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    12 Minutes

    OMG this game is aweful. I spent an hour and a half playing just to uninstall it and switch my Xbox of with a headache and frustration how anyone could design a game this bad. There is no freedom or flexibility, there is a set path the designer wants you to take and if you stray of that, it's back to the start. It's a shame as I love the concept, but the amount of trial and error is insane and tedious. 0/10
  2. Series S is rock solid. I run similar setup. RTX 2070 and Series S combo on my 4k CX OLED. Also use series S in my living room on 1080p plasma (great for moving round house cause of size) Fantastic console and tbh I'm just over 6ft from my TV and don't notice a huge difference when games are 1080 and above over 4k. HDR has a far greater visual impact imo. Only downside is storage if you like hording games as the AAA titles are usually hitting nearly 100gb a piece. For me I only got a couple of titles on the go so with its 384gb of space I never drop below 50 percent anyway.
  3. Hades is up for those who can spare 20 seconds switching there Xbox region on the dash to New Zealand
  4. Don't use the fwd cars, they are the devil in this game. Keep with rwd cars. I'm liking the das 220 ATM. Just be careful with the throttle in and out of the corners otherwise this game will punish you
  5. Also if anyone is looking forward to Hades on there Series S tomorrow, it runs at 4k 60fps same as X
  6. Just tried out Art of rally, nice surprise. Very pick up and play but isn't as easy as you first think. Great feeling when you nail a drift and hit a jump spot on. Can see there has been alot of love gone into it. This is what Game Pass needs more of, these arcadey style quick pick up and play games.
  7. LOL this is exactly my thoughts. Its brilliant watching it play out though
  8. Same. Managed to carry on for a couple of hours longer, but wasnt feeling it at all. Liked the visuals, but other than that there ain`t much going for it. And when you get out of the sewers, omg the map and level design is terrible. Feels like your constantly wandering through a multi-tiered maze. Just to add to my abandoned titles, The Evil Within 2. Wanted to like it as i heard it was a cross between silent hill and resident evil. Upon doing 3 hours on this, i would disagree. The main character i can`t click with, graphics are abit rough round the edges. Enemies are annoying as hell, its also lacking atmosphere what you get from the early silent hill games. Didn`t like way the missions are laid out either. I.E follow the signal, when you arrive there, you find out its not where you need to be and end up going somewhere else and repeat. Anyway suppose thats the great thing about gamepass, giving games a try without putting a dent in your wallet
  9. Tried it on the series S earlier. Tried all modes and ended up preferring the Enriched mode. Improved detail/lighting and Ray traced reflections make it worth the trade of imo. 60fps is nice in performance though, but for this sort of game 30fps is fine for me. At least they covered all bases and gave the player the choice of what they want.
  10. Looks like Hellblade has got a Series S/X update today. Good news for both Series X and S owners https://hellblade.com/optimised
  11. Series X in stock in Argos if anyone wants one
  12. Yeah, I hit a brick wall at that part to and required some hefty grinding as I was around mid 40s at the time. Rest of the game I got through ok.
  13. Hodge

    Oculus Quest

    Shadow Point comes to mind. Red matter might be worth checking out to. Super immersive and very well polished.
  14. Might have to give last stop a try after positive impressions on here. After my Yakuza LAD marathon and not liking the Ascent, could so with a short game to cleanse the palette. Any other decent 5-6 hour games worth trying on game pass?
  15. Completed with 57 hours on the clock. For me this game is the GOAT when it comes to the Yakuzas. Loved Ichiban, the side quests were back on point and the last 3rd was epic. Loved the new Yokohama setting to and having your crew around for most of the game to interact with. Can't wait to get my next fix with Lost Judgment in September.
  16. Yeah just tried it on pc, same here. Lazy pc ports are winding me up bigtime ATM. Looks like I'm sticking with my series s for this one.
  17. Preloaded on my PC and Series S ready to go. Ray Tracing on PC looks real nice. Can't wait for it to drop tomorrow.
  18. Yakuza Like a Dragon Death Stranding Doom Eternal My god these are long games. Don't usually have this many games on the go, but they are that long I needed to break it up with something else. Might finish them by end of the year haha.
  19. Hodge

    Oculus Quest

    Anyone else found there quest 2 been gathering dust recently? Seem to notice a trend of shovelware titles being released on quest store in recent time, with quality releases drying up. To be honest I'm not that bothered about VR on warmer days anyway, but be nice to see some quality quest games coming our way in the following months. All I can see on the horizon is After the fall and next part of star wars galaxies/Jurassic park. Anything else of interest anyone spotted?
  20. I'm sure those struggling to scrape together £250 let alone £380-450 will disagree with you. One happy Series S owner here.
  21. Series S has been confirmed as Performance Mode: 1080p at 120 FPS Balanced Mode: 1440p at 60 FPS Ray Tracing Mode: Not Available
  22. Pretty much agree with what others are saying on the thread, this game is a masterpiece. After coming of the back of Yakuza 6, this is a breath of fresh air. Don`t know what happened with 6 as it really lacked in decent side quests and the main story was weak to. Yakuza LAD though has gone back to Zero with the bonkers side quests and a really good story and protagonists. Ichiban I hate to say it, i`m liking more the Kiryu. The change in direction to combat Is pretty good and a nice change over the real time combat of the others. Tbh i`ve never really been a fan of turn based combat, but have seem to click with this. Also Yokohama Is alot bigger than i expected it to be and a nice change from kamarucho. Definitely one of those games I can`t wait to get stuck back into. Thankyou Gamepass
  23. I have Series S I use with a 1080p plasma and CX oled. I'm more than happy with it. Depends how much frame rates and 4k bothers you. For me 4k is way overated on gaming imo and not worth the GPU overhead. Been playing REVillage 1440p 60fps, Yakuza LAD at 1440p 30fps. Halo 1080p 120fps. So its more than capable console and all look great on both my TVs. For me it is well worth 250 of anyone's cash and if that is max you want to spend, it's a no brainer. If you have budget of 450 then get an X.
  24. Just sparked up Yakuza LAD on Series S. This game looks real nice in 1440p. Might be only 30fps, but Yakuza is one of those games you can easily play at 30fps without it feeling sluggish. After coming of Yakuza 6 I'm finding this for more bonkers and less serious which is what I like in the Yakuzas. The turn based combat ain't as bad as I thought It would be either. Well worth a try on game pass
  25. Brought it last week, do it. Looks phenomenal on PC using RTX card and DLSS. Get a solid 4k 60fps maxed on my 2070 and looks lovely on my CX OLED . The game and story is bonkers. One of the better AAA titles I played in a long time. TBH I think its Kojimas best work since Snatcher and MGS1
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