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  1. Picked this up today on the cheap with a hotdeals tip.

    Running on a I5-4690K with a GTX 970 and hands down the best looking game I`ve seen.

    Went with Digital Foundry settings for a solid 60fps.

    LOD= High

    Textures = High

    Shadows = Medium

    Foilage = Medium

    Sun Soft Shadows = Off

    Everything else = On

    Looks amazing and even better running at 60fps. Just done the Syria section and have ended up in the middle of no where in the snow. The attention to detail is outstanding with the way the snow falls and settles on Lara`s hair. To early to say how it fairs comapred to the last one, but feels less gunplay and more platforming upto yet.

  2. Been trying this out over the past couple of days and am very impressed with my s6 edge plus. Resolution wise is superb and fov is pretty good aswell.

    Love the interface and is just what vr needs. No going in and out of games and having to take headset of like carboard.


    Lands end - good experience, very short.

    Dead secret (playing atm and what a game. This genre is perfect for vr)

    Assassins creed jack the ripper short on oculus videos. Be prepared to ve anazed.

    Blu vr. Great scale.

    Wild vr. Shows what vr can do in the film genre nicely.

    Doubt i will go oculus route down to cost and gear vr giving you the freedom to use it where ever you want.

    Cant wait to see what the next few months bring :)

  3. Like alot of others MGSV for me.

    Did quite a few side quests and got to around mission 20, but felt like I wasn`t progressing and repeating the same thing over and over. Didn`t help with the lack of story either and no variety in mission structure.

    The final straw was the legendary Gunsmith missions (You know what I`m talking about if you started them).

    Evil Within was another. Had promise. but soon as I was introduced to the Chainsaw guy, the game was ejected from my PS4 with temper and sold at my nearest trade in shop.

  4. Well just had a crack on the first league and came 3rd overall. Looks like we aint gonna be in for a easy ride with this game.

    Handles beautifully on pro controller. Silky smooth frame rate and nice vareity in level visuals. Spotted some real nice background animations kicking of when you get a chance for a quick look.

    Does take some getting used to switching between phase colours though.

    Any arcade racer fan will lap this up and is a steel for the price. If you have a wii u, looks like another worth while exclusive to own.

  5. Still on the fence with this. Wouldnt mind it, but still going through Wind Waker, just got into Splatoon and haven`t even unboxed Project Zero yet. Do I really need it :unsure:

    Does have a PSO vibe to it, only thing i`m un sure of is how does the online side work? You pick a quest and it auto matches you to players on that quest? Are people randomly roaming around Mira? Or is it more a solo experience?

  6. Got my Wii U last Christmas. Not much been out over the last year, but still had plenty of fun with it regardless with the likes of Toad treasure tracker, Splatoon, Nintendoland and Zelda.

    One thing that has got me is the price of the consoles atm. Last year i paid from shopto for Wii U 8gb Basic White Console + Wii Party U + Nintendo Land + White Wii Remote Plus Controller.

    total = £165

    Just for the Basic Pack on it`s own is more than that now.

    Aren`t Consoles supposed to drop in price as the years go, or am I just loosing my mind? What is happening with the pricing of the Wii U?

  7. Lol, not sure what he was thinking there.

    Well i got a msg back from seller and said i can have a refund or swap for his used copy which he said is fine.

    Not sure what to do on it as tracks play fine besides some mild distortion on neurotic behaviour track. Not sure if its worth just keeping it or pay postage fee and swap for his.

    Got a couple more underground resistance LP'S coming from discogs anytime now as played once, mint. Fingers crossed ????

  8. Just had a new sealed copy of psyche/bfc Elements through the post today from a seller on discogs

    Some of Carl Craigs earliest and best work. Looking forward to listening through the 3 xlps and first record is warped and 2nd has chips on outer edge. Pathetic.

    Think im gonna have to start buying 2nd hand copies of discogs as near mint so can ask the buyer before hand of condition.

    Starting to loose faith in quality control of new records these day. Plus they aint cheap either so expect them to be perfect.

  9. I just pulled the trigger on a Project Carbon Espirit :)

    Good choice ???? Only had mine a month but think its great value for money compared to some of the other turntables out there.

    Had a Project Genie before the Esprit and ended up selling it as the constant issues with static and the felt mat sticking to records annoyed me along with having to manually switch the belt between 33/45 all the time. Plus the Genie never had a dust cover either.

    The esprit just allows you to slip on a record and forget about the rest.

    Hope you enjoy your venture back into the world of vinyl and be prepared to have a empty wallet, especially on discogs lol

  10. For £400 mark i would look no furthur than the Project Carbon Esprit SB.

    has a Acrylic Platter so dont get any issues with static. Also comes with a built in speedbox so can easily switch between 33/45 with a press of a button. And comes with a 2M red cartridge so offers alot for your money.

