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  1. Well i wouldn`t try burnout 3 then because the gameplay mechanics on that are shallower than a kiddies paddling pool. Full speed on any road surface and don`t worry about taking corners, just use your boost and ride the rails. Outrun 2 does have depth in the handling department, trying to perfect your drifts and get the perfect run but compared to something like daytona 1/2 where you have to know your gears to get the cars drifting it does seem a little simple. But i still find it fun all the same.
  2. Thanks for the advice. By the sound of it trying to get into a party and venturing out of san d`oria is next on the agender after a few more quests and levels. Didn`t mean for the post to sound so negative btw it was more a question of what direction do i go next in the game? It just that i find it abit fustrating sometimes that you got the whole of van`diel with some wonderful looking areas to explore and your stuck in your home town without anyway to get out. I want to venture but i`m to weak .
  3. Right i`m currently on lvl 8 and feel like i`m coming to that make or break point soon where i`ll get fed up and stop playing or get through and find the brilliance of this game. Well i`ve just ranked upto 2 doing missions but have hit a brick wall as the next set of missions require a far far higher rank than i am. Also i`ve been doing my leveling up while doing missions/quest and with the quests starting to dry out i`m gonna be at that point soon where the only thing left really is just to level up which i will tire of quickly without having quests to do. So what is the next step really when i get to this point and i bet other noobs on here will find themselves in this situation soon enough.
  4. Try it and see but using manual allows you to enter the corner at a faster speed and keep your speed better around the corner with a quick flick down and back up to enter drift mode without even touching the brake.
  5. Nice to see the First one and the last one listed in there. So is the arcade testarossa in there ( I think it`s the 512 TR) along with the original looking testarossa or is it just the original looking testarossa in there now? Cause when playing the demo i came across the arcade testarossa quite a few times?
  6. What are the extra cars burai? PM me with them if you want.
  7. I sent a /tell to stolly and he kindly came over to where i was and sorted me out with a link pearl so and can see who`s on and off line and brought me a new hand to hand weapon . After my first few hours of play as a monk i was finding it a little daunting at first but once you get to know your way round town and start to lvl up thinks soon pick up. Just need to find some more missions around town to bring in some money now.
  8. I`ve listened to it a few times now and quite liked it. Slash dot dash is quite amuzing and catchy. Dont let the man is a pretty decent track but does get a little repetitve. Wonderful nite grue on me after a few hearings. A song for chesh was my favourite track on the album easily. But i do agree with most that it is his weakest album of the lot.
  9. Got mine through today from play so if stolly or anyone else can sort me with a world pass for today that would be great. Also anyone know the ps2 pad setup for this game?
  10. Thanks Stolley. Also what character to you folks recommend. I was looking at a warrior but heard that not many partys need them and aren`t that useful, where a character like a white mage are always more useful for group hunts for healing. I`ll have a good look at the manual when i get it for character nfo or if anyone knows any sites for which character to go for would be helpful? I`d browse the FFXI thread in the online forum but don`t fancy shifting through 150 pages
  11. Play.com shipped mine out yesterday so i should hopefully have it for the end of the week so if someone could supply me with a world pass for the garuda server it would be much appreciated. Also what does this new Chains of Promathia pack include then? New areas, weapons, enemies is it?
  12. The demo it`s self aint bad giving you 3 tracks and 3 cars but as for the game well it`s pretty much the same as mcrae 4. I have to admit the car models are very impressive, far nicer than mcrae 4 and the tracks are slightly nicer looking aswell. As for the handling it`s definately been altered slightly from 4 but there ain`t much difference tbh. If you got mcrae 4 i wouldn`t bother as it`s pretty much the same.
  13. I played the blinx demo on the disc and thought the timesweepers side was very good as it played pretty much the same as the original blinx but with out the annoying timer and your FF/RR pause etc are easier to get hold of. But the tom tom gang side i thought was a load of rubbish being slow and played like a poor mans mgs/splinter cell. As for juiced i was very dissapointed. Handling feels sluggish and is to easy to spin the vehicle aswell. Can`t say i`m that impressed with the graphics either. I was far more impressed with the lamborghini demo a year or so back which i believe was from the same group of developers which looked nicer than this and the handling was great aswell. I`d be definately giving this a miss with having burnout 3 and outrun 2 on the way.
  14. Hodge

