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  1. I`ve done around 4 hours on it upto yet and think it`s brilliant. Even though it isn`t scary it`s got a great atmosphere to the game and has has quite a few tense situations the furthur you get into the game. The gameplay might be the standard affair of point and shoot but was you expecting anything else? It is doom you know. The graphics and sound are great, it really helps draw you into the game and the story isn`t to bad as well upto yet either. Sometimes the simple games can be the most fun games and for me this is one of them.
  2. Looks alot better than the E3 version but i wouldn`t judge it by these dodgy photoshop pics cause i`m sure it will look much nicer in person .
  3. Watched the R1 dvd over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought hellboys one liners were quite funny for the most part and the action scenes were pretty good aswell. If there were any negatives with this film it`s that hellboy got his ass kicked abit to much and the salma blair charcter felt like a half arsed attempt as a character only being vaguely touched upon. Besides that i really enjoyed it and found it more entertaining than spiderman 2 which i found alot slower than this. Also has a nice DD 5.1 track which adds to the film aswell.
  4. Ce Ce peniston - Finally my all time fav classic house tune.
  5. I quite enjoy the new tracks, they have a nice combonation of straights and corners. Also a nice addition of a couple of tricky jumps in there aswell. Goes well with the rest of the courses imo. Plus they show of the radicals braking prowess, fantastic car.
  6. Hodge


    Listened to it a couple of time and still think it`s crap. I quite like the Girls track and can see it being the first single on the album but the rest of the tracks are plain aweful. Half of the stuff sounds like it`s been made up on dance ejay and simply don`t have the polish of there previous work.
  7. Seeing that i never got round to playing conker on the n64 i`m looking very forward to playing the single player game and by the clips i`ve seen the graphics look absolutly lush. As for multiplayer again it looks great, not as nice as the single player but still looks very nice with lots going of around you with no drop in framerate by the look of it which is key for me. This is shapping up to be a great game on live and for the people who haven`t experienced the single player yet it`s gonna an even greater experience. Still i`m sure the people who already played conker on the n64 will find enjoyment out of single player, with having new areas and a graphical overhall which essentially mgs twin snakes is minus the new areas.
  8. I was looking at a direct feed of the multiplayer in action and didn`t think it looked to bad. Judge for yourselves HERE It`s 40+ meg but a good insight to how the multiplayer mode plays
  9. Just had this with a friend. The reason why the 3 tickable boxes dont appear is because you have a hotmail account. Change your country to the united states and it should work.
  10. Sorted it. When you alter your country and zipcode in your .net passport profile you will notice 3 tickable boxes at the bottom. Tick the bottom one (share my other registration information) and that will do it.
  11. I use semi auto here. The automatic is fine for changing up but some times doesn`t drop down when you want it to so i down shift manually and find i can take corners faster this way as it prevents the back end sliding out thus prevents loosing speed round the bend. This method has served me well over completing the game on platinums so you are wrong to a certain extent dark soldier. And my time trial times back that up.
  12. I played the dc and xbox version and prefered the xbox version overall. The main differences by what i remember are the ability to save anywhere on the xbox version where you could only save at certain points on the dc version. The xbox has DD 5.1 and sounds quite nice indeed, the dc suffered with quite abit of slow down in places, xbox version pretty much rectified this but i did notice it the odd times though still. Xbox version has this sort of glow to the graphics at night time whether this made the game look better is debatable. Xbox had a filter button where you could change the colour of the image and take a snap shot as previously mentioned. Also the xbox version comes on 1 dvd compared to 4 gd-roms which saves with the disc swapping. Voices is the main difference which will divide people but i quite liked both tbh. Overall though the xbox version is the definate one to go.
  13. I managed to give it 1/2 hour before i could stand no more. Now sega`s lame excuse of it not getting a release seems more valid. If it did get a release it could of killed sega am2`s reputation in one single swoop. What were they thinking when making this
  14. Hodge

    Outrun 2.

