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  1. There was even cheating going of in the xbox version by what i read at the time, never played the xbox version myself though.
  2. Well the game is out this year some time and pretty much all sonic team resources are on this title atm and was stated at E3 last year the platforms were xbox and PS2 so next gen is out of the question. As for the cheating on PSO it was a huge shame at the time, there was so many doing it at the time there was no way sonic team could do much about it as all the duped items had already spread through the game and if they did ban you for cheating i recalled a code coming out which could get you unbanned, there was no stopping it. And wasn`t there away that you could kill other team members? Completly agree beertiger, codeshark and exploder are to blame and have to agree with yuji naka that whats the point in going to all the trouble to bring you a great title like PSO and then watch your game fall apart with all the hackers and cheats ripping it apart and also end up wasting resources along the way trying to eliminate them?
  3. 4 within a 1cm square i think it was mentioned on a previous thread.
  4. Been looking forward to this for ages with PSO on the dreamcast being one of my favourite games ever and always thought up until now this was going to be the true online sequel we been waiting for. But upon reading Yuji Naka`s interview in edge it`s looking extremly doubtful. He pretty much said that down to the hacking, illegal users, bad users on PSO they ended up spending more time keeping them out than developing the game and that why he`s sick of online. He did state that if hardware manufacturers figure out a system of keeping all that out he would make more online titles. Also with the title being called Phantasy star universe and not phantasy star online universe looks to be another big clue it ain`t online. Shame as i was really looking to a decent sequel to one of the greatest online games ever (well in it`s early days before all the cheating started)
  5. Slide the switch up and hold for 2 seconds and it should power of. If you want to put it into sleep, just slide the switch without holding it.
  6. Which is excellent for nintendo consumers but not business wise for nintendo as we all know lcd screens aren`t something that can be fixed so replacing everyone which has a slight fault is gonna cost them loads of money in the long run.. i did state in a previous post i totally disagree with sony`s return policy and hope they see sense and employ a more resonable stance on a matter. But employing a no dead pixel policy on something as big a selling as DS`s and PSP just doesn`t make financial sense imo.
  7. It ain`t higher quality building it`s that you just got lucky. There`s plenty of ds`s out there with dead pixels i assure inc people of these boards and ntsc-uk. Also you might not like to here this but both psp and DS screens are made by Sharp.
  8. Sorry but dead pixels really ain`t a thing they can fix even in later revisions unless they have a person check every single psp made and test it out for a few days to make sure stuck pixels don`t develops. But even still stuck pixels can appear 2 weeks/2 months down the line. I`m sorry to say but US and UK launches will be exactly the same and with 100`s of thousands of these being sold it`s gonna show up the dead pixel drama of lcd screens even more than say pc monitors which no indivdual monitor would be sold in the same amount as a psp. At the end of the day if you can`t live with dead pixels don`t buy into lcd technology as it`s always gonna be there and will never really be eliminated. Let me just say though that sony`s stance on the psp is appaling and imo they should be making them returnable with 3 or over anywhere on the screen.
  9. Not even Kaz hirai and his wonderful powerpoint presentations?
  10. I`d say i got around 6 and a half hours (about an hour sleep mode) out of it before it red lighted and around 30 mins after the red light. On my 3rd charge now, been hammering mario 64 and just got feel the magic through which is very impressive, so it looks like i will be getting through another charge very quick. Also does anyone know if the DS battery drains any quicker if it`s having to produce 3d graphics like mario 64 instead of a 2d mini game? Cause 90% of my DS time has been on the main adventure of mario64.
  11. Well mines cleared customs at east midlands airport now and is at the dhl facility ready to be sent out Hopefully i will have it for this afternoon fingers crossed.
  12. Thats what happens though when they rush a launch to get it out for the christmas period. So what if it launched with mario 64 it`s still an excellent game and i`m sure yoshi`s touch and go among other titles will come soon enough when there good and ready.
  13. It couldn`t of been that bad if he has finished it in a day
  14. Mines exactly the same as yours nextgengames so it looks like ours are on the same transit. I can`t make heads or tails whats going on with it either and can`t see why it`s being transfered through cincinnati twice?