    Games Tm

    If Burnout 3 scored 10/10 i hope they got an 11/10 saved for outrun 2
  15. It makes you think how EA have balls upped the The need for speed series so much. I remember playing the original sublime NFS on the 3DO which played similar to outrun in a sense with long open stretches of road avoiding traffic while having to race other opponents and trying to avoid the cops. The selection of cars were fantastic and the graphics and framerate were pretty solid for there time aswell. Where these days the series falls below par on most accounts with bland level design irratic frame rates dodgy handling and they just pale in comparison to other racers. And the underground series is just an embarresment to the racing genre. It`s a shame really that loads of people are gonna waste there money on this poor excuse for a racer. And seeing that kelly brook is involved in it now i`m sure the ea`s advertising machine will be in full effect come release which will boost sales even more.
  16. Hodge

    Outrun 2

    That will soon change when you have outrun2 demo in your hands I hope you have live as well cause your in for a treat. Burnout 3 was an alright demo but i`ve never played a demo a much as this, definately worth £3 of anyones cash.
  17. Hodge

    Download This Album.

    Fatboy slims new album palookaville has just gone up today. Downloading it now, can`t wait to here this one, loved his past 2 albums. Already heard slash dot dash of it, catchy yet amuzing at the same time.
  18. Heres some screen shots from the arcade versions, do the graphics look as good as these screen shots then mart or worse? Also are these bonus tracks running at a rock solid 60fps? PIC1 PIC2 PIC3 PIC4
  19. We will have to wait and see, but strider over at ntsc-uk said the ports are more of a homage rather than a perfect port . Be interesting to see how well it turns out never the less.
  20. Rented it out thursday and finished it friday. Not a long game by any means but was a joy to play from start to finish while it lasted. The cut scenes were very impressive with some of the best voice acting i`ve seen in a game. Gameplay wise again very enjoyable, didn`t seem to have the unnecassary padding out of sections what other games tend to do. E.g find powercell but instead of taking half an hour to go and find it, it`s just down the corrider with a few baddies to kill, which means the pace never lets up and you never find yourself getting bored. I think other developers should take note that games don`t have to be 15-20 hours long to be an enjoyable experience as riddick shows. Only down side is i thought the extra stuff you got was abit naff.
  21. Did anyone try visiting martianbuddy.com after reading the emails? Just have now and could of opened up a couple of lockers near the beginning of the game if i had .
  22. But how far can gameplay go in fps honestly? Cause at the end of the day all fps come down to point and shoot. You can gloss them up all you want but the core of fps remain the same. Farcry might of added vehicles but it was more gimmick than anything expect for the boats which let you cut of chunks of the level. Halo again the gameplay aint revolutionary it`s a combanation of atmosphere and the amounts of enemies that come at you and are quite clever about it aswell which make the game great to play. Ask your self what could of they done to make it better? Theres not alot when you think about it. If you are quite away into doom3 you will notice the Ai aint to bad on the soliders as they duck and weave out of your way but when it comes to zombies and demons they don`t and is done on purpose as there suppose to be brain dead. Doom has always been about tention and panic and this does it brilliantly from the moody looking corridors with you being stuck on a space station all alone and have to say the atmosphere and graphics reminds me of aliens in alot of cases. And believe me the furthur you get into this game the more enemies it chucks at you and there will be quite a few situations you will be panicing in. As it`s been said before the atmosphere really does make this game and if you can`t draw yourself into it you will be missing abig part of the game. Id software best work since the original doom imo.
  23. I`ve done around 4 hours on it upto yet and think it`s brilliant. Even though it isn`t scary it`s got a great atmosphere to the game and has has quite a few tense situations the furthur you get into the game. The gameplay might be the standard affair of point and shoot but was you expecting anything else? It is doom you know. The graphics and sound are great, it really helps draw you into the game and the story isn`t to bad as well upto yet either. Sometimes the simple games can be the most fun games and for me this is one of them.
  24. Looks alot better than the E3 version but i wouldn`t judge it by these dodgy photoshop pics cause i`m sure it will look much nicer in person .
  25. Watched the R1 dvd over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought hellboys one liners were quite funny for the most part and the action scenes were pretty good aswell. If there were any negatives with this film it`s that hellboy got his ass kicked abit to much and the salma blair charcter felt like a half arsed attempt as a character only being vaguely touched upon. Besides that i really enjoyed it and found it more entertaining than spiderman 2 which i found alot slower than this. Also has a nice DD 5.1 track which adds to the film aswell.
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