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  1. Hodge

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone else picking Switch Sports up this week? Been having a look at the previews and GameSpot seems to be the only one that came away with positive impressions of it. General impressions seem to be that volleyball and football aren't that good. The rest are. Missed having some Wii sports on the go in the living room, so will definite purchase for me. Saw that they are adding golf later on in the year to.
  2. Hodge

    Nintendo Switch

    Must resist, spending a fortune on switch atm
  3. Hodge

    Nintendo Switch

    Just spotted Panzer Dragoon on sale on Nintendo store for a fiver, don`t mind if i do Just picked up a pro pad aswell. So much better than the joycons and tbh, think i prefer it over the xbox pad. Nice that the HD rumble has carried over to the pro pad to.
  4. Hodge

    Nintendo Switch

    Didn't realize Panzer Dragoon remake was on switch either. Another game I will have to pick up. Also saw a trailer for house of dead remake other day that looks great. Question is how well do light gun games translate to switch? Also looking at picking up another pad for multiplayer, what does everyone recommend? Joycon, pro pad or another alternative? On a final note, picked up online pass on cdkeys for £13 and is giving me the option of expansion pass for £20 now. Is it worth it? Wouldn't mind extra Mario kart tracks, but don't know if it's worth picking them up separate instead?
  5. Hodge

    Nintendo Switch

    Already played through it on Wii U Might pick it up again down the line before BOTW2 though. Is Skyward sword worth a purchase? Only Zelda game I never got round to playing. Any other recommendations let me know.
  6. Hodge

    Nintendo Switch

    Well after starting to tire of game pass library and messing about with yuzu emulator on my pc (which is exceptional now) I have just picked up an oled switch. Always been a big Nintendo fan over the years, but due to me having a Wii u and alot of switch games being ports I thought I wait it out for Nintendo to flesh out the library a little. First impressions, are very positive. Love the transition between handheld and Docked. For me the biggest compliment I can give switch is bringing family in the household together. In all the time of owning PlayStations and xboxs no one has ever bothered with them in the house. Soon as I spark this up with mario kart 8, it's not long before some local multiplayer is on the go. Picked up Mario Odessey along side Mario Kart and is clearly the SM64 sequel I been waiting for all these years. Also found myself picking up Virtua Racing on eshop to. Still plays well after all these years. Forgot about Deadly Premonition 2 being on switch to, so will be getting that. Can praise the switch enough, well worth the cash
  7. VRR Syncs GPU to Refresh rate of screen. I.E Gpu outputs 46fps, screen will sync 46hz. It has nothing to do with stopping screen tearing, If frame rate goes outside max refresh rate, you will still get tearing regardless. Only way to stop tearing is enable v sync along side or cap frame frame. As Digital foundry said VRR does help smooth frame drops, but any sudden big drops you will still notice.
  8. Without looking at this thread recently, i to have been playing through Firewatch. I enjoyed it for the most part, nice game to chill out to. Just that the ending was abit of a let down for me. Was expecting something more than it delivered. Also finished Telling Lies aswell. Hmh, liked the concept but the story was pretty weak and watching aload of video clips with little to no dialogue and just random head nodding isn`t really my thing. Clocked it in a couple of hours but pretty forgettable. Thought My Story was better. TBH I`m quite enjoying these smaller bite sized games on game pass, as i haven`t got the time or dedication these days with 20+ hour games. Giving The Ascent another crack atm after not giving it much of a chance first time round. Really enjoying it now after getting into it. Loving the visuals and gun play with this one. Checked how long to beat and around 12 hours so about right Never played Edith finch either, so got that lined up ready to play at 2-3 hours. Really hope Microsoft start releasing more AAA shorter games on Game Pass going forward, like Hivebusters which was around 3 hours long. IMO it was far more enjoyable and rememberable than Gears 5 to
  9. Looks phenomenol! All you could ask for in a sequel. Very rare I play through a open world game twice, but HZD was one of them. Looks like my options are grab a cheap PS4 to play it or wait for PC version.
  10. Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball, need I say more.
  11. COD single player for Game Pass, yes please Just Take-Two to go and thats a wrap for Game Pass. Gonna generate a nice income on PC side for Microsoft to.
  12. Picked this up with a 30 percent of code and wasn't expecting a great deal tbh. Even more so coming of back of saints and sinners, which everything pales in comparison to. But I have been plesently surprised by what I played upto yet. They have really stripped this down and rebuilt from the ground up. Weapon system has been well thought out and it looks/runs great on quest 2. Also didn't find cutscenes as disjointed as I thought they were gonna be. Well worth picking up though If you got a quest 2.
  13. Played a fair few hours of this since launch and for me I think 3/4 was better. The map isn't very memorable imo, and lacks diversity in biomes. I always love a good city area in the biomes, like Edinburgh in 4. Guanajuato isn't a patch on Edinburgh for racing round. Maybe I'm just tiring of the constant icons scattered round the map formula and crave something with abit more structure and progression in my racers like PGR series had.
  14. Think I'm about half way through this now (spire) and while it's nothing ground breaking, its a very solid single player campaign. Gun play feels great and found with the amount weapons scattered around, its gives you the opportunity to be more Spartan with run and gun compared to previous games. The story is mumbo jumbo as usual and can see the developers have borrowed heavily from halo 1 when it comes to visuals and copy/paste level design. Taking my time with it, so ain't gonna finish it in no hurry but glad they took the extra year to polish it of. overall far better than I thought it was going to end up
  15. Just tried it, I'm speechless. Always been a sucker for tech demos over the years, this tops them all. Unreal engine 5 is truly is a step up in next gen visual
  16. I think the bigger problem is how much stuttering there is in the opening scene, completely ruins it. How this got through quality control I don't know. Digital foundry picked up on this and 343 said a fix is underway.
  17. Kameo @60fps looks lush. Excuse to go through it again. Do miss the Rare of old.
  18. Its the same as FH3/4. So if you thought 30fps was fine on them, you be at home on FH5. Its down to preference on a individual basis. For me 60fps is the standard in racing games ever since playing Sega games in the arcades in the 90s. 30fps just feels so unresponsive compared to 60fps. The gains on performance mode far out weigh the losses IMO.
  19. Add me if there's any room please Gamertag = Hodge Thanks
  20. Just played a few races. Tried performance and quality mode. Has to be performance. Quality feels to sluggish and tbh noticed very little difference graphically. One thing I do like about 5, it's not throwing you in blind to races anymore and recommends cars for the races you enter. Loving it up to yet though!
  21. Thanks, another 2.30hrs to go. Can't wait
  22. Is this available for us game pass owners tomorrow then if we switch to New Zealand? If so what time?
  23. Awesome line up along with Kameo to. Still amazes me how well PGR holds up visually compared to current gen stuff. As much as I love horizon, we need another PGR in our lives!
  24. Was looking for a game to tide me over till horizon 5. Only just realised that dishonored death of the outsider is on here. Loved 1 and 2. Never got round to this. Even more surprising it has had FPS boost to to 60fps. Looks lovely on my series s with auto HDR. Well worth a punt if you like dishonored series. Only around 7 hours to beat so not to long either.
  25. Agreed, time for a change of direction and come to think of it i didn`t like the the route they took with unlocking some side missions either. Tab hang on some conversations round the city and hope it picks up a key word (which the conversations don`t half the time) then go investigate the hot spot and unlock a side quest. It was so much better just showing you where the side mission is straight of like the yakuzas.
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