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  1. 8 hours ago, Mogster said:

    Victory. :D


    It took one more run through the battle arena, plus a couple of extra fights to reach level 50. I still failed one attempt at that fight, but managed to keep control of the next attempt. Honestly, I've not felt like this outside of the Soulsborne games.

    Yeah, I hit a brick wall at that part to and required some hefty grinding as I was around mid 40s at the time.  Rest of the game I got through ok.  

  2. 17 minutes ago, TommyG said:

    Recently acquired a Oculus quest 2 and loving it so far. My Mrs loved The Room. Are there any other similar games she might enjoy? Please and thank you 😊 

    Shadow Point comes to mind. Red matter might be worth checking out to. Super immersive and very well polished.

  3. Completed with 57 hours on the clock. For me this game is the GOAT when it comes to the Yakuzas. Loved Ichiban, the side quests were back on point and the last 3rd was epic. Loved the new Yokohama setting to and having your crew around for most of the game to interact with. 


    Can't wait to get my next fix with Lost Judgment in September.



  4. 1 hour ago, El Spatula said:

    This runs very weirdly on my PC solid 60fps most of the time and then well jerky for seconds followed by perfectly normal again. Weird.


    Doesn't matter what settings I use...

    Yeah just tried it on pc, same here. Lazy pc ports are winding me up bigtime ATM. Looks like I'm sticking with my series s for this one. 

  5. Yakuza Like a Dragon 

    Death Stranding 

    Doom Eternal 


    My god these are long games. Don't usually have this many games on the go, but they are that long I needed to break it up with something else. Might finish them by end of the year haha. 








  6. Anyone else found there quest 2 been gathering dust recently?


    Seem to notice a trend of shovelware titles being released on quest store in recent time, with quality releases drying up. 


    To be honest I'm not that bothered about VR on warmer days anyway, but be nice to see some quality quest games coming our way in the following months.


    All I can see on the horizon is After the fall and next part of star wars galaxies/Jurassic park. Anything else of interest anyone spotted?







  7. Pretty much agree with what others are saying on the thread, this game is a masterpiece.  After coming of the back of Yakuza 6, this is a breath of fresh air.  Don`t know what happened with 6 as it really lacked in decent side quests and the main story was weak to.  


    Yakuza LAD though has gone back to Zero with the bonkers side quests and a really good story and protagonists.  Ichiban I hate to say it, i`m liking more the Kiryu.  The change in direction to combat Is pretty good and a nice change over the real time combat of the others.  Tbh i`ve never really been a fan of turn based combat, but have seem to click with this.


    Also Yokohama Is alot bigger than i expected it to be and a nice change from kamarucho. Definitely one of those games I can`t wait to get stuck back into.  Thankyou Gamepass 😃 



  8. 12 hours ago, neoELITE said:


    Yes, have an LG OLED.


    I have Gamepass.


    I have Series S I use with a 1080p plasma and CX oled. I'm more than happy with it. Depends how much frame rates and 4k bothers you. For me 4k is way overated on gaming imo and not worth the GPU overhead.


    Been playing REVillage 1440p 60fps, Yakuza LAD at 1440p 30fps. Halo 1080p 120fps. So its more than capable console and all look great on both my TVs.


    For me it is well worth 250 of anyone's cash and if that is max you want to spend, it's a no brainer. If you have budget of 450 then get an X.

  9. Just sparked up Yakuza LAD on Series S. This game looks real nice in 1440p. Might be only 30fps, but Yakuza is one of those games you can easily play at 30fps without it feeling sluggish. After coming of Yakuza 6 I'm finding this for more bonkers and less serious which is what I like in the Yakuzas. The turn based combat ain't as bad as I thought It would be either. Well worth a try on game pass

  10. 7 hours ago, Yiggy said:

    Tempted to get this on PC for £10 with the voucher on Epic store. 

    Brought it last week, do it.  Looks phenomenal on PC using RTX card and DLSS.  Get a solid 4k 60fps maxed on my 2070 and looks lovely on my CX OLED 😃. The game and story is bonkers.  One of the better AAA titles I played in a long time.  TBH I think its Kojimas best work since Snatcher and MGS1

  11. Looks amazing. No so much the underwater sections as I generally hate underwater sections in any game, but the increase in animation on the character, enemies and surroundings.


