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  1. http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/ http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...oduct_uid=51323 and away you go.
  2. Are you sure your neighbour hasn`t done something to his wireless network? E.G His router or PC might be turned of when you attempted to connect? Perhaps you should go round and complain
  3. I think he meant the original GBA with the wheel volume slider which did give you far more precision than the sp and ds one.
  4. Had mine over a week now and have one lit pixel right at the bottom of the screen which can only be seen on black screens. And another pixel which i noticed after a couple of days use in the bottom left which can only be seen on black screens and shows up as green. But weirdly it produces red green blue and whites perfect and even on a black screen you have to be extremly close to the screen to spot it. But when playing a game the screen looks perfect so can`t complain. Besides that it`s perfect, no problems with the umd shutter, square button feels fine and the d pad is spot on now with no sweaking like it did on my jpn one. And i noticed they raised the home/vol/select/start buttons slightly from the jpn one so there easier to press now. Still not convinced with the shoulder buttons, with them still not feeling solid.
  5. Hodge

    Wipeout Pure

    It appears in single player and time trials, not sure if it gets unlocked on tournement after you unlock all of the 4 tracks. You unlock them by getting 10 golds for the first track and 15 golds for each track aterwards e.g 10, 25, 40, 55 golds to unlock all.
  6. Hodge

    Wipeout Pure

    I use the default outside view with d-pad. Always used d-pad for all the wipeout games and this is no different. The analog nub ain`t bad but the d-pad just feels more comfortable. I`ve made it onto flash difficulty already and a word of warning, if you want to tackle the flash series i recommend unlocking the zone craft by getting golds on all the zone tracks.
  7. Having listening to early version via torrent along with many others, does anyone know if the final version has changed from that in anyway?
  8. Hodge

    Kotor 2

    Completed this yesterday and what a let down the ending was (even more so than halo2). Still thought the 1st was the better game overall especially on the later parts. But kotor2 did have it`s moments especially on onderon where you have to assist in saving the palace, being the stand out part of the game for me. Edge are definately right in saying the graphics engine needs sorting though as the game comes to a stand still in parts and seeing loading screen, upon loading screen, upon loading screen is extremely annoying and ruined the flow of the game in parts for me. Lets hope they encorperate some sort of data streaming method into the next graphics engine and make those loading screens a thing of the past.
  9. Hodge

    Psp And Ds

    Having owned both, DS. If you want to play near ps2 graphics on the go then go for psp, if you you want something that can offer you something a little different from your current consoles, then DS. If you do want a psp then wait until they revise the screen cause the response rate isn`t great, especially on blacks which trail all over the place.
  10. I had my import one for over a month with plenty of use and didn`t have one scratch on mine. Ok you get marks on the screen after using it for a while, but with a quick wipe with a cloth and all the marks dissapear. Very durable screens imo which are more than upto the task of with standing heavy use. By the look of that screen shot, it looks some chav has snuck out his pen knife and made his mark on it
  11. I found the lag to be a mixed bag tbh. As soon as you enter a room and watch the other people playing you can see if the room is lagging or not. If it is just find another room, and you generally find a room lag free within 2 or 3 trys i find. Or just host one yourself and make sure their are no americans in your room.
  12. Hodge

    Online Gaming

    Shared screen play with friends is fun but tbh i prefer the fullscreen live offers you and to team up with friends and take on players from around the world is great fun. But i do find live far more fun if you do have friends or relatives you can play with and find a game you actually like.
  13. I found the dpad controls fine for the most part. Just think of the controls as your playing a 2d mario game where you have to hold a button for run and you will be fine. I agree with the touch screen controls though i couldn`t get used to them at all. The problem i found was having my thumb in a natural position it only manages to reach the side of the screen rather than the centre so you don`t have much room to play with on the screen. Same with metroid hunters as well.
  14. Little late to the thread but managed to catch this last week and thought the episode was weak. I agree with onion there was hardly any forensics involved and was more going from point A to point B interviewing people than in the lab. The show definately has promise though. Also whats with the put down on miami. Ok so it might not be quite as consistant as CSI for producing quality eps but it still produces a few gems.
  15. Hodge


    I`ve watched upto ep6 and thought it wasn`t to bad. The first 2 or 3 eps are a little slow as mentioned before and relied on old gags to much but after that i thought it was pretty good with some new material starting to come through. There`s definately better comedys out there though and after hearing the show is in trouble with low ratings state side and relying on cameos like lucy lu to boast ratings it`s future aint looking to bright and it hasn`t even finished it`s first season. For me i can`t see it lasting, the cast just ain`t strong enough to hold the show for any length of time.
  16. Hodge

    Devil May Cry 2

    What went wrong? Shinji mikami wasn`t involved. I think he`s come back on board for the 3rd one though cause he was so annoyed with how much they messed up doing the sequel.
  17. I be very suprised if it`s anything like the ps2 version. There gonna have to radically alter it if they want the battery to last more than an hour. Cause with the ps2 version constantly streaming data and audio it would kill the psp battery life if they had the psp drive doing this aswell and along with producing 3D graphics and your looking at a short battery life.
  18. Soon as you touch the thing you can see your greasy finger prints all over it. And if you clean it everytime your gonna use it, your gonna end up spending more time cleaning it than playing it. Recommended tips are don`t try just wiping it with a cloth cause all you will end up doing is wipe your greasy fingerprints around the psp. Best tip is just keep using it until it gets very noticable and spray at tiny bit of pledge on a dust cloth and go over the psp with it and it will come out looking good as new. Then soon as you touch it again your back to square one
  19. Lamborghini demo for the xbox is one of the better demos i recall in recent time, especially seeing that it never got released. Shame that it didn`t cause by what i played of the demo it seemed like a pretty decent arcade racer and looked very nice to. Would of been good on live.
  20. Sorry but the criticism is more than fair, it stinks and the majority of negative posts here testify to that. As mentioned before the tracks start of not to bad but don`t go any where. There`s no build up or slow downs in the tracks or no new sounds introduced into the tracks. There`s no catchy hooks really except for technologic and most of all there`s no variety in the tracks and mostly consist of overused guitar rifts with over done vocoder samples. No where near has the production values of homework and discovery and is an embarassement to daft punk name. And with the album being taken of websites and they aren`t even advertising it on there own website lets hope they come to this conclusion releasing this will do them more harm than good and that it will get scraped.
  21. Oh but it is that bad. It just sounds so ameteurish for the most part. The only ones that remotly sound like they would come from daft punk is robot rock and technologic.
  22. Is that 2nd shot Alan Cumming holding the brassy one? Edit: Just clicked the link and it is
  23. at johnpeat. That 1st pic brings back memories. Sod the monsters dive for the boxes.
  24. There was even cheating going of in the xbox version by what i read at the time, never played the xbox version myself though.
  25. Well the game is out this year some time and pretty much all sonic team resources are on this title atm and was stated at E3 last year the platforms were xbox and PS2 so next gen is out of the question. As for the cheating on PSO it was a huge shame at the time, there was so many doing it at the time there was no way sonic team could do much about it as all the duped items had already spread through the game and if they did ban you for cheating i recalled a code coming out which could get you unbanned, there was no stopping it. And wasn`t there away that you could kill other team members? Completly agree beertiger, codeshark and exploder are to blame and have to agree with yuji naka that whats the point in going to all the trouble to bring you a great title like PSO and then watch your game fall apart with all the hackers and cheats ripping it apart and also end up wasting resources along the way trying to eliminate them?
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