    Well it`s only penciled for a european release only at the moment due to licensing issues in the US with ferrari, no doubt piss the americans of. I disagree with you on people not buying it as alot of the xbox live users will pick this up and the outrun name still carrries alot of weight behind it. If sega splash out on some advertising this can be a huge hit for sega. Also been reading the edge article on there visit to sumo digital and feel alot more confidence now that this conversion will be great as there in close contact with am2 regarding extras and converting the sublime handling to the joypad which is good to here.
  15. If you have nero 6 forget trying to burn it, you`ll just be burning costers. Nero 5.5 should work but 6 struggles with dreamcast images. I recommend just getting the trial version of alcohol 120% of there website, load up the propeller arena cdi image, put it on raw dao and should burn fine.
  16. Your information is spot on there yawdib. There is no dlc information on the disc, all will have to be downloaded. Where do some of you people get your information from
  17. TBH i really cant see why peeps stand outside coronet if they want loads of apprentice points. The place to go and cant believe others havent worked this out is mos eisley, i managed to rack up about 800 apprentice points over the past 3 days as this is where most of the noobs start of and are always looking for people to teach them.
  18. Its the bike regeneration glitch which i read up on since that was doing my head where you repair your vehicle put it away, get it back out again and it back to the default damage. I really cant believe this hasnt been fixed yet but have read up theres a couple of ways around it e.g dont store it until you get into another city or after you repaired it damage it a little and it should stay at that point. Still annoying though. Mastered scout today aswell as marksmen, all i need now is 13k more combat xp and i`m a novice bounty hunter
  19. Tryed quickly logging on again this morning but the money still isn`t in my account Just have to write it of.
  20. Well i nipped back on at 11.30pm to find that someone brought about 40k of steel of me. Went to see how much cash i got now and to my dissapointment i wasn`t paid for it then about 15min later i lost connection again. This happened to anyone else?
  21. Same here lookin forward to going on and suprise suprise farstar is the only server down. If your looking for guides pope try Here and Here I found swgallakhazam the best one personally and has helped me out quite abit. Also the Farstar server tends to be the main europe server what i`m and a few others of here are on.
  22. Huge update today as i can see especially on the droid side which i haven`t brought one yet, but seen that there is a command for them to chuck traps now which sounds good as i`m in need of building up my trapping xp. Any tips on what droid to look for and how much to pay? Dont have a clue what i`m looking for really? also when i become a novice bounty hunter i heard you will be needing one for tracking aswell so any help would be appreciated. I also seen that they patched the vehicle regeneration glitch as well, thought they might
  23. To answer your question on rifles baz for rifles1 you can only use a cdef rifle i think. Just look on the bazaar terminal for one in your area and try and find the best one with a min/max hit and a half decent range modifier. Should be any more than about 400credits for one. Next step up you can have a tuscan rifle which are far more powerful. Rifles3 is the laser rifle and will take you through to the end of rifles4. Tip when your starting of with rifles one is have a pistol with you as well cause some times you wont take the enemy out before it get to you and rifles dont work at short range. I found mos eisley a perfect place to start your rifles lvl up.
  24. I`m on Farstar aswell My name is Hodge if you want to add me to friends list. I`ll look you up later tonight if your on? To be honest i thought 2 weeks was slow mastering marksmen 8) If i went on the naff hunts long before i would of lvl up much quicker but decided to do missions by myself to start with and i was doing abit of harvesting on the side to bring in some quick cash (very over flooded market atm though). I can see appertice points are gonna be tough to get as you see no end of peeps hanging out side coreilla coronet paying peeps so they can teach you. Might have to look for another hang out point me thinks.
  25. Well this is my first mmorpg and i have to say i loved it once i get past the "what the hell i`m i supposed to do stage". I studied the instruction book for abit and looked on website for tips and that helps quite abit. But the tuturial explains the basics for you and by what i heard they added new stuff to the tutorials to make it even easier for newbies to get into. The game can be a ait of a struggle at 1st and quite daunting but try a few missions to start with and you soon find your way. And from then on it`s upto you what you want to do. I`ve been at it for 2 weeks now and have just completed all of marksmen and nearly all of scout (this goes the bounty hunter route) but i`m needing appentice points to allow me to become master marksmen. If you go to coreilla your never short of hunting missions to go along with others on and should give you some quick xp. To be honest i played it last year and it wasn`t all that but now with all the improvements they keep making it just keeps getting better and better and feeling more like the star wars universe it strives to be. Once you get into it you won`t be of it.
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