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  1. Just been on killzone for the past hour. How was i ever considering selling my vita. This game is just stunning and makes you thing either Guerilla have very very talented programmers or other developers are plain lazy when it comes to making vita games. Either way the multiplayer side looks stunning and plays great on vita. Can defo see this being the game to change peoples mind what the vita is capable of. Also decide to fully commit to vita and picked up LBP for 8 quid new on ebay which plays better than ps3 due to touch additions. Cant wait for tearaway in oct to. Vita is really startin to pick up pace now. May it long live
  2. Just watches the e3 ingame footage on youtube. Must say im really looking looking forward to it now. Got that whole PGR vibe from it when it came to the look and handling of the cars and could potentially be a huge hit online side. For me simulators never worked that well online due to the whole spending ages tuning your car to get a fair race. also not being able to get back into a race once knocked. Ok might be realistic but doesnt make a fun online game. Driveclub for that matter could pick up where pgr left of. Has handling mechanics between that sim/arcadey range what pgr did all so well. By what i read has no car tuning so everyone is on a level pegging when it comes to the online side. Pick a car and lets see how good you really are is the type of racing games i really like. Are there gonna be any city tracks for driveclub anyone know?
  3. Hodge

    Vinyl lovers

    gotten into vinyl over the past 6 months after getting fed up of mp3. purchased myself a red project genie mk3. very nice sound quality and not to bad on the eyes to look out. just had my latest slab of vinyl wing its way to me. Emeli Sande new album which is a turn from my usual tastes but what a great sounding album this is on vinyl. well worth picking up of her site.
  4. Well just finished my first game on the vita which was Uncharted. What a brilliant game and would put it on par with uncharted 3 for enjoyment. Visually just stunning towards the end of the game. hope they do another for the vita now onto Gravity Rush Love PS+ also what are peoples thought on Ridge racer for vita? love ridge racer series, is ultimate edition worth pickin up?
  5. Long time no post for me, but thought I would stop by and show some Vita love The other half just picked me one up for Xmas and first thing i did was sign upto PS+ for Uncharted and Gravity Rush mainly. First thing I love about vita compared to other handhelds Is that it feel like solid piece of kit, nice to hold and the OLED screen is lussh Tbh I never get round to sitting down and getting chance to play on the xbox these day (plus their is not much out that interests me) Also got a 3rd gen Ipad and hate touch screen controls. For me the vita is the right size for handheld gaming, nice having physical buttons and analogue sticks to control the game with again after using the ipad for awhile. Also surprised how many good games are out for it already, only downsize is only having a 4gb memory card On the plus size at least, I will play through a game before downloading another, instead of dabbling and not finishing any lol Playing Uncharted atm, and graphically looks really nice, even more so on that OLED screen Shame they couldnt of applied some Anti Aliasing though. Tried demo of Monkeyball which really suprised me and got that feeling again of playing it for the first time on the gamecube. Seemed to have captured what made the first one so good in this version. And being able to pick it up for under £15 new seems a bargin. Plus I need to try out gravity Rush, Wipeout, LBP and more. Im sure the vita will keep me going for months to come and hope the games keep on flowing for the Vita as It deserves to be a success. One happy Vita owner here anyway. Well done Sony
  6. Been playing this over the past day and Is pretty much a huge improvement in everyway over 3. Single player has really suprised me, with each race being in a totally different location and gives you 1 of 3 options how to race. This definitely makes it more enjoyable as it encourages you to keep trying different cars and you don`t have to do multiple races on the same circuits either. Loving the Ferrari 512TR aswell, looks and sounds awesome. Raced it round suzuka and brought back a few memories of my dreamcast days with F355 challenge
  7. Hodge

    Child of Eden

    Im on lvl 4 now, is this level even possible with a pad? Cant do the boss, throwing to much purple shit at me all the time. Have the feeling i might need to nick my brothers kinect for abit if i want to finish it.
  8. Hodge