    Wasn't a fan of Sony's exclusives on ps4 and horizon was the only one that struck a chord with me and ended up completing it twice on PS4. The big reveal will be how much different will it look on ps4 as this will be my only way at playing it



  12. 8 minutes ago, Lorfarius said:


    X isn't in stock anywhere and S is readily available. Can only get the X on eBay for close to £600 whilst the S is around £280 with 3 months game pass so diverted my attention! :lol:



    Been watching/reading loads of stuff about how once you see games running at 120 there's no going back. Getting a bit like how it is now with PS4 games capable of doing 60 when they were locked to 30 before. Spider-Man for example ran like treacle when I played them side by side. If it's 4K only I might just order a 32" 4K monitor from Argos to replace the TV.

    I brought myself a 55 LG oled last week which does 4k 120hz. After using my PC to experiment with all resolutions and frame rates. My conclusion is 4k ain't worth the hit in performance and not much better than 2k imo and I'm sat 1.5m away from TV. As for 120hz, it is smoother, but no where near the jump that 60fps is from 30fps. Was trying all these variations out on re village demo on pc yesterday and my preference after all the testing was 2k 60fps with ray tracing on. Which tbh my series S runs re village at 2k 60fps minus ray tracing. 


    If your looking for a reason to splash out on a new monitor, yeah go series x. If your happy with 1080 go series S is my opinion. 

  13. Played half hour on my Series S on my new oled. Anyone who says series s isn't a capable next gen console play this. Looks awesome at 2k 60fps. Tried ray tracing mode, but didn't really make any noticeable visual impact to warrant halving the frame rate. Really nice use of hdr to. As for game play, enjoyed by what I played upto yet. Only thing I would knock it on is shooting werewolves felt like sponge bullets. Can't wait for the final release


  14. Truly is a great time to be part of the Game Pass Ecosystem Microsoft have created.  The amount of titles they have put on Gamepass this year has been exceptional upto yet.  Working my way through the Yakuzas, with Doom Eternal on the side on my Series S.  Also with having a RTX 2070 at my disposal, have just started Prey on PC Game Pass to with being able to run it at higher frame rates than xbox currently. With the amount of games at your disposal now, you can pretty much sit back on any title your waiting for and either let it go cheap or wait for it to come on Game Pass (yes I`m look at you Immortals Fenyx Rising)

  15. 22 hours ago, MNFRMTMRRW said:

    Dirt 5 is also EA ;)


    And NBA2K1 is not an EA game and neither is Football Manager.


    It's funny how one fortnightly announcement suddenly has everyone on their toes... they're going to be good and bad fortnightly updates, just like with PS Plus and Xbox Live. Yakuza 6 is coming end of March and I bet a bunch of Bethesda stuff too once the deal is approved by the regulators later this week.


    I am in the camp that already massively struggles with the Game Pass backlog so I am actually happy with some off periods. 


    Didn`t realise Yakuza 6 was coming so soon. Only just completed Yakuza 3 on game pass and got 4 and 5 to do on game pass next.  Best get a move on :D


  16. Just completed it.  Overall I enjoyed it, but the story wasn't the greatest and the pay of wasn't what i hoped.  Even though the split worlds wasn't for everyone, I really enjoyed them and added another layer to the puzzles.  There was technical issues with the game with optimisation, but with the game not coming from a AAA developer, I can be more forgiving and what they achieved was very impressive for the most part.  I loved the art style in the spirit world to and the soundtrack.  Its a shame they didn`t nail down a decent story to go with it. 


    7/10 for me.

  17. Been playing this on Series S and PC with cross save.  TBH running it at max on PC with Ray tracing and comparing it to Series S, can`t notice much difference tbh.  As for the game, its good but not the silent hill successor i was hoping for.  The split world puzzles I`m enjoying, but the stealth sections are abit tedious.  Still don`t get whats going on , hopefully will clear things up later on.  

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