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  1. Just completed it, give it 6/10


    Great idea, poor execution.  The 3 films, along with the rest of the footage wasn`t that good.  TBH i prefered Sam Barlows Her story and telling lies to this. Ambrosia was by far the worst of the 3 stories and Two of everything was probably the best at a push.  Found myself later on just skipping through most clips.  And with the lack of narrowing down options towards the end, you just kept replaying clips like others mentioned. 


    Technically it was very good how it was put together, but i think the concept would of been best served with one story/plot.  But for FMV games, yeah I liked what they did with it, very clever.

  2. 2 hours ago, Parappa said:

    That's this weekend sorted cheers!


    Had a quick spin with flycast earlier and it's bloody great.

    Yeah the more Dreamcast library i try out, the more i love this emulator.  Another tip is to put alpha sorting to - per pixel if your rig can handle it as it sorts the odd texture glitching out like on daytona hornet car for example. Also maximum transparent layers to 32 aswell. Another game i tried thats a huge improvement is msr, upsampling to 2k really helps sort out the fine detail from the railing and other trackside detail.


    The only game i found upto yet, that runs like garbage is sega rally 2.  Then again the frame rate was all over the place on the dreamcast version aswell.  Saying that supermodel is my goto for my Sega rally 2 fix anyway, which wipes the floor with the the dreamcast version by a mile.


    Had a quick bash on F355 challenge aswell. Again flawless upped to 2k and has aged really well.


    Great getting back into the Dreamcast catalogue for my quick Arcade fix.  Wouldn`t mind getting back into PSO again after not really feeling New Genesis.

  3. 4 hours ago, Parappa said:

    I have used redream for a while and its great for a quick setup and go but I will give Flycast via Retroarch a go.  Can you play PSO via Retroach?  I never played it but loved the old PS games. 

    Indeed you can. You need the modded psolive iso that allows access to private servers. Not hard to search the archives of the internet for it. Then it's just a case of booting the iso, typing in the serial and access code for PSO v2 which is easily available. Select the ISP connection that's already been setup via flycast.  If that don't work, boot quake 3 and create a connection that way. Quick YouTube search will show you step by step. Takes less than 5 minutes. You can also get access to DL quest challenges to.


    Weird seeing original DC PSO back online after all these years 😀

  4. Had a Dreamcast on and of through the years and was deciding whether to pick one up again modded with gdmenu.


    thought I would check out how much emulation has come along first. 


    Tried Redream lite version, Demul and flycast.


    Redream was the most impressive as a all-in-one package, but failed due to the highly aggressive bilinear filtering that blurred everything out at near distance. Running Daytona 3 7 speedway is prime example.


    Demul, was not impressed, pain to set up, tons of performance issues. Skip!


    Flycast, very customisable, internal upscaling, well optimized. Best of the bunch imo.


    But the main problem I had through all the testing, even though the emulators were reporting 60fps, nothing felt smooth when playing. V sync on or of, did not matter.  All the tinkering in the world do not alter this fact. What I put it down to in the end, is these emulators do not play well with freesync/Gsync monitors.


    Thought I would throw a last roll of the dice and try Retroarch with flycast plugin as I read Retroarch supports freesync/Gsync and syncs monitor at exact output of emulator.


    OMG, everything is buttery smooth now and with all the video config settings, can get all games looking far better on modern day TVs than my original Dreamcast could over VGA. Even upscaling to 2k internal resolution and 16x anisotropic filtering, runs flawlessly. 


    Then the ace in the hole was going back online with PSO V2 last night after 20 years with minimal amount of effort. Might not of been anyone on the servers, but still Ace playing PSO online once again.


    Then had a look how you go about going online with Dreamcast hardware. Broadband adapter is silly money or dreampi, way to much hassle, outlay and effort.


    After being a huge Dreamcast fan over the years and original hardware is king pov. Emulation is at a point where it plays a high percentage of games flawlessly and looks so much better on modern day displays than Dreamcast ever can. 












  5. Bottom line, whatever is the cheapest option. No loyalty either way.


    If I'm gonna play through it once and not bother again, physical and sell it on.


    Any Nintendo title, physical. As I ain't got the bank balance to keep buying them up and looking at them sitting on a shelf. Seeing that they never drop in price, i trade one in against the other to offset cost. Except mario kart and Zelda of course 😁


    Nice thing going back to digital is sparking up old consoles and forgetting what you have in your digital collection.

  6. Had this on Wii U originally years ago and compIeted it, but felt like I missed out on the exploration side of it. Having picked up a Oled switch recently, i have been replaying it again over the past couple of months on and off and have to say this game is a masterpiece.


    The way it's been designed, you can spend as long or little as you like playing it. I've had play times from 10 mins to 4 hours on this. It's a game more about the journey rather than the conclusion.