    Child of Eden

    Just picked it up today and am trying to get by the third level at the moment. Was and still am a big fan of Rez and still play it on the xbox till this day and thought I`d post my opinions and differences between the 2. First of the soundtrack, as others have mentioned hasn`t blown me away and is no where near as memorable or energetic as Rez. The thing is with Child of Eden though, is that it has more of a flowing feeling to it than Rez and in that respect a faster thumping Techno soundtrack wouldn`t suit this game. Until I`ve had I few plays through though, I will reserve judgement on the Child of Eden soundtrack. Visually, very impressive and imaginative and 60fps to. Easily a worthy successor to Rez. By what I`ve seen of the first three levels, each lvl has it`s own unique feel and look to it. Difficulty has been ramped up alot compared to Rez and must of took me 3 or 4 goes to complete the 2nd level. 3rd level I`m struggling abit to. Upto yet though, really enjoying it and can`t wait to dig into it later on tonight. Note: Those of you with 5.1 setup, go into options and enable 5.1 as It`s set to stereo by default. If you want your score on, put Hud to "all"
  9. after just watching those clips I have to say I'm actually looking forward to this now. how is the classic / modern versions gonna work then? Are they 2 separate modes you gonna pick at the front end?
  10. By looking on youtube the camera is the same on the arcade version. It just feels like your pivoting rather than drifiting round corners when using behind cam. As for using in car cam? No chance on a rally game, always out car view for me.
  11. Im not that daft lol. I was on about the fixed camera position behind the car so you cant see the side of the car when you drift like the previous sega rallys.
  12. Had a look at the demo las night, whats happened to the handling? Looks like the camera is fixed behind the car which gives no sensation of drifting what so ever when your going round corners!
  13. If it aint 60fps then im gonna pass. To used to my racing games being 60fps these days. Plus its just a cut down version of revo anyway
  14. Surely no FMV game thread would be complete without Double switch starring the late Corey Haim. This was definitely one of the better FMV games I played with a nice twist in there.
  15. Couldn`t of put it better myself. Was playing this last night for the first time with a couple of friends and we were falling a sleep near the end of the level. Loved the first one, think this one is crap upto yet. Main gripe in this one is it feels far far more repetative than the first with horde after horde coming at you with no break and starts to get boring by the second safehouse. Also on the first we were always planning how to take out certain hordes, where on this it`s just a case of do whatever. Will give it another try but I think my copy will be sold by the end of the week and back to L4D 1 I go.
  16. Popped into town today (Mansfield) and it`s pretty much the same story. HMV had a couple of signs saying 14 PS3 Guaranteed left. Woolworths, Currys, Comet are still doing pre orders along with blockbuster. By the look of things there shouldn`t be a problem getting one on launch day round my end. At £425 theirs no wonder those pre-orders aren`t filled yet. More worrying though is the complete lack of must have games at launch (which is what you need to push a £425 games console into peoples homes)
  17. HMV do. Don`t know if you want to be paying there prices though.
  18. Have you watched this yet dork, whats the transfer like? Also what about extras? Thanks
  19. Think of getting them as an exception rather than a regular thing cause your a potential subscriber . I`ve had 18 HD titles queued up for a over a week and have kept my list to a bear minimum and have only just got sent out my 1st hd title which is V for Vendetta. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is good though, got that from play last week.
  20. So It`s not looking to great for having one this week then
  21. Ordered one from Movietyme and has been in processing since Thursday. How long does it usually take before they dispatch it?
  22. Hodge

    Sega Rally 2006

    Looks pap from the latest video I`ve seen of it http://lx02.www.tsutaya.co.jp/tol/sp/strea...2FSLPM66212.asx Looks very average with some bad pop up in for good measure. Sega Rally without Mizuguchi behind it ain`t Sega Rally for me. Be interesting to see how good the Original Sega Rally conversion is though.
  23. Thanks, thought there might be a problem with it when i first got it out of the box and heard something rattling around inside it. Can`t believe it had to happen to me.
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