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  1. My apologies meh, i thought you was being sarcastic, sorry. And to add to the debate, that i`ve hardly used the sight jacking on most of the levels and only used it on the odd occations when needed to see where a riflemen was headed. I think what really ruins this game is the short levels (which breaks up the flow of the game) and infinate re trys which gives you the feeling when you go into a level, if you mess up, it`s easy enough to retry without taking to long. like others i`ve been using the trial and error method rather than the sight jacking and perhaps this isn`t why we aren`t getting any enjoyment out of it as we aren`t playing it how it should of be played.
  2. Is your caps lock stuck there thompo as i can`t really think of any other reason an "experienced" poster would have to post in caps. Thanks for clearing my question up pete can`t see what i missed really as i`ve been following the objectives in hand and had gotten upto Reiko Takato - Day 1, 23:00 and when i completed that it took me back to a early Kyoya Suda level where you have to lead the girl. Just felt a little annoying as i thought i`d done everything upto this point.
  3. Thanks for that informative reply meh. If you aren`t gonna answer the question don`t bother posting.
  4. Can anyone tell me why i looped back and doing the levels again what i`ve already done? There are 2nd objectives on them now, whys this? Just when i thought this game can`t get much worse it does.
  5. Yes i have and it`s no where near genre defining. Don`t know what it is as it has the foggy atmosphere spooky noises and the weird looking zombies but there just something missing. Sorry but on the survival horror stakes it`s no resident evil or silent hill.
  6. Finished it a couple of days ago, excellent game from start to finish. The main element that impressed me with this game was the pacing that didn`t let up all the way through. It might of been short for an adventure game but there wasn`t one moment which i was bored playing this which i find hard to say about alot of adventure game which most seem to be padded out to make them last longer. Really hope ubi give the go ahead for a sequel.
  7. Genre? Survival horror. Look at my description above what it`s about. Is it scary? not in the slightest. Resident evil on the cube was great for making you jump and panic and silent hill was great at make you tense and cautious about entering rooms. Siren isn`t any of them.
  8. The gameplay basically consists of getting from a to b and perhaps a couple of sub tasks to do to get there. Can`t say the sight jacking is that impressive and seems useless rather than helpful most of the time as you can`t really see where your enemies are and just find the easiest way to get through a level is to leg it and see how far you get and you will soon realise where the enemies are. Then try and avoid them the best you can on your next run which i still find trying to leg it past them the easiest option as they usually end up spotting you anyway if you try and sneak past them. Plus the game isn`t a patch on silent hill in terms of gameplay or tension. The strory ain`t bad though but i have been very dissapointed upto yet after all the glowing reviews. it`s got
  9. Hodge

    Sega GT Online

    Well i`ve had this on a 2 day rented and have to say it`s growing on me. Heres a tip to find a game quick. Do a optimatch search for all and look for the games without a flag next to them and join as quick as possible and you shouldn`t have to many probs. The beauty of online play only comes into play if you put some time in on offline play. Luckly i had a sega gt 2002 save which gave me 150,000 credits from the start and allowed me to buy a skyline gtr and customize it to the max. And this is one of the main points of online. Taking your soupt up car and testing it out to see how it compares to others. But there is a down side of this that people have put alot more time in offline which gives them access to more cars and better parts as more parts comes available as you progress through the single player and they can basically whip you. Lag is another dissapointing aspect when racing cause with 4 of us all from uk there was bad lag and seems poor compared to pgr2. Also track design can be very samey and can be a little tough to memorize corners as everywhere looks the same. Graphics have been improved slightly from sega gt 2002 with better lighting now but the image still looks quite soft though. I`m still in 2 minds wether to buy this or not. If i see it at arounf £20 and they release a update to sort out the lag then it`s definately worth a buy but how it stands at the mo i would say leave it. Does offer something a little different to pgr2 though.
  10. Hodge


    level1 has just vanished sack, it was there one minute and the next it was gone then level5 appeared. Weird.
  11. Hodge


    Thanks for the uploaded tracks sacks anymore would be most greatful if you can. Wheres the best place to get the soundtrack then? Ken ishii creation the state of art is class.
  12. Hodge

    Sonic Heroes

    Been playing it for abit now and can`t say i really like it that much. The whole team play feels clunky and gives the action a start stop feel which i dislike. Also they`ve made everything to bright especially sonic who is now a bright blue instead of a dark blue and doesn`t look right. I also find the levels to long and repetitive and just doesn`t seem any life and soul in the graphics and would agree that sa1 and 2 look nicer than this. As for sound which sonic team are generally good at doing fail miserably with not one catchy tune in there and the opening song is just plain aweful. I personally thought they got it right in sa1 with having a character have his own stages but the team play in heroes just doesn`t work. Why can`t they just give us a game with just sonic and shadow in and scrap the rest of the characters then we might see better results.
  13. I`d be very suprised if it was a fake as it looks to good to be one. If it is whats the point? the person ain`t getting nothing out of it. Didn`t nagoshi say something in his column this month about working on a game he`s been wanting to do for a long time? Don`t know if this is it.
  14. Just phone microsoft tech support up and they should swap the drive for you as if it`s disc read erroring it`s usually a sign it`s on the way out. They swapped mine no problems and haven`t had any disc read errors since. And they got it back to me in 2 days Was it one of the launch models?
  15. Just wait till 5pm beertiger and gamershell.com will have it back up for download on there site as they were told to take it down earlier from ubisoft which messed up my download . Should get a nice constant 50-60k dl rate from there.
  16. Hodge


    I think it`s perfectly acceptable if people do it to you, you can do it back to them. Had one who sandwiched me into the wall this morning and didn`t even apologize. So on the last bend i took him out bigstyle, then he started talking and was saying he didn`t even touch me on the previous bend (must be suffering from the arsene wenger syndrome). What goes around comes around in my book.
  17. I thought it hardly looked any better than 3 personally. The new york track looks quite nice but there is quite abit of pop up on there though which can distract. The grand canyon track don`t look to bad either but the card board cut out people just look plain crap and hope they remove them for the final version. Overall it pretty much plays the same as gt3 except if you whack into the barriers now it gives you a 10 second penalty where your stuck at 50kmh. The thing which will make or break this game is online play but seeing that ps2 online gaming has been nothing but crap upto yet i`m not expecting to much.
  18. Any Word on pricing and ETA yet marsh?
  19. If you can get me a decent price on the cha cha maracas (already have the game) then i`m in.
  20. I`ve been playing it recently without the maracas and is indeed excellent. What maracas are you using, the cha cha ones? I`ve seen play-asia are doing the cha cha ones for £15 are they any good as the official ones are a little out of my price range.
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