    Ive done all the devine beasts, and am pretty much healthed up now to wipe out Gannon. But am just chilling out seeing what's next on the horizon in search of some more shrines and trying to figure out where the photos are taken for lost memories. Such an relaxing beautiful game to play. Every time you boot it up and start exploring, your always guaranteed to come across something new.


    Very rare I play an open world game through once, let alone twice. This has managed me to play through it 2 times now. 


    Can't wait for the sequel.








  7. 11 hours ago, cavalcade said:

    Why the hell would you want the TV show to slavishly follow the games? The story in the games is about 90% shit. 


    And yes, "earned" is a good way of putting it. It reminds me a little of earlier series of The Expanse, when it was a little more poised. Like The Expanse it creaks in a lot of bits, but it has a coherent core direction and philosophy, which everyone seems to have bought into. And unlike The Expanse I don't want to drop most of the cast into a tar pit. 

    Agree with this, the story was an incoherent mess in the games.  The world it created on the other hand was fantastic, which this series gets across in abundance.  Got upto ep5 now and has stepped it up a gear.  Great pacing, cast and productions values.  Nice job Paramount!

  8. Just had a quick bash on switch version in handheld. No way cutscenes are 60fps in this version. More like 30 or less. Tbh my preference for this game would be handheld as you wouldn't want it being displayed on a much bigger screen anyway.

  9. Just had a quick bash on the switch in handheld. Frame seems ok at 30fps for the most part with some random dips. For this sort of game I have no issues playing it on switch. Looks pretty sweet on the OLED screen to. 

  10. Anyone else picking Switch Sports up this week? Been having a look at the previews and GameSpot seems to be the only one that came away with positive impressions of it. General impressions seem to be that volleyball and football aren't that good. The rest are. 


    Missed having some Wii sports on the go in the living room, so will definite purchase for me. Saw that they are adding golf later on in the year to.


  11. 11 hours ago, deKay said:

    Bioshock Collection (digital) is only £10.99 at CDKeys at the moment

    Must resist, spending a fortune on switch atm 😆  

  12. Just spotted Panzer Dragoon on sale on Nintendo store for a fiver, don`t mind if i do 😃 


    Just picked up a pro pad aswell.  So much better than the joycons and tbh, think i prefer it over the xbox pad. Nice that the HD rumble has carried over to the pro pad to.

  13. 7 hours ago, Sarlaccfood said:

    Oh no way I didn’t know that was coming. Quite enjoyed the last remake and played through it again the other day. 

    Didn't realize Panzer Dragoon remake was on switch either. Another game I will have to pick up. Also saw a trailer for house of dead remake other day that looks great. Question is how well do light gun games translate to switch?


    Also looking at picking up another pad for multiplayer, what does everyone recommend? Joycon, pro pad or another alternative?


    On a final note, picked up online pass on cdkeys for £13 and is giving me the option of expansion pass for £20 now. Is it worth it? Wouldn't mind extra Mario kart tracks, but don't know if it's worth picking them up separate instead?



  14. On 12/03/2022 at 12:29, Delargey said:


    Get yourself Breath of the Wild! I'm jealous that you get to play it for the first time :wub:

    Already played through it on Wii U 😀 Might pick it up again down the line before BOTW2 though. Is Skyward sword worth a purchase? Only Zelda game I never got round to playing.


    Any other recommendations let me know.

  15. 12 minutes ago, Moz said:

    Variable refresh rate isn’t going to mask framerate drops. It’s going to stop screentearing when the frames being output don’t match the refresh rate of the display.


    Anyway, given the PC version is actually unplayable at the moment I’ve ordered the PS4 version. 

    VRR Syncs GPU to Refresh rate of screen. I.E Gpu outputs 46fps, screen will sync 46hz.  It has nothing to do with stopping screen tearing, If frame rate goes outside max refresh rate, you will still get tearing regardless. Only way to stop tearing is enable v sync along side or cap frame frame.  As Digital foundry said VRR does help smooth frame drops, but any sudden big drops you will still notice.

  16. Without looking at this thread recently, i to have been playing through Firewatch.  I enjoyed it for the most part, nice game to chill out to.  Just that the ending was abit of a let down for me.  Was expecting something more than it delivered. 


    Also finished Telling Lies aswell.  Hmh, liked the concept but the story was pretty weak and watching aload of video clips with little to no dialogue and just random head nodding isn`t really my thing.  Clocked it in a couple of hours but pretty forgettable.  Thought My Story was better.


    TBH I`m quite enjoying these smaller bite sized games on game pass, as i haven`t got the time or dedication these days with 20+ hour games.


    Giving The Ascent another crack atm after not giving it much of a chance first time round. Really enjoying it now after getting into it.  Loving the visuals and gun play with this one. Checked how long to beat and around 12 hours so about right 


    Never played Edith finch either, so got that lined up ready to play at 2-3 hours.


    Really hope Microsoft start releasing more AAA shorter games on Game Pass going forward, like Hivebusters which was around 3 hours long. IMO it was far more enjoyable and rememberable than Gears 5 to :D 

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