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  1. Picked this up with a 30 percent of code and wasn't expecting a great deal tbh. Even more so coming of back of saints and sinners, which everything pales in comparison to. But I have been plesently surprised by what I played upto yet. They have really stripped this down and rebuilt from the ground up. Weapon system has been well thought out and it looks/runs great on quest 2. Also didn't find cutscenes as disjointed as I thought they were gonna be. Well worth picking up though If you got a quest 2.
  2. Played a fair few hours of this since launch and for me I think 3/4 was better. The map isn't very memorable imo, and lacks diversity in biomes. I always love a good city area in the biomes, like Edinburgh in 4. Guanajuato isn't a patch on Edinburgh for racing round. Maybe I'm just tiring of the constant icons scattered round the map formula and crave something with abit more structure and progression in my racers like PGR series had.
  3. Think I'm about half way through this now (spire) and while it's nothing ground breaking, its a very solid single player campaign. Gun play feels great and found with the amount weapons scattered around, its gives you the opportunity to be more Spartan with run and gun compared to previous games. The story is mumbo jumbo as usual and can see the developers have borrowed heavily from halo 1 when it comes to visuals and copy/paste level design. Taking my time with it, so ain't gonna finish it in no hurry but glad they took the extra year to polish it of. overall far better than I thought it was going to end up
  4. Just tried it, I'm speechless. Always been a sucker for tech demos over the years, this tops them all. Unreal engine 5 is truly is a step up in next gen visual
  5. I think the bigger problem is how much stuttering there is in the opening scene, completely ruins it. How this got through quality control I don't know. Digital foundry picked up on this and 343 said a fix is underway.
  6. Kameo @60fps looks lush. Excuse to go through it again. Do miss the Rare of old.
  7. Its the same as FH3/4. So if you thought 30fps was fine on them, you be at home on FH5. Its down to preference on a individual basis. For me 60fps is the standard in racing games ever since playing Sega games in the arcades in the 90s. 30fps just feels so unresponsive compared to 60fps. The gains on performance mode far out weigh the losses IMO.
  8. Add me if there's any room please Gamertag = Hodge Thanks
  9. Just played a few races. Tried performance and quality mode. Has to be performance. Quality feels to sluggish and tbh noticed very little difference graphically. One thing I do like about 5, it's not throwing you in blind to races anymore and recommends cars for the races you enter. Loving it up to yet though!
  10. Thanks, another 2.30hrs to go. Can't wait
  11. Is this available for us game pass owners tomorrow then if we switch to New Zealand? If so what time?
  12. Awesome line up along with Kameo to. Still amazes me how well PGR holds up visually compared to current gen stuff. As much as I love horizon, we need another PGR in our lives!
  13. Was looking for a game to tide me over till horizon 5. Only just realised that dishonored death of the outsider is on here. Loved 1 and 2. Never got round to this. Even more surprising it has had FPS boost to to 60fps. Looks lovely on my series s with auto HDR. Well worth a punt if you like dishonored series. Only around 7 hours to beat so not to long either.
  14. Agreed, time for a change of direction and come to think of it i didn`t like the the route they took with unlocking some side missions either. Tab hang on some conversations round the city and hope it picks up a key word (which the conversations don`t half the time) then go investigate the hot spot and unlock a side quest. It was so much better just showing you where the side mission is straight of like the yakuzas.
  15. Alot of AAA games are to long these days, padded out and if you dont pick your games carefully, you can easily end up with fatigue. I always enjoyed single player games around the 6-15 hour mark and these are the games i aim for, except for the yakuza series really. The only side that has left me when it comes to gaming is the online side. I just don`t have the time or dedication to it anymore. Also picked up a quest 2 which is fantastic and keeps things fresh and different to what we are normally used to with console/pc gaming.
  16. Lol, yeah some of the dialogue and jokes are pretty bad. The B button on the pad soon becomes your friend to cure that
  17. Finally completed this last night. Overall very enjoyable game (in small doses). Visuals were top notch, looked draw dropping on my series s in HDR on my CX oled. The vistas going of into the distance are truly draw dropping. Had to turn down the difficulty to easy near the end though for the final 3 battles as difficulty ramped up out of no where. Haven't played a ubisoft game in years and heard this was pretty light on content compared to other ubi titles like assassin's creed. For me the amount of icons scattered over the world was insane and would of got way to repetitive trying to achieve them all. Think I clocked around 35 hours in the end, got my money's worth and well worth picking up if you see it going cheap.
  18. Hodge

    Lone Echo 2

    Judging by the reviews, this needs some horsepower to run. Recommends 1080, but reviews are saying folks with 2080 or having to make do with low settings. Can't see why really as it doesn't really look any better than first. Also crashing and texture streaming seem to be issues that are cropping up to. Looks great though, but will let's this one simmer for a while until issues are resolved.
  19. Completed with about 35 hours on the clock. Bit of a mixed bag really. Story i enjoyed for the most part, but lost its way abit towards the end. Also Yagami`s constant righteousness routine was starting to grate to! There were a few good side quests, but imo lacked compared to first judgment and even more so compared to Yakuza LAD. After completing lost Judgment, Sega might be better of leaving the series here and going another direction. After coming of the Back of Yakuza LAD I`m a little dissapointed tbh.
  20. Judging by your spec, your pc is somewhere between minimum and recommended on fh5. Halo was meant to be a joke on pc in beta. I tried beta on series s and was a solid 1080p, 60fps. Here is footage of FH5 running on series s in performance mode, looks fantastic. I'm running rtx 2070 and Ryzen 2700x 8c/16t and tbh I'm using my series s more these days. I'm only really using pc for exclusives and cheap games I pick up. I only ever have a couple of games on go at once, so storage ain't issue on the S and shows it can hold its own on next gen stuff. Farcry 6 being most recent case, running at a solid 60fps between 1080p-2k Vs x 2160p.
  21. FH4 Series S version is 1080p 60fps. FH5 1080p 30 quality mode, 1080p 60fps performance mode. CPU on series s blows your Ryzen away, GPU is around 1060-70 Very capable 1080-1440p 60fps console game depending.
  22. Giving me a bad headache. Can`t quite put my finger on why, but these type of games with restricted fov always do. I.E layers of fear, observer, blair witch. Never had an issue with any other type of games or vr for that matter.
  23. Tried a couple of rounds, thought it was garbage. Map was to big and boring. takes an age getting anywhere on foot. Visuals far worse than V. Only saving grace was tweaking your weapon on the fly was nice. Wait till it's free on ea play before I give this another go. Not baiting, just my thoughts on it.
  24. At least Professor Panty didn't deny who he really was
  25. Only just got round to playing this, but it's great to be back in kamarucho and Yokohama. Really enjoying the main story and school setting upto yet. Side missions are starting to unlock now and are as good as ever. Arachnid man lol. Just done the time capsule side quest to, the writing is as great as ever. Hands down this is shaping to to be one of the best ryu ga gotoku games yet.
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