  15. Can`t say i reckoned much to type 4 tbh. the whole front end was very clunky and the story mode was highly annoying having to shift through screens upon screens of text. Also didn`t like the way you unlocked the cars either. But as racing goes type 4 did have excellent graphics along with some nice course design. I regard RR5 as the pinacle of the series going back to the routes of the original and gave you better graphics and a few more courses for good measure. As for the psp version being a port of RRV are you having a laugh, seriously? Did you even bother to look at the clips? It has courses from type 4, RRV, Rave racer, and by some early footage shown courses from rage racer and revolution so i consider it to be a little more than a port of RRV
  16. You can download the hi rez wmv clips from here and the 2nd and 3rd clips clearly do show opposition. http://watch.impress.co.jp/game/docs/20041110/rrs.htm
  17. The game has been confirmed of having 24 tracks. Only 3 have been named upto yet though.
  18. I put my pre order in for one in the middle of july so i`d be very suprised if i don`t get one from the first batch. And for the people who did pre order early at the unconfirmed £140 price and haven`t seen there pre order prices changed yet, i mailed VG+ and said you will be charged at the new price when it ships
  19. Well i didn`t until a couple of peeps said it worked for them and didn`t see any harm in trying it. Well until i tried it
  20. If the boys at codematers wanted to get the feel of every car feeling like it`s on ice they certainly accomplished that. At least pgr2 managed to get the feel of grip down perfectly on the cars which is certainly more than i can say for race driver 2. PGR2 is imo the best racing game ever made if you have live. 8 player games with zero lag, perfect collision detections, time trial boards with downloadable ghost and can view replays of them. Single player is equally as impressive with allowing you the difficulty you want on each challenge and rewards you accordingly with a nice shiny car at the end. It`s an insult comparing toca 2 to the likes of pgr2. As for jack blacks platinum, well done. Having done it myself it`s a hard struggle but having the cerbera at the end makes it all worth it (even though you can get it in the paris dl pack now).
  21. I just paid £50 on import for it, i wasn`t gonna let it go down the pan. No pun intended
  22. I remember when the uk dreamcast newsgroup came up with this answer to get the U.S phantasy star online working on a early model JPN dreamcast. Seeing that i was one of these culprites which couldn`t get the disc to play on my modded jpn dreamcast i thought i`d give it a try and almost ended up bending my disc in 2 cause of how hot i had the water. Luckily i could see the disc giving way and put my hand in the water without a second thought and pulled it out and don`t know to this day how i didn`t burn my hand. Oh and it didn`t work after all that and the disc decided one day to play with demo cheat disc they put on DCM mag which could also boot imports My advice don`t even think about using this method
  23. It`s been a year since i played 3 but i really enjoyed it and most others at the time did aswell. Graphically it was easily the best in the series and graphically one of the best games i`ve come across, the character models in the cut scenes are phonominal and was quite suprised when i first played 4 as it looks quite a big step down. Does it pick up after 40 mins? Well it depends where that 40 mins took you. By what i recall you start of on that fair ground which doesn`t take long and is alittle dull but then you wake up in a mall and thats where it starts to get good. As for length i would say it around silent hill 4 length minus the repetition of having to re do all the areas again and has some great set pieces. I really can`t see peoples gripe with 3 tbh. Gameplay wise it was pretty much the same as 2 but with less wandering.
  24. I actually thought 3 was the best in the series followed closely by 2. Silent hill 2 was great but 3 seemed more focused with less wandering and graphically was the strongest out of the 4 by far especially in the cut scenes. As for silent hill 4 well i`m coming towards the end of it and for me it has been by far the weakest in the series so far. The start has a very start stop feel to it and gets better as you gradualy go on, then come the second half the game falls down as your re going through the areas you already visited. The puzzles range from not to bad to illogical and as mentioned before the character animation looks abit daft. The concept was quite interesting for 4 with the room and the story is pretty decent but from a gameplay perspective has been poorly executed. Still i will finish of just to see how it all turns out for henry.
  25. Yes you here that jingle when you`ve completed all five endings (A,B,C,D,E) on arcade mode and there will be something waitng for you in your gallery section. As for bugs i haven`t noticed any on the offline side of things but have noticed a couple on the online side.
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