setting and combat system.
  7. so much for getting it a day early
  8. Depends which region you set windows 10 to
  9. Hodge

    Gears 5

    Nearing the end of act 1. Overall good but not great. Gun plays feels as good as ever, story wise feels a bit blah upto yet. Go here, do this. Meet up with so and so. Feels like the narrative is off and having to remind myself what my aim is after wiping out another swarm/horde. Visuals, nice but coming of Control on the pc with all rtx effects enabled I` not as amazed as some. SSR sucks balls, especially when trying to reflect your character in any mirror. Also looks like taa is being used which softens visual fidelity to much. Shame they didnt give you option. On the Plus side, destruction of scenery and particle effects look ace. Hopefully it picks up in chapter 2 and gets going as I`m not enjoying it as much as i did 4 upto yet.
  10. I knew Yu wouldn`t let us down. Even after all the bad press and negativity toward Shenmue 3 I still had faith he would pull it of. Best $100 I`ve spent!
  11. Dead Rising 4 up on PC Game Pass now. Enjoyed 3 despite mediocre review, looking forward to trying out 4
  12. Your in for a treat, the Ray Tracing Global Illumination looks lush
  13. If its the PC version, I noticed there is a resolution issue to watch out for. It outputs at a low resolution when you first boot the game up, even though it`s quoting 1980x1080. To sort the issue, drop the res to 800x600 for example (apply) then re apply the correct resolution you want ie 1920x1080 and that sorts its.
  14. Game pass for PC is insane value! Currently downloading Metro Exodus, Shenmue, Vampyr, Turing Test to start of with. Can`t believe Microsoft have bagged Metro Exodus though, with all the epic store exclusive talk a couple month back. Time to spark up those RT/Tensor cores on my RTX 2070
  15. Looks fantastic, and definitely gives plenty of wow moments, but like the rest of battlefield V there is alot of issues to iron out and more optimisation to be done. Plus Im running it on a i5-4690k cpu and bottlenecks without ray tracing, let alone with it on lol Doesn't transform the experience, but definitely adds to it. Rotterdam map, what they shown at the nvidia conference is definitely the STAND OUT map for rtx without a doubt. Been killed many of times, being distracted by my own reflection lol Even though lots of people have slagged nvidia of for the direction they have gone with the RTX cards, chasing graphical fidelity instead of those headline fps figures @ 4k I believe they have made the right choice going forward.The futures bright with Ray Tracing in our lives
  16. After getting by the first year and finally getting the online side to work, this game is becoming better than i imagined. Just completed my first live forzathon challenge and being able to join other peoples challenges with ease with LB button makes the whole online/solo integration seamless. Like how they have clearly separated challenges this time round and makes alot more sense, so your no picking the wrong car for the challenge ahead. Only downside is Edinburgh has put me on a big downer, thinking back to the times playing PGR2 and that we will never get to see another PGR game for next gen platforms made Suppose replaying the road/street races round Edinburgh will have to suffice
  17. Anyone having issues connecting to online side on PC? Couldn't get a horizon life or adventure to work, was just hanging on finding game. after going through loads of fixes, found this one to work for me, if anyone else if having problems with online side give it ago. 1. Click Start , type services.msc in Start search box and hit Enter. 2. Right-click the Peer Networking Grouping service and select Properties . 3. Check if the service is started; if not, right-click and select Start . 4. You may also set the Startup type to Automatic under Properties . 5. Click OK . and restart the computer. if that dosent work. do this to. . Run command Prompt as administrator 2. Type "netsh" and press enter 3. Type "int teredo" and press enter 4. Type "set state disabled" and press enter 5. Type "int ipv6" and press enter 6. Type "set teredo client" and press enter
  18. Daytona Daytona 2 Ridge Racer Outrun 2 Sega Rally Virtua Fighter 3 Crazy Taxi Soul Calibur House of the Dead 2 Initial D
  19. Tried demo last night on PC, looks lush!! Ralph and his team have really excelled themselves on every level with this. Visually looks fantastic and far more interesting than FH3. PC performance is on point this time round!!! Running a I5-4690K with a GTX 970 and performance is rock Solid 60fps on high settings :D Challenges seem ok by what i tried of the demo but did not want to spoil it to much. Can`t wait for it on Game Pass next month
  20. Looks brilliant by what i`ve seen. Cannot wait for this to land next year! Day one purchase for me, exceeded my expectations on what they have delivered compared to the other remasters.
  21. Thats a shame cause for the price you cant argue with the value it gives. I havent brought a game since having it. I just see it like my netflix sub now, when i feel bored or want to chill, browse the catalogue and away i go. Rocket league has just come on and is perfect for 10mins or half hour if your struggling for time. Constantly in and out of sea of thieves to. Also completed rime and coming to the end of Resident evil remaster on game pass. No way would of played these 2 otherwise if it wasnt for game pass and had a great time on both. There is always something on game pass to fill in the time no matter how much you have. Oh and having Forza horizon 4 at launch on game pass is great news. Would have brought it anyway, but with having gamepass no need to
  22. Just beat me to it. Just checked my ready to install list and there it is My personal fav of all the battlefields. Pick a class and away you go. No messing leveling up and trying to unlock weapons. What you see is what you get.
  23. Second. Enjoyed the game, but felt aweful playing at 30fps. Even if they added framerate smoothing like in forza horizon it would of been better. If there is no option for 60fps on xbone its a pass for me
  24. Me and a friend took to the seas for a couple of hours this morning, ended up doing a 3 part treasure hunt. 2nd part took us a while to figure out where the treasure was and to top it of a skeleton took to a cannon on the island and sunk our ship grrhhh. Luckily we retrieved the treasure and pulled up a new ship. But the worst part is as we finished the quest and was going back to the outpost for our reward, we were blind sided and attacked by another crew and long story short ended up sinking us and lost everything Felt like 2 hours down the pan. I know thats the name of the game but still frustrating when it happens! Suppose i will learn for next time to keep dropping the treasure of instead of hoarding it. Still loving what i played upto yet
  25. Had a good session on this yesterday. Tried it with some randoms and got lucky, everyone was chatting and having a laugh which is what this game is about. Also tried it with a mate later on for a hour and had alot of memorable moments. Especially being caught in a storm and having to work our asses of to keep the ship afloat. For me this is the perfect game for where i am in life. I havent got time no longer to spend hours getting great at a game or leveling up to the max, so i can unlock stuff and stay competitive. For me these are the reasons i dont really bother with multiplayer gaming anymore. Where with this i know i can come back into it anytime i like and know im not at a disadvantage. Im sure rare will build on the formula down the line, but for the moment there is more than enough content to keep me going with what time i have.
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