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  1. In the ultimate test of what console is better… we moved house last week and i can say that the Xbox packaging is vastly superior in quality and ease of packing away. Ive only unboxed and hooked up one of them, lets just say i didnt need a screw driver….
  2. I think you have gone a bit F1 there….. mind we could do some vis-flow testing with a vape and then put it on the internet as a ps5 catching fire….
  3. Given Ole is on borrowed time and shortly there will be a former Man U legend available on the management market……
  4. I own it as a PC cd but no PC to play it on, have a 360 for it tho - I’ve not played it for a while but something about the PC version felt off and I’m sure there was quite a lot of fiddling to get it to work on a reasonable recent PC!?
  5. This, my mate let me borrow his days after launch as I’d had a minor op and was off work - I had no interest in it really as a Mac fan didn’t really like M$ My word, what a machine and launch game - outside of Mario 64 it’s incomparable as a launch title IMO! Mind, the Xbox live beta Moto GP ‘game’ is also one of the greatest games of all time!
  6. Woooo fire!!!! Has much changed? As for illness just the worst cold ever that won’t fuck off - been three weeks now and still not fully over it, on holiday and Tuesday was a write off - utter madness!
  7. I’ll be back mate, have been ill for a while and now on holiday - temp issue with broadband as suddenly moving next week but after than I’ll bloody well need a late night session!!!
  8. R&C is actually quite good fun but defi a poster child for buying a disc console….
  9. They either work or they dont, if its a series game that needs to be on the main drive it has an icon and will tell you to move it if you try and play it.
  10. Urban VPN solved it, I read a few posts saying TunnelBear isn’t working as well these days!
  11. Cheers, i do however get the ‘wrong region’ message so not sure if the same?
  12. Bought this and can’t seem to redeem the code using my normal TunnelBear VPN method
  13. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Poch would always take a little while before fully releasing them in the first team and it generally worked well - I’m hoping the same with our new ones, its a hard league to jump into at the best of times but even worse with a team with no plan/confidence/manager….
  14. Sooooo back from the dead post revival….. I got the PS5 adapter and have it all setup and working ok with annoyances like needing a PS4 pad for some games etc but now wonder how people have got around the breakout box not being comparable with 120hz etc, i assume there is nothing you can do about this short of cable swapping? Has anyone tried an extension lead with the ps5 camera adapter? Im getting a room to set this up in so no moving of furniture but I’m thinking of setting it up away from the tv but would need an extension lead! Also, if anyone is desperately seeking an aim controller I’m going to list mine soon but rather it went to someone on here so shout if you have been after one, I have the box and everything!
  15. Having watched a few reviews it seems to be - single player crap, multiplayer stuff great… My take away is that there is simply too much content on the SP mode so it becomes a frustrating chore Remake of 1 and maybe 2 was all we needed.
  16. The road and scenery look amazing, the bikes look uncanny valley - there appears to be a personal sun for the bike emitting 360 degree light on it and the poor lighting and shadows really make them look more f-zero than road racing. Not a bad a start tho
  17. Martin Jol, until today about the darkest day in Spurs history the way we treated him
  18. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    No fan wants to see this but then no fan wanted Nuno so its hard to be that bothered about him going asap - what makes this actually difficult is Arsenal are shite, winning the league at our place was difficult but losing this badly to such an ordinary team is torture.
  19. Spurs have done that, sacking a manager mid game that is so you know -
  20. Shot tyres that should have been changed earlier wasn’t that tho?
  21. Max got all of Landos luck there, what a shame for Lando
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