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  1. Dam it, Wondering how long it would be before my £1 PC Game pass subs per month came to an end. Looks like that day has finally arrived Saying that, still a good price when you put ea play into the mix on top. Wouldn`t sub every month though, only odd times when there is something I want to play.
  2. Will go nicely alongside my 1080p Panasonic plasma Wasnt interested in 4k side of next gen consoles, this will suit alot of gamers out there inc myself perfectly. Also a far more acceptable price to.
  3. Ratchet trailer was the game that impressed me most. Definitely a step up from current gen. The way it streamed in entire new worlds effortlessly was one of the highlights of the show for me.
  4. Where are you Guerilla to save this sinking boat!
  5. Fingers crossed it ain't as poor as xbox series x lasting outing and show what the ps5 can do
  6. Just signed up for the year via shopto offer. Cracking value for the price. Been messing round with the streaming side. Not a bad work around for playing back catalogue of PS2 and PS3 games. seems to play ok on my 60mb connection for the most part with minimal image breakup and lag. Being able to download ps4 games is where it's at though. Finding far more to play on here than gamepass. Currently playing through Spiderman, which I never got round to playing. Also dusted of my 3d glasses and playing through bound to. Plenty more on here I want to try like gravity rush and Bloodborne, but will limit myself to a couple of titles at a time. Overall well impressed and a definite contender to gamepass.
  7. After being on the fence with this, for certain reasons. Thought I would have a peek at the spoilers to see which way they going with 2. This is looking like a definite pass for me now
  8. Im running 2070 at 1440p DLSS at everything medium (dont see any difference between high tbh except frame rate) with all ray tracing effects on except debris. I`m finding on foundation dlc averages round 50-70fps for the most part. Can drop into 40s when it get really busy though. Usually I wouldn`t except this sort of frame rate, but with my new freesync monitor, you dont notice the frame rate drop the same and smooths it out. God bless Freesync/Gsync. Turning Ray Traced Diffuse lighting and contact Shadows of, with just Reflections can easily keep me cooking over 60 though. Struggling to turn them of after having them on though
  9. Been playing The Foundation DLC yesterday and a little today, don`t want to rush through it. Taking your time and soaking everything up is how to play this. If you loved Control, you will love this. This a a full on campaign (4-5 hours i believe) with a massive new area to explore. The story is as weird as ever and have just had a nice chat with the former which was bonkers. Also last mission i have just done made me laugh to (you will know which one when you reach it) The Foundation is beautifully crafted like the rest of control and no corners have been cut when it comes to presentation and missions. Perfect addition to the main game, definitely will get your moneys worth compared to other dlc out there. If your remotely a fan of Control, owe to to yourself and the developers to pick this up.
  10. Finished it yesterday. Overall really enjoyed it and a worthy sequel. But it wasn't without it`s flaws though. First of the game is way bigger in scale then I thought it was ever gonna be. Especially Niaowu. At first I thought i was gonna be a promenade and main stretch, but really opens up as you progress. The same with Bailu village. As for the story, reminded me of previous 2 tracking down certain tasks down to the last quarter of the game where it ramps up big time. The only thing i found the game lacking, was characters unlike in one and 2. Other than Shenhua there no one else you really click with. Not going to much into these cause of spoilers. Also I never been a huge fan of the gambling side and felt forced to have to plough through it a period of time, saving and reloading saves all the time for me to progress. Even though i wasnt sure of the change to the fighting system, I really started to appreciate toward the later parts in the game as I managed to scrape together enough cash to unlock some of the more kick ass scrolls. If i was to score it, probably around an 8. For me the budget wasnt the issue, more the choice in gameplay decisions sometimes which hampered flow of the game. Also coming of back of Yakuzas, it shows how far open town games have come. Glad I laid down the $100 on kickstarter to make it happen and still can`t believe we are here talking about it. Will most likely pick it up on pc later on as the ps4 framerate is pretty dire and the loading in on assets in niaowu is shocking. Can`t wait for Shenmue 4