  11. Whoop! Amazon have sent Zelda and honoured the £30 price tag :)

    Good price, you won't regret it. One of the best remasters i seen to date.

    Looks fantastic running at 1080p and is a joy to play through it again after 10 years (cant believe it was that long ago). My most favourite zelda game to date to :)

  12. Downloaded mario galaxy 2 last night. Was looking at buying it anyway and couldnt find it any cheaper 2nd hand than £15. So £8.99 is a bargin. Played the first level and despite the drop in resolution compare to wii u, plays great and look forward to many more hours with it :)

  13. EPYxue9.gif

    I said OLD playbook when Nintendo were king of the castle. Not Segas recent Playbook where it says "lets Make everyone of our franchises as shit as possible and run them into the ground until everyone hates us!"

  14. :D Did the exact same thing recently. Thing is since I sold on the PS4 not actually missed it one bit. Despite having the thing for just over a year. However could never part with the Wii U already its drawn me back into gaming like nothing else has.

    Couldnt agree more. Usually when i get in from work i couldnt be bothered with gaming and wait for me days of. With wii u, cant wait to sit down and have a quick half hour bash on something while missus is watching some crap on tv.

    shame when ever i mention it to anyone else they dont really know much about Wii U and how it differs from Wii. Which goes to show there is something a miss with Nintendos marketing.

    Thing about Nintendo is that they sell a hell of a lot of handhelds and software for them (think the 3DS is currently at some insane number like 50m). So the home console part is only one element of what Nintendo does. Of course the mobile gaming market is been threatened a lot by smartphones and tablets with their much cheaper games etc so it will be interesting times ahead for Nintendo. But they've been in business since 1889 so guess they know a thing or two about how to survive!

    True and it will keep them a float for now. But they will only hemorrhage money for so long before calling it a day. And with the amount of software stores are stocking compared to other consoles it does look worrying times atm for Wii U. Heres hoping 2015 and the new Zelda/Starfox will change peoples minds.

  15. Agreed, love it that much i sold my PS4 the other week. PS4 hasnt really kept my interest since i had it at launch except for a couple of titles

    Where with the wii u i've been nothing but wowed over with the sheer quality of titles at its disposal and how perfectly it fits into the living room as a all in one entertainment system for everyone.

    Only downside is the amount of hanmering your wallet will take picking up games :D

    Plus with missing out on Wii their is plenty i want want to pick up on Wii to. Skyward sword, No more heroes, mario galaxy but to name a few.

    Nintendo really do deserve to suceed with wii u but have a underlying feeling that it will end up same way as Dreamcast :(. Well thats unless Nintendo start ramping up the wii u marketing and start showing the general public what it can really do.

    Tbh with reading through Console Wars book atm you cant help but think this is 90s all over again but with the tables turned. Nintendo could with taking a leaf out of Segas old playbook on tips how to get wii u back on track.

  16. I recently laid down about £30 for a copy of Donkey Kong Country : TF.

    My pile of shame is huge but the print runs of these great Wii U games seem to be disappearing short and games that are less than a year old are disappearing. I guess as shops don't even stock the things!

    Need to get me some Pikmin 3 soon.

    Tell me about it. Been searching for wind waker hi and low and managed to blag a buy now one that cropped up on ebay this morning at £38.

    Picked up resi revelations at game for £15 yesterday. Even looking round town now, no shop has more than a handful of wii u titles.

  17. Amazes me how well Nintendos wii u titles hold there price. Still struggling to find a place to pick wind waker up for under 40 sheets and this title is a year old now.

    Love this console but as someone said earlier in the thread, it is like a treasure hunt trying to source games for it.

  18. Purchased a wii u for xmas and been having a right blast on it. It has impressed me a lot more than the PS4 ever has which has been gathering dust atm.

    As for the system, lovely and the game pad display is a lot better than I thought I would be and comes in handy when the kids or me want a quick blast on something whilst someone else is watching something on tv.

    Been playing a lot of mario kart which is hands down one of the best looking games I've ever seen and has impressed me more than anything I witnessed on PS4. The art style, background animation, lighting and 60fps just make it one beautiful game to look at. Haven't enjoyed a mario kart this much since my N64 days.

    Tried Nintendoland which is a suprise hit with the kids and had a great laugh with the luigi mansion mini game and zelda one.

    Also been playing abit of Mario 3D world which is sublime and a master class how platformers should be done.

    Having a blast with the wii U upto yet and can't fault it when it comes to playing either by yourself or if you have a few people round you, it really does come into its own.

    Really does take you on a trip down memory lane and make you remember what made you fall in love with gaming in the first place (and no it wasn't realism and violence)

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