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  1. 2 minutes ago, Jamie John said:


    Yeah, I've completed it on Switch already. Is it exactly the same game?

    As far as I know it is, but vr is on another level compared to standard version. As far as I'm aware there's nothing in oculus terms and conditions for refunds about finishing a game. You could easily clock it under 2 hours then refund it lol. I'm surprised they never added any extra free content to it like pistol whip has as its generated enough cash for them over the years.


    Tried population one on quest last week to. Shows alot of promise and enjoyed my time with it but the lack of solo mode kills it for me as I struggle doing multiplayer with mic these days with constant distractions around me. Got a refund no problem on it, will try it again down the line as battle royale with climbing and flying around is ace.

  2. 35 minutes ago, Jamie John said:

    Got a bit pissed and accidentally on purpose bought Beat Saber and Superhot.

    Beat saber is probably worth it, super hot not. I brought it on steam the other day, finished it in under an hour and refunded it. Great game but not worth the price imo

  3. Been hammering Quest on a daily basis over past couple of months. Overall love it as much as first day I unboxed it. Since I had it, played through Rez, Red Matter, Tales from Galaxies Edge, Saints and Sinners, Alyx, Lone Echo and currently playing through Wilson's Heart. Really are some excellent titles native to quest and even more so if you have a decent pc at your disposal. 


    Just picked up Drop Dead dual strike in sale as I fancied a house of the dead style shooter as I miss the days of my crt TV and light gun games which vr has plenty of haha.


    Still got Asgards wrath to go through and Edge of nowhere so still plenty ahead. Anyone who says VR has no decent titles or is a gimmick hasn't delved deep enough into what's out there.


    Also got elite strap for Xmas, defo alot better than standard strap, will see how long it lasts lol. 

  4. Red matter is ace on the quest 2. One of my favourite buys. They have put alot of effort into quest 2 version visually and easily best looking game i seen on the quest. Right amount of difficulty to the puzzles and very immersive. Only downside I would say is the run time. Think I got around 5 hours out of it. Still well worth the money though

  5. 1 hour ago, ucci said:

    Could I try Cyberpunk on my PC? If it runs terribly, could I stop within 2 hrs/2 weeks and defo get a refund? 

    You can put your reason as anything, just as long at its under 2hrs/2weeks you aint got a problem on a refund.  I refund stuff all the time just to try games out.

  6. Just replaying through episode 2 again on PC before getting fully stuck into alyx. Have just done an hour upto yet on it.  Well I say an hour, but the majority of it was exploring the environments in awe of the amount of detail on offer.  Its insane.  The game is a god dam technical masterpiece.  Cant wait to get stuck into it. 


    I agree with MattyP, this is true next gen of gaming.  Just a shame its out of reach for alot of folks out there.  







  7. Just purchased lone echo at £15, Wilson's heart at £7, Edge of no where at £4. Shadow point is on offer on rift store at £8. Cross play though so can download the quest version to.

  8. Thanks for the link, just ordered a couple for me and a friend.  Cant go wrong at £2.60 each.  Been holding of on the more exercise orientated games as i don't want my foam cover to end up stinking of sweat lol. 

  9. Picked up Galaxys edge to.  Definitely more of a game in there than vader immortal and similar in style to saints and sinners with having full body and able to holster your weapons/ store loot.  Only played the opening, but loved every minute of.  Nothing out there can touch the type of immersion these sort of games in VR can do.


    On another note, finally got virtual Desktop working really well after getting fed up with the link cable.  Key to virtual desktop is without a doubt run 1GB ethernet cable to the router and run the bitrate round the 90mbps mark with h.264 codec.  Latency is around 27ms-40ms for me and no issues at that.


    On another note really enjoying saints and sinners what i picked up of humble store.  Tried in on normal difficulty and got to annoyed with the lack of stamina and feeling rushed all the time.  Restarted on story difficulty and is a dream to play now.  Without the link cable even better :)


  10. Well I finally tapped into the Rift/Steam VR side of my quest 2 after the cracking deal on humble store atm. Jury's out whether I will continue down the PC path as it is annoying being tied to a cable and resolution takes a hit. Ran the debug tool and upped bitrate, but you are unable to up resolution atm.


    Been playing Saints and sinners and yeah looks nice on PC, but still rather take the hit on visuals and be running the quest 2 version. But with great pricing and exclusives on pc side, it's gonna be hard to take myself away from pc side anytime soon. Wilson's heart, Lone Echo, Edge of nowhere, Half Life Alyx. 





  11. 8 minutes ago, klargon said:

     I found the Quest strap made the back of my head ache a bit, so maybe the new one is actually an improvement for me!

    I didn't have an issue with quest 1 strap. lt was just so front end heavy, it didn't matter what strap you had attached to it, wasn't gonna change the fact. As for quest 2 strap, it's ok but for me it keeps digging into my ears due to how I have the headset angled. 


    Will end up going for elite strap eventually or wait on to see what 3rd party options are about. Anyone recommend a decent visor for quest 2 as I find foam material irritates my skin after a while. 