  11. Yep, press R1 and goto settings. Highlight where it says save and press x. Job done.
  12. You can goto settings and manually save when ever you want aswell.
  13. Yes trophies are working, I`ve unlocked a few.
  14. Done a few hours on Shenmue 3 now (can't remember last time I played a game this much in one day haha) Starting to get hang of fighting system now as it has been altered a fair bit from the previous 2. Don't seem to be any throws upto yet, not sure about later. (I want my dark side hazuki) There are plenty of sparing partners though to help hone your skills. Another thing I noticed is, that it doesn't open up bailu village in one go, rather takes the approach of opening up areas bit by bit as you advance through the story which keeps you focused on one area and gets you curious what it's gonna reveal next. Plenty of dialog conversations with shenua at the end of the evenings, which opens up ryu and shenuas background which is a nice touch. Also a mention to health system, don't take long to get used to and can't make my mind up if I prefer it or not. But it definitely gives food/drink meaning now though. Been a long time that a game has got me this excited and can't wait to get back to it.
  15. Played around 3 hours upto yet, awesome stuff. Yu has done this game justice by staying faithful to 1 &2, whilst bringing upto date. All i will say is fans wont be disappointed by what i`ve played. Also I went for ps4 version and had played trial version of pc maxed. Visually doesn`t seem to be anything in it other than ps4 framerate, which hovers between 30 and 60fps.
  16. My Kickstarter version has just popped through the door. No signature required, so dont worry about missing it. Install is 11gb and a nice 13gb update waiting afterwards Can`t believe this day has finally arrived.
  17. As my previous post on here, absolutely delighted to hear Yu Suzuki got life time achievement award. It is deserved, because unlike alot of other developers Yu was into the hardware as much as the software side and had alot of input developing Segas model 1,2,3 boards as well as Dreamcast. He pushed 3D graphics to where they are today and was a pleasure living through the 80s and 90`s visiting the arcades and seeing what Am2 could deliver. Then going back home and wishing one day we will get arcade PERFECT ports at home Just noticed Shenmue 3 has shipped aswell, fingers crossed for delivery tomorrow.
  18. Some of the greatest games to come out this gen. Played through 0 and kiwami on ps4 and kiwami 2 on pc. Loved every minute of them! Great to see them getting a showing on the xbox platform. Still deciding whether to hold out for pc versions of 3,4,5,6 or go for them on ps4
  19. This is gonna blow my mind when this arrives through the letterbox! Huge thanks to all the backers and imo one of the greatest games creator around, Yu Suzuki for making this happen. Glad to see some light at the end of the tunnel after all the negative feedback regarding Epic/steam situation. Anyone who wants to refresh there memory who Yu Suzuki is and what he has done for this industry, here is a reminder as this guy deserves way more respect than he gets. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yu_Suzuki
  20. Not long depending how you play it out on Byzantium. I went John Rambo on everyone and blitz through it in no time lol. I heard there isn't much in the way of decent side quests on Byzantium anyway. around 3 hours I would say. Apologies for any spoilers earlier, didn't think what I put was but hey. Edited as such.
  21. Finished this today with around 17 hours on the clock. Cleared up most of edge water, monarch i explored alot of and did a few side quests. Last city Byzantium, pretty much wiped out anyone in my path and only remember doing one side mission with the movie guy. Went down the path with philias till the end and overall, pretty much what the bag said above "liked, not loved" Really enjoyed Edgewater/roseway parts of the game. Monarch just felt like a bigger version of edgewater and at the end played out pretty much same as Edgewater anyway. Still enjoyed monarch overall except for the queen mantis in the out backs. Byzantium I wasnt really feeling at all so just decided to get through it as quick as possible. Overall great addition to game pass and If i paid £30 for it, would of still got my moneys worth.
  22. Cheers will give it a try now.
  23. Yeah it is caused by the TAA solution they are using. I tried scrolling the text at the terminal up and down, no issues with TAA disabled. Shame they didn`t offer smaa or msaa as a alternative (fxaa is just as bad) It was my main gripe with gears 5 aswell.
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