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  1. Its more likely just dust mate, thermal paste can be badly applied and still be ok and only give a couple of degrees difference - if its been put on like honey then your machine would have proper issues and crashes rather than being noisy, that usually just dust on the heat sink making a nice blanket keeping it all a little too warm!
  2. Had another sesh of this and generally its a great season start but I was having really bad FPS drops and VRR wasnt doing anything - couple of vids of it: After a shutdown of the Xbox and a full closure of the game (quick resume is amazing but wish you could just turn it off for this) and it seems to be ok again - maybe just something needed resetting but did put an hour or so in after the reset and didnt notice any issues!
  3. Bounce grenade bow is the best gun in the game, pinging people into the storm at endgame never gets old! Flambo is poss second best gun in the game, everything in the game needs to be set on fire at all times! Bomb bow is ok but easiest to defend against! The hammer gun is lethal in good hands, been taken out with no way to defend against it a few times now - killed some punk with it and felt good, man!
  4. My custom pad has had some stick drift / double input on the d-pad and stick for a while and I assumed it was out of warranty so just used my OG pad… thats now making a funny noise on the right bumper Tested the custom pad and its not magically fixed itself but being a bit pissed off that its only just a year or so old I logged on to complain….. and found out its in warranty until Jan 2023!!! Ive arranged for it to be collected but what do they actually do with pads esp custom design ones??
  5. I had to buy the battle pass due to finally cancelling the crew dub a while back I didnt even look at it but its something to aim for and you always get more v-bucks back than it costs so seems harmless! First two duo games on today and we won them both and became invincible apart from the next hour or two where we didnt win again The hammer is mad, hilarious and I approve - between that, the bows and scars being back its a good start to the season!
  6. It sure pretty, runs like shit as you fly into a busy area - 8fps being my lowest Ive also had a couple of huge fram rate drops mid battle and ended up dead in a slideshow so plenty of work to do - all on a series x.
  7. Different I think, there is the one from a few years back with Porsche vs Audi and the Nissan… attempt on Prime unless ive missed one too!
  8. Has anyone been watching the Porsche road to Le Mans series on YouTube? Season 4 just came out so picked it up again and loving it - I really like Fassbender who has been very honest about his limitations and frankly had a lot of bad luck amongst his mistakes - more than that is a recent fascination with all things RSR and im hooked!
  9. Scars baby! What ive played so far has been good, looks amazing and got a first day duos dub so its officially great No idea about the augment things that go off every 20 seconds!?
  10. I bloody well ‘played’ that shite end of season event last night and what a waste of my life that was - our group pretty much just gave up and my pal got booted just before the end!
  11. Ahh that sucks, obv I didnt quickly update and fit them and have patiently waited to set them up properly and change the spring over… Say I had installed them then I can see what people say the tuning kit is essential - with my modded CSL I had the brake set to 60% on the wheel, I think I could blow the pedals to 100% on this setting on the V3 - I had it to 90% and still way too soft but then folks coming round interrupted play… will have to adjust the pre-load but think you will want to get the harder elastomers in straight away. They do feel great tho, lots of travel on the accelerator and brake and fit onto my pedal plate without any modding needed (CSL pedals didnt line up with std Fanatec holes) and they look fantastic of course!
  12. Just got back from a few days away and the delivered to the ‘garage’ as noted by the UPS driver was in-fact more wedged between the garage and the wheelie bin open to the elements…. The next delivery driver approved of this as put a delivery for my partner on top of the Fanatec box and both do still seem dry so hopefully got away with it. @Corranga have you got yours yet? Im going to let mine acclimatise before setting them up but an early test of just the pedal feel gives me immediate hope they will feel lots better with more travel on the brake - im going to put the black spring onto the throttle as every guide ive seen says its better and stiffer. I guess I should update them and the wheel base but that does involve firing up the worlds slowest laptop that will need to be updated itself no doubt
  13. Does contact cleaner not revive Xbox pads with drift?
  14. Let’s face it we will be upgrading as soon as Fanatec announce a clubsport DD or similar so may as well keep it together as a boxed package - can get some back for the loadcell and man maths that as a win Mine have apparently been delivered, hopefully to a neighbour as not home yet!
  15. £59.42 for me - delivery due on Monday so that’s pretty decent given how busy they were. I didn’t end up buying a wheel, I want something like the McLaren GT3 but maybe a bit more premium materials etc and they don’t really have one do they so will end up buying it and not getting the saving….. Ive also pretty much decided to sell in the loadcell pedal but keep the old pedals as it’s part of the DD Pro package so may as well keep that together so if anyone wants a CSL loadcell pedal I’m your man
  16. Herbert gets a free pass for life (even on Sky) due to that car and that race - I’m jealous of both of you to be fair, I need to get a model and a time machine I love everything about the car, mostly that it was shit for years and had one last shot before the rule changes etc
  17. So many greats taken but surprised this hasn’t been
  18. it’s like Perfect dark zero on 360 launch - looks pretty and next gen but once you (quickly) get past that you realise it’s pretty shite - it’s pretty short and not much to do thankfully! Are you going to get Ryse & 1-2 Switch also and have a mediocre launch game fest!?
  19. Damn you!! To be fair I never felt on edge with the car so clearly not trying hard enough - there is one corner that I was finding tricky but thats more off camber braking with wheel input silliness on my part!
  20. You have done really well to avoid it for this long, why are you trying to play dross like that!?
  21. What have you ordered!? Blast from the past - think my first wheel was a MS sidewinder and loved playing Grand Prix series, Grand Prix Legends and even a bit of Nascar/Indycar back in the day. All my old wheels have long gone, always upgrading or changing systems and a starting again
  22. Ahh that is a great combo - will have to try and give it a go later!
  23. That VGT or advanced drill catcher looks awful like all of them, well worse than most so that’s something - maybe it was Binotto’s parting gift…. I had a little sesh this afternoon, ive been unwell and still not right so it was a right old sweat fest that im telling myself will cure this cold…. Anyhoo the 25th anniversary race on Willow Springs is a great laugh - I hadn’t raced that track of late or own the car so was surprised how well I did (take it all back about the pros making it look easy ) and took the win after a couple of goes with some customary binning it on the same corner chasing lap times when not needed… Naturally now being a master of the course and car I finished the session doing a few laps on the TT and assume the BOP / Tyres are different given how different my pace was - can’t believe I let @Corranga keep that spot above me but Im knackered and will be back I did also have my fist go on Road Atlanta and thats a great track, did the circuit experience and thats another good combo and some easy credits - the inevitable TT on this track is going to be a hoot, I can imagine it will be a Corvette on solid tyres for the japes!
  24. That’s a sexy set of pedals there @davejm and ive heard they are amazing and a step up from the Fanatecs - wish consoles allowed a bit more choice with pedals! What rig is that?
  25. You know the rules state you have to post a pic of your setup now and everytime you make an incremental upgrade a new pic is required
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