  12. 7 minutes ago, metallicfrodo said:

    Red Matter is an excellent puzzle game with a great sense of place. Well worth picking up. What I would say is that it’s been on sale a few times so you might want to wait as it will no doubt be on sale again probably around Christmas I would guess.


    If you are interested in puzzle games I really recommend Shadow Point which is also excellent, is cheaper and benefits from having Patrick Stewart as the narrator.

    Was thinking if i should wait on with black friday round the corner. Will hang on if that's the case then.  Haven't come across shadow point, sound interesting will give it a look. Saw the Room VR on the store to.  Gets good reviews, but abit pricey atm. Quest is really starting to pick up pace with its catalogue now, long may it continue :D

  13. Was gonna buy a next gen console, but after borrowing my mates quest for a week, I couldn't resist and picked up a quest 2 instead.  Blown away with it upto yet.


    The ease of use just being able to pick it up and away you go without any messing about will help push it mainstream. The changes made over original quest do make it a worthy upgrade. Resolution and weight is alot better, only downside is the blacks arent quite a match for the quest 1 oled display. Other than that better in every other area. 


    First game I picked up is Rez on oculus store. Wow just wow. i have brought this game on PS2, Xbox and PS4. Playing it in vr is like playing it again for the 1st time. Area x change of direction now makes sense after playing it in vr


    Tried super hot demo, another fantastic game I gotta pickup. Tbh there's a fair bit on quest I wouldn't mind playing, problem is cost so will have to pace myself. Looking forward to new star wars next month to.


    VR will never take over arm chair gaming, but what it does is complements it's perfectly on the side. And for those of us who have spent all those years looking for something new from gaming this is it.


    More than happy to be using this for a quick blast here and there along side my pc rig and pass on the new xboxs for a while



  14. Anyone know why Series S previews are being left till the last minute?  Peoples impressions of Series X are all over the place.  Seems a little strange why they wouldn`t want to show it of like the Series X.

  15. 11 minutes ago, Kevvy Metal said:

    That’s my exact trepidation with something like Gamepass, that people won’t give a moment of even the slightest friction in a game to subside before it gets the UNINSTALL boot. 
    I also don’t want to see games being designed to combat this new impatience by front loading to get attention. 

    On the flip side, It allows you to play titles you would of never gave a chance in the first place due to price or going under the radar. Dishonored is a game I would of never gave a chance if it weren't for Gamepass and really enjoying atm.  Same with Touryst and Deliver us the moon.  Another 2 games I loved and wouldn`t of played if it weren't for Gamepass.   

  16. 34 minutes ago, MrSpiggott said:

    How about split second? I loved the drifty handling, it just felt right.

    A simple PSVR conversion would be fantastic with all the destruction going on around you.

    Another good Arcade racer.  Loved the art style and all the background animations kicking of.  Wasn't entirely convinced on the drifting mechanics, but can let it slide cause the tracks are outstanding.  Would of been nice at 60fps to.

  17. 6 minutes ago, MattyP said:

    :-/ Never even tried this. Think I played a GoW on the PS3. Watched a few YouTube vids of gameplay for this and decided I wouldn't bother. Personally the PlayStation exclusives haven't been my bag this generation only DriveClub I think was one that resonated. This is why it's an easy decision not to buy a PS5 at launch or if ever.


    The only PS exclusive that hit the spot for me was Horizon, which some folk gave up on judging by previous pages.  I think it`s like with any game really, the world, story and gameplay mechanics have got to click and unfortunately It didn`t with GOW.  Reinstalled it twice and felt same, so called it a day.

  18. God Of War (PS4)


    Gave up after 6 hours or so.  Technically very good, but the game is so boring and forgettable, I was really struggling to carry on.  Looked up and saw it was 25hrs to finish and thought theirs no point in carrying on. Every time i came to play it, i was really struggling to remember where i had been and what i had done before hand.  Only rememberable bit in the game for me was the opening fight with that guy.  Real slog to play so gave up.  

  19. 16 minutes ago, probotector said:

    An arcade racer thread and no mention of the king?


    Hoping for a new Ridge racer this gen



    Been hoping for a new Ridge Racer for the past 10 years (unbounded dont count)  If it was gonna happen, thought it would of done by now.  Resorted to going back to 6 for my fix on 360. Have a dabble on mame with RR1/2/Rave racer every now and again. Be a perfect title for Gamepass.

  20. 8 minutes ago, Yuujiin said:

    Just remaster Blur and NFS Hot Pursuit please.

    Yeah Hot pursuit by Criterion was awesome, back on 360.  Have it on origin, might have to dig it back out again after reminding me haha.  Also loved the original most wanted which launched with 360 to.  Used to have some ace chases with coppers on that along with some grade A cheesy cut scenes.


    Never gave blur a chance, should of really as I loved the PGR series to death.  Maybe some day Microsoft will see light and bring another PGR to us.

  21. Another Arcade racer which I loved and haven't heard mentioned in ages is GTi club remake on PS3


    Again another Arcade racer gem by sumo (puts hotshots racing to shame) and remember having fantastic force feedback support to. Had some great times online with it as well.


    Makes me sad the state of arcade racer scene these days. Forza horizon pretty much closest we get.

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