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  1. I`d be very suprised if it was a fake as it looks to good to be one. If it is whats the point? the person ain`t getting nothing out of it. Didn`t nagoshi say something in his column this month about working on a game he`s been wanting to do for a long time? Don`t know if this is it.

  2. Just phone microsoft tech support up and they should swap the drive for you as if it`s disc read erroring it`s usually a sign it`s on the way out. They swapped mine no problems and haven`t had any disc read errors since. And they got it back to me in 2 days :blink: Was it one of the launch models?

  3. Just wait till 5pm beertiger and gamershell.com will have it back up for download on there site as they were told to take it down earlier from ubisoft which messed up my download ;) . Should get a nice constant 50-60k dl rate from there.

  4. I think it`s perfectly acceptable if people do it to you, you can do it back to them. Had one who sandwiched me into the wall this morning and didn`t even apologize. So on the last bend i took him out bigstyle, then he started talking and was saying he didn`t even touch me on the previous bend (must be suffering from the arsene wenger syndrome). What goes around comes around in my book.

  5. I thought it hardly looked any better than 3 personally. The new york track looks quite nice but there is quite abit of pop up on there though which can distract. The grand canyon track don`t look to bad either but the card board cut out people just look plain crap and hope they remove them for the final version. Overall it pretty much plays the same as gt3 except if you whack into the barriers now it gives you a 10 second penalty where your stuck at 50kmh. The thing which will make or break this game is online play but seeing that ps2 online gaming has been nothing but crap upto yet i`m not expecting to much.

  6. I`ve been playing it recently without the maracas and is indeed excellent. What maracas are you using, the cha cha ones? I`ve seen play-asia are doing the cha cha ones for £15 are they any good as the official ones are a little out of my price